SPM Examination Study Tips

How to Study for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Exam and Succeed!

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There is no short cut to success. For this reason you have to study well first of all. Below are some tips for your upcoming SPM exams.


The 1st tip : Don’t fear or hate exams.

Some students can study well but because of a fear of exams, it stops them from scoring high marks. If you have a fear of exams, you need to gain confidence by doing some relaxation exercises before the exam such as taking deep breaths and releasing slowly or clenching your fists tightly and then releasing them. Also, keep saying aloud, “I have prepared myself and will do well.”

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More Tips on How to Succeed in the SPM Exam

The 2nd tip: Prepare a good time table.

Prepare a time table before starting the study. This should include all the subjects but may not be with equal priority. Tough subjects can be given more time and easier ones less but most importantly some time shall be allotted for entertainment and also there should be sufficient intervals between each subject.

The 3rd tip: Select a proper quiet area for studying.

Study atmosphere is very important role. Can anyone study well while watching TV or surfing Facebook?

So select a place where you feel comfortable. That is where you feel relaxed and can concentrate. And you have to make sure that while you are studying a subject you are concentrating on it only. Choose the best time to study. Some people are morning people while others are night people. I am a night person and am most energetic through the wee hours of the night. In the morning, I am hopelessly grouchy and cannot concentrate on anything. So, you know yourselves best.

The 4th tip : Sit straightSPM Exam005

This is so important that you have to sit in proper manner while studying. Don’t study on bed or lying on a chair instead sit straight. I used to lie in bed to study and always woke up with the book in my face. Needless to say, I did not get much studying done! Therefore, keep your backbone straight. And try to place your legs parallel to ground, a little bit raised from the ground.  And be alert that legs are not above the head level. This will affect the blood flow direction and causes sleepiness.

The 5th tip : Make notes while studying.

This is a very important point. While studying make small notes and that should not be

descriptive make theme brief so that you can remember all points while doing revision with the help of that note. An ideal note shall include all important formulae and figures and also other important points. It will be a lot worth if you use this not for the revision in last one or two hours than u skipping through pages of your text book. Although it takes time and effort, I did this for my Biology course in college and scored an “A”!

The 6th tip: Sleep well and Eat well.

You have to sleep well.Sleep deprivation study shows that Optimum hrs for sleep isSPM Exam6hrs. Especially on the night before exam you have to sleep well, atleast 6 hours and not more than 8 hrs. Remember this will have a great effect on your exam. And have your food as in your daily diet. Have a good breakfast on exam day! Don’t go for the exam on an empty stomach, you will not have the required energy. On the other hand, do not eat too much during lunch before an afternoon exam. It will make you feel very sleepy. Just eat a light lunch.

The 7th tip : Write and Present well.

The presentation is the major factor that affects your marks. Whatever you studied or

Prepare well for the SPM Exam by having a study partner. Review the questions with each other. Makes studying less boring.
Prepare well for the SPM Exam by having a study partner. Review the questions with each other. Makes studying less boring.

prepared your marks will depend on how you present them in the answer sheet. The teachers may not be able to read all what you have written.

Remember daily they are going through 30 to 40 papers.They will scan for points. So try to present answers in points. In essay questions don’t forget to underline the important points .

Your hand writing also affects your marks. Try to write neatly. if it is not good enough, don’t worry, if you presented it in a good manner you can score more marks. And another important factor to remember, As we all know ‘First impression is the best impression’.

So, answer the questions you know well, first. This will create a good impression on the evaluator and though you couldn’t write some last answers well, that won’t deduct your mark much. And care shall be taken so that you manage time well and is able to attend all questions. If there is any question out of syllabus, you just attend it. Usually full marks are awarded for such questions.

The 8th tip: Manage your time.

I’d like to take off my watch and put in front of me on the desk. This helps to remind me of how much time I have left. Do not spend too much time on one question. If you cannot do a question or is taking too long for one question, go to the next one. Return to that question after you have completed the rest.

The 9th tip: Believe in God, Believe in yourself.

Remember on the exam day, you have done all you can already, there is nothing left to do except to keep calm, believe in yourself and pray. Prayer can help you to focus, give you confidence that a higher power is there with you to see you through.

Other Useful Study Tips for SPM

To do well on tests you must first learn the material, and then review it before the exam.
These are techniques to better understand your material:


  • Take good notes in your class and textbooks.
  • Review your notes soon after class.
  • Review notes briefly before the next class.
  • Schedule some time at the end of the week for a longer review.


  • Take good notes
  • Organize your notes, texts, and assignmentsSPM study tips
    according to what will be on the test.
  • Estimate the hours you’ll need to review materials.
  • Draw up a schedule that blocks units of time and material.
  • Test yourself on the material. Use past year questions.
  • Finish your studying the day before the exam.

Overcoming SPM Exam Anxiety

Most students experience some level of anxiety during an exam

Developing good study habits and strategies for the SPM Exam

  • Managing time (deal with procrastination, distractions, laziness)SPM Study tips
  • Organizing material to be studied and learned
  • Take a step by step approach to build a strategy and not get overwhelmed
  • Outside pressures such as success/failure consequences (grades, graduation), peer pressure, competitiveness, etc.
  • Reviewing your past performance on tests to improve and learn from experience

Reduce your stress by preparing well before the SPM exam

  • Approach the exam with confidence:
    • Use whatever strategies you can to personalize success: visualization, logic, talking to yourself, practice, group study, journaling, etc.
    • View the exam as an opportunity to show how much you’ve studied and to receive a reward for the studying you’ve done.
  • Be prepared!
    • Go through your material thoroughly and organize what materials you will need for SPM study tipsthe exam.
    • Use a checklist.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time,
    • Wake up early. Prepare the night before the things you need to bring to the exam such as your IC, 2B pencil, rubber, etc. Get to the exam area early.
  • Avoid thinking you need to cram just before
  • Strive for a relaxed state of concentration. Be focused.
    • Avoid speaking with any fellow students who have not prepared, who express negativity, who will distract your preparation
  • Exercise
    • Exercise a little bit to get your adrenaline going. This will help make you more alert and sharpen the mind.
  • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Don’t go to the exam with an empty stomach
      Fresh fruits and vegetables are often recommended to reduce stress.

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  1. lets say i get 7a+ for spm [a+ addmath], what job is suitable for me ? i need a high salary job.. anything would be fine for me, but high salary..

  2. May I know how to beat procrastination ? Because for me personally , I always procrastinate , sometimes I will study focusly , but however I will also lazy to study .

    By the way , can I know how to improve my English writing essay ?

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