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Hospitality Management encompasses the vibrant and varied worlds of hotel, restaurant and resort management, leisure management and more. As the hotel and hospitality industry moves increasingly from a skills-based to a knowledge-based industry, it has become critical to produce graduates to be fully attuned to the culture, academic, service, innovative and competitive aspects of the sector.

The hospitality industry is an ideal career pathway for students who:

• Are people friendly
• Are dynamic
• Are critical thinkers
• Are creative
• Are innovative
• Are risk-takers
• Relish a challenging & exciting lifestyle
• Love to help people
• Explore different cultures
• Provide solutions
• Love to organize events
• Possess an international outlook.

Front desk service skills

One has to like working with people and strive to meet the customer’s expectation. Dealing with people means that one has to be flexible in solving problems. Negotiation, communications and influencing skills are needed for one to do well in hospitality career. Professionals not only have ample job opportunities in Malaysia but worldwide!

Hotels form part of the tourism industry. As the number of tourists grows, more hotels are mushrooming all over the world. The hotel business can be broadly divided into three areas:

1. Provision of rooms for visitors
2. Provision of food and beverage (F&B)
3. Administration

Nature of Work
The nature of work in hospitality career varies from one position to the other. Some positions may have to work longer hours than the other. Some of the hotel related nature of work is described below.

Hotel General Manager
• Responsible for the entire operations a large hotel.
• Ensure that the hotel is run efficiently and make profit according to the expectations of the stakeholders.
• Looks into the sales, marketing and financial aspects of the hotel

Resident Manager
• Stay in the hotel and are on call all the time in the event of emergency.

Housekeeping practical at mock hotel room at Berjaya University College of Hospitality

• Look into the detailed day-to-day operational aspects of the hotel and reports to the General Manager.
• A team of hotel staff usually report to the Resident Manager.

Guest Relations Officer (Concierge)
• The officer will check in hotel guests and confirm hotel bookings
• Ensure that the guests’ luggage are safely transferred to the rooms and the guests’ incoming messages or faxes are given to the guest concerned or even recommend places of interest to guests.

Front Office Manager
• Manage the Cashier, Receptionist, and Reservation Officer.
• Ensure that services rendered are up to standard as well as provide customer service training to staff.
• Look into the operational aspects of accounting, room reservations, money changing, luggage, mail, and others to ensure that

Oenology (Wine) lab at Berjaya University College of Hospitality

guests are satisfied.

Food and Beverage (F&B) Manager
• Overseeing the operations of the hotel’s different restaurants, lounges and banquet facilities
• Besides coordinating activities among various departments, such as kitchen, dining room, and banquet operations, F&B managers ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience.
• Oversee the inventory and ordering of food, equipment, and supplies and arrange for the routine maintenance and upkeep of the restaurant.
• Generally responsible for all of the administrative, financial and human-resource functions

Restaurant Manager
• Oversee all aspects of the operations from the quality of the food to the

Prep Kitchen at Reliance College

quality of the personnel.
• Ensure that food prepared hygienically, presentable and creatively.
• Manage the budget and negotiate with suppliers.
• Formulate creative strategies for advertising and promotions to increase sales.
• Recruit, train and motivate staff.

Housekeeper Executive/Floor Supervisor
• Ensure good maintenance of all the rooms, toilets, swimming pools, gymnasium, meeting rooms, etc.
• Arrange the cleaning scheduling as well as the supervision of the work done by the housekeepers Ascertain standard supplies for rooms are maintained, informs maintenance to look into repairs, and special instructions for VIPs are carried out.

Career opportunities
The boom in tourism has created a demand for hospitality professionals world wide. In addition, hospitality graduates are highly

Many types of jobs available within the hospitality industry

sought after outside of the industry because of the service oriented training that they receive. This makes the graduates highly adept to the needs of customers.

Types of industry

• Resorts
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Exclusive clubs
• Catering
• Cruise liners
• Airlines
• Conventions
• Events
• Health & fitness

Mock Restaurant at KBU International College

• Banks
• Leisure such as theme parks
• Gaming & casinos
• Spas
• Education

Types of executive or managerial positions

• PR/communications
• Marketing
• Restaurant
• Guest relations
• Corporate events planner
• Advertising & sales
• Kitchen
• Food & Beverage

The art of coffee making at Berjaya University College of Hospitality

• Caterer
• Customer Service
• Cost Control
• Conventions/Conference/Event Planner
• Theme Park Operations
• Customer Loyalty Programme
• Front Office
• Business Development
• Hotel owner

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