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Study at the Best Private College or University in Malaysia for A-Levels

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A list of the Top Colleges in Malaysia offering the A-Levels programmes. Basically, there are types of A-Level programmes in Malaysia which are the London Board Edexcel and the Cambridge Board. It is important to choose the right college that will help you to score in the A-Levels. Students going for the top A-Level colleges are interested to score well so that they can apply for scholarships to study at universities overseas as well as to enter the courses of choice. Choosing the best college to study the A-Level course is an important decision that will determine your future success.

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Top Private Colleges Offering the Best A-Level Programme in Malaysia

EduSpiral advised & helped me choose the best college for A-Levels. And now I have graduated from a top ranked UK University in Malaysia Dexter Leong, A-Levels at HELP Academy & Degree from University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

EduSpiral advised & helped me choose the best college for A-Levels. And now I have graduated from a top ranked UK University in Malaysia
Dexter Leong, A-Levels at HELP Academy & Degree from University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Choosing a top college to study the A-Levels is an important step to ensuring that you achieve the results that you are aiming for to enter the course or university. Top colleges would have a track record of producing award winning students who were guided by experienced lecturers. The years of experience in running the A-Levels course is an advantage as they are able to help you to apply to enter top universities in the world. Therefore, choosing to study at a top private college for your A-Levels should be taken seriously and effort should be put in to find the right one that fits you.

The best private colleges in Malaysia for the A-Levels  programme are:

  1. Taylors College
  2. HELP Academy
  3. Sunway College
  4. KDU College Damansara Jaya
  5. UCSI College
  6. DISTED College

How to choose the Best College or University for the A-Levels in Malaysia?

A-Levels at Taylor's College Lakeside Campuse

EduSpiral advised me to go for the best college for A-Levels in order to fulfil my dream of entering an Ivy League university in the USA. He met us at Taylor’s College to talk to us and tour the college.
Gi Hang, A-Levels at Taylor’s College

To succeed in the A-Levels, it is important to choose the best college or university in Malaysia that fits you. A-Levels is a tough programme and if you just choose the cheapest or nearest to your house, you may well just not do well in the exams.

To choose the best college or university for A-Levels in Malaysia you should consider the following:

  1. Experience of the lecturers. A-Levels is about the lecturers and not the college. The lecturers are the ones who will help you to succeed. The more experienced they are, the better they are at helping you to understand the concepts and principles of the course, so that you are able to answer properly.
  2. Length of time the lecturers have been with the college. How long the lecturers have been with the college is also important. the longer they have been with the college, the better because they would be familiar with the systems in the college, scholarship and university applications to top overseas universities. They will know how to prepare you from the beginning to make sure you fulfil the requirements for the scholarships and the applications.
  3. Personal attention. If the classes are too big, you would not have personal attention from the lecturers to help you in your studies. Just like a Tae Kwon Do class, if the class has 100 students, do you think you would be able to improve your skills?
  4. Facilities. Top colleges and universities for A-Levels in Malaysia will have good facilities so that you can perform the experiments well and gain in-depth understanding of the course.
  5. Student culture. If you join a university or college where there is too much distraction, you may not be able to focus. A-Levels is a tough course and if you join a college where most students are partying or playing around, your dream of being a doctor or dentist may just fly away.
  6. Award-winners. Awards won by students are an indication of the quality of the course at the college.
  7. Student support. The university should have student support in place to help you to study and to focus on your studies. The student support will also help you in your university applications and scholarship applications.

Entry Requirements into the A-Levels in Malaysia

Generally you will need at least 5 Credits in SPM to enter into the A-Levels. However, if you plan to study Pharmacy or Dentistry, you will need at least 5Bs in the science subjects while the entry requirements for Medicine could be raised to 5As in the science subjects.

Why take the A-Levels in Malaysia?

  • Not sure yet of what to study for your degree
  • Score and get scholarships to top universities in the world
  • A challenging course to prepare you well to take on degree studies sucessfully
  • Good A-Level grades are key to admission into the world’s leading universities and institutions of higher learning.
  • Good A-Level grades can also result in one full year of advanced standing at universities in the USA and Canada.

