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EduSpiral seeks to offer information and advise on courses & careers and placement services to top private colleges & universities in Malaysia & Singapore. Our experienced consultants will share from years of counselling students to guide students personally on to the best possible career choice. The decision that you make now, can change your life make it wisely.

Lonnie Sik, Founder of EduSpiral, has more than 15 years of experience counseling thousands of students on how to choose the right course & university

Choosing the Right Course After SPM or O-Levels Increases Your Chances of Getting a Good Job & Salary in Malaysia

How to Choose the Right Course With High Job Demand & Salary to Study after SPM or O-Levels in Malaysia Written by EduSpiral Consultant Services For more information contact 01111408838 Choosing the right course to study after SPM or O-Levels is just the first step in the right direction […]

Experienced & Knowledgeable Experts to Help You Choose the Right Course & Best University!