Cambridge A-Levels

Fact Details
Duration and Intakes 1.5 years of 3 semesters:
Entry Requirements SPM, O Levels or equivalent 5 credits including English and Mathematics/Science Subject pre-requisites apply
No. of Subjects A minimum of 3 or a maximum of 4 A Level subjects
Subjects Offered Mathematics
Further Mathematics
English Literature
Examination Sessions May / June
October / November
Assessment Style 100% external examinations in 2 phases: Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level) and A2 Level
Awarding Body University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) GCE A-Levels in Malaysia

I scored 10As in my SPM and needed scholarships to help me continue my studies. EduSpiral gave me the information online and took me around to the campuses to help me make the best choice. Lay Hoe, A-Levels at HELP University

I scored 10As in my SPM and needed scholarships to help me continue my studies. EduSpiral gave me the information online and took me around to the campuses to help me make the best choice.
Lay Hoe, A-Levels at HELP University

Cambridge GCE A-Levels is the ‘gold standard’ qualification, which is based on rigorous, academic syllabus that optimises the abilities of talented students with a wide range of abilities and stretches the full potential of the most able students.

The GCE A Level qualification places emphasis on in-depth knowledge, deep understanding, strong reasoning abilities and critical thinking.

It is arguably the most widely recognised pre-university qualification in the world, readily accepted as proof of superior academic ability for entry into world-class universities around the world.

The Cambridge A-Level curriculum provides a firm bedrock of fundamental knowledge by guaranteeing comprehensive coverage in the breadth and depth of each subject offered.

Students are assessed for their mastery of subject matter, their application of knowledge and understanding to everyday scenarios and their ability to think critically in unfamiliar situations. In the Sciences, a fair part of the assessment involves the demonstration of lab-based skills.

The Cambridge International AS and A-Levels courses are viewed as equivalent to the AS and A-Levels in the UK, and are accepted for entrance to all UK universities.

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A-Level Assessment

EduSpiral gave us detailed information about the course & took us around for a campus tour. Jen Hui, Pharmacy & Alvin Chai, A-Levels at UCSI University

EduSpiral gave us detailed information about the course & took us around for a campus tour.
Jen Hui, Pharmacy & Alvin Chai, A-Levels at UCSI University

The Cambridge GCE A-Level programme follows a ‘staged’ assessment, in contrast to the traditional linear A-Levels where all subjects are assessed in a single examination session at the end of the course.

The Cambridge A Level consists of two stages, namely the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level and the Advanced 2 (A2) Level. Its flexibility enables students to sit for the AS level in one examination and complete the final Cambridge International A-Levels at a subsequent session.

The A-Level subject syllabi are divided into the AS Level, which is the first half of the programme and form the foundations of A-Level, and the A2 Level, which is the second part of the syllabus and covers more difficult topics, with each level contributing 50% towards the final A-Level grade.

Students take the A-Level examinations conducted by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in two phases: AS Level and A2 Level.

AS Level will account for 50% of the marks while Advanced Two (A2) Level the other 50%.

Students who complete the correct pattern of AS level units (usually 2 or 3 units at this level, depending on the subject) will be awarded an AS level certificate.

“EduSpiral gave me advise over phone, Facebook, Skype and even took me to visit the universities. He spent a lot of time to help me make my decision on what to study and at which university.”
Ban Moon (Left), Scored 3As in the A-Levels at HELP Academy

A2 refers to the final stage of A-Levels. Students who have successfully completed AS units in a subject move on to do A2, which are of a higher standard. Completing the correct sequence of subjects at both AS and A2 level means students have finished a full A level in a subject.

University places often need a number of grades at A-Level (so both AS + A2 in a subject) but completed AS awards also attract UCAS points and are often counted towards university entrance.

There is also a performance feedback session where students who have completed the AS level will receive valuable feedback on their performance, thus identifying their own strengths and weaknesses that will help them set learning goals for the A2 level.

To score an A* in the Cambridge A-Levels in Malaysia, you require an average of 90% in your both AS and A2 units to qualify for an A*. If a student scored very highly in AS and only got grade A in A2, but overall uniform mark scale (UMS) is 90% or above, it’s an A*

The examination papers at both the AS and A2 Levels are set and marked by examiners from Cambridge International Examinations.

18-month programme AS examinations End of Semester 2
3 semesters (1 semester = 6 months) A2 examinations End of Semester 3

The Cambridge AS and A2 Level examinations are conducted in May/June and October/November. Results are released in August for the May/June examination and in January for the October/November examination. Students receive a certificate after completing the AS Level examination, and the A Level certificate after completing both the AS Level and A2 Level examinations.

Are Cambridge A-Level Students able to retake an exam if they are dissatisfied with the results?

  • You can discuss your options with your subject lecturer. It is possible to retake subjects.
  • However, students unsatisfied with any of their individual units must re-sit the entire level.
  • Also, some university courses, such as medicine, sometimes require students to have taken all their AS or A2 units in a single sitting without any re-sits.
  • It might be worth considering having the paper remarked.

What’s the difference between the Cambridge A-Levels and the Edexcel A-Levels in Malaysia?

Academic system: The Cambridge A-Level programme follows a staged assessment route to A Level by taking the AS Level in one examination session and completing the final A Level assessments at a subsequent session. Some papers are actually practical papers, in which you have to do experiments and answer related questions.

The Edexcel A- Level programme follows a modular system. Most Edexcel A-Level students would sit for 1-2 papers per subject at the end of every 5 to 6-month period.

Examination board: Edexcel and CIE are both examples of UK examination boards which provide a range of exams and qualifications. All exam boards operate under the guidelines produced by the JCQ (Joint Committee for Qualifications).

There is no difference in the level or degree of difficulty between the examination offered by Edexcel and CIE. The specifications of syllabuses might differ but both of them are recognized by colleges, universities and employers all around the world.

The Edexcel International Advanced Levels A-Levels modular system aims to test you on the application of each unit, and hence a student can choose to repeat a single unit on its own, without having to repeat an entire level. Only the highest mark scored in any attempt will automatically be taken into account.

The Cambridge Board, on the other hand, is linear-based. Students attempt to take the examinations in two stages, AS & A2 Level. Students unsatisfied with any of their individual units must re-sit the entire level, i.e. either AS or A2, and only the last score will automatically be taken into account.

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    • All 3 are reputable for A-Levels. There is no such thing as an A-Level programme that is reputable for medicine. You need to look for a college that is reputable for A-Level Science course with full time and experienced lecturers.

  1. SPM 7A+, 2A & 1A- intended for A – Level. Which institution produce the highest”As” in A – level? Thanks

    • There is no research done on which college has produced the highest number of As for A-Levels

    • A-Levels is a Pre-University programme while Physiotherapy is a degree programme. You may complete the A-Levels first and then only look for a university with a twinning programme for physiotherapy

  2. I have an international friend that would like to sit for the Cambridge A-level exams in KL. Which universities offer these? and which is the best?

  3. Hi my son sat for spm this year, waiting for results…plan to do Cambridge A level, which college is best in Penang

  4. Hai , my daughter just get her forecast o level result from school 10A/6* , and her ambition for future is take medicine course in UK , which college prefer to intake ???? Thank you !

  5. hi… may i know the different of sunway college and taylor college for A level courses.
    which is the better choice if i intended on software engineering later

    • Taylor’s College and Sunway both offer A-Levels and are top in this field. It just depends on which environment suits you better. Best for software engineering are Asia Pacific University and Multimedia University

  6. Hi, my son is studying A-level in Singapore. He has completed his 1st year A-level in Singapore. He is considering coming back to Malaysia to continue his 2nd year A-level here. My questions are,
    a) Is Singapore A-level similar to Malaysia A-level?
    b) Is it possible for my son come back to continue his 2nd year A-level here?

  7. Hi. My daughter in her final year SPM and is planning to continue A level. She is keen to further her interests in social science. Which college offers better A Level, modules, experience lecturers and placement Sunway College or Help Academy?

    • Some colleges have a 1-year A-level programme with 2 subjects but that’s mainly to continue on to the Law degree

  8. My son is wanting to further his studies in Science or IT field. which Uni or college do you suggest for A-levels. He has 9 A’s at Mock Exam

    • Yes, you can. Please take a picture of your results and WhatsApp to 01111408838 for evaluation for entry and further advise

  9. I’m interested in mechanical engineering, and I want to do Math, Further Math, Physics and Chemistry. Could you advise which university provides the best A levels in Malaysia currently?

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  11. My daughter scored 9 A’s in her SPM 2018. She is planning to further her studies in medicine. which college offers the best A-level for her?

  12. My son score Math / English / Physics in 2018 SPM, planning study A-level. Which college and subject suitable him.

    • She may take any subject for A-Levels including Maths. Further Maths is a requirement for entry into ICT degree programmes in Malaysia should the student not have any Add Maths in SPM or O-Levels.

  13. Hi , my son is sitting for his SPM this year , he is interested in studying mechanical engineering in aerospace or automobile , he is aiming for a Nagoya Uni or uni in Germany , What’s the advise

  14. I am waiting for my SPM result on March 2015.My interesting course is interior design and i like to study A Level . May i know which college have offer A Level for the interior design ?

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