Best Media Studies Degree Courses in Malaysia

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Top Media Studies Degree Course in Malaysia at the Best Private Universities & Colleges

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Students interested in studying Media Studies in Malaysia should be good in languages, like to socialise with people, have an outgoing personality, possess strategic thinking, like to write, organise events, a creative mind, and lots of energy. A good command of the English language is very important for a successful career in Media Studies.

Students need to choose a university where the students speak mainly in English and experience in offering the programme. If you are weak in English, it will be very difficult for you to maintain the image of your company with bad English.

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Study at the Best Universities & Colleges for Media Studies in Malaysia

You will not be able to write good press releases and copy for the brochures. Coming up with good taglines or campaign ideas for your product or company will be almost impossible. Having a good command of both English and Mandarin would be very advantageous. However, if you are only proficient in Mandarin, you will not be able to get jobs in top multinational or global companies.

If you have an innate desire to pursue a career in film, television, print and digital communication, then the degree in Media Studies offered at one of the best private universities in Malaysia maybe the right option for you. The media studies program takes an integrated approach and a broader look at media in all its forms, so that our graduates are prepared for both traditional and non-traditional media careers.

What are the career prospects for Media Studies graduates in Malaysia?

  • Media Planner
  • Journalism
  • Media management
  • Press attaché
  • Film making
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Cinematography
  • Public affairs
  • Corporate writing
  • Speech writing
  • Script writing
  • Photojournalism
  • Public relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Account Servicing

Get An Outstanding Media & Communication Studies UK Dual Degree in Malaysia at Top Ranked Asia Pacific University (APU)

Asia Pacific University (APU) New Campus at Technology Park Malaysia
Asia Pacific University (APU) New Campus at Technology Park Malaysia

Award-winning Asia Pacific University (APU) is the only private university in Malaysia offering the BA (Hons) in Media & Communication Studies. After SPM or O-Levels, students may enter the Foundation in Design or Diploma in Design & Media (Digital Advertising and Media & Communication Studies) before continuing on to the degree.

The Media & Communication Studies degree programme at Top Ranked Asia Pacific University (APU) is specifically designed to provide:

  • Knowledgeable with some practical and technical expertise in media and communication discipline in-line with the industry requirement.
  • Effective in communication and demonstrate good leadership quality in an organization.
  • Capable to analyse and solve media and communication related issues or problems innovatively, creatively and ethically through sustainable approach.
  • Able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need of lifelong learning for successful career advancement in the area of media and communication.

APU-DMU Dual Degree Programme – Double Your Advantage

DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY (DMU), UK is Asia Pacific University (APU)'s UK Dual Award Partner University
DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY (DMU), UK is Asia Pacific University (APU)’s UK Dual Award Partner University
  • APU’s partnership with De Montfort University (DMU), UK enables students to be awarded Dual Awards – separate degree certificates from each institution – and enhances not just teaching and learning experiences, but also career prospects.
  • Upon graduation, students will receive 2 Degree Certificates & Transcripts: 1 from APU, Malaysia and 1 from DMU, UK.
    Both degrees are recognised locally & internationally.
  • The APU-DMU Dual Degree Programmes are offered under an approved collaboration in accordance with the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education for the Assurance of Academic Quality and Standards in Higher Education as published by the United Kingdom Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

Top Bachelor of Communication (Hons) (Media Studies) at HELP University

HELP University’s curriculum covers the journalistic writing and editing for print and electronic media, communication through production of documentaries and short films, as well as media management and marketing.

Year 1 Subjects for the Media Studies Degree at HELP University

HELP University is equipped with a recording studio for her communication students
HELP University is equipped with a recording studio for her communication students
  • MCH 102 Public Speaking
  • MCH 101 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • MCH 100 Social and Business Communication
  • MCH 152 Introduction to Media Writing
  • MCH 106 Information Tech, Mass Media and Society
  • HAA 102 Introduction to Design
  • MCH 120 Introduction to Film
  • MCH 108 Digital Photography Techniques
  • MCH 110 Video Production Techniques
  • Two Year 1 Free Electives

Year 2 Subjects for the Media Studies Degree at HELP University

  • MCH 215 Intercultural Communication
  • MCH 250 Communication Theory
  • HSO 210 Social Research Methods
  • MCH 208 Communication in the Workplace
  • MCH 210 Writing for Broadcast and New Media

    Top Video Editing Software at HELP University
    Top Video Editing Software at HELP University
  • MCH 212 Documentary Production Techniques
  • MCH 221 Media Relations and Management
  • MCH 251 Theories of Media
  • MCH 280 News Writing and Reporting
  • Two Year 2 Free Electives

Year 3 Subjects for the Media Studies Degree at HELP University

  • MCH 317 Publication Design
  • MCH 390 Honours Thesis
  • MCH 396 Practicum
  • MCH 314 Communication Law and Ethics
  • MCH 380 News Editing
  • MCH 333 Feature Writing
  • MCH 321 Media Marketing
  • Two Year 3 Free Electives

MPU Subjects

  • Local Students
    • MPU 3113 Ethnic Relations; and
    • MPU 3123 Islamic and Asian Civilization; and
    • MPU 3223 Leadership and Life Skills; and
    • MPU 3323 Malaysian Constitution; or
      MPU 3333 Malaysian Digital Transformation; and
    • MPU 3423 Community Service and Event Management

Scholarships are offered to deserving students by HELP University. Students interested to join HELP University should register as soon as possible because the hostel runs out quickly.

Top Lecturers & Activities for Public Relations Course at HELP University

“Our faculty members have a good blend of specialisation in communication and working experience, thus ensuring students

The best video and photography equipment for Communications students at HELP University
The best video and photography equipment for Communications students at HELP University

gain professional growth and personal enrichment. Courses are continuously evaluated and updated so that they stay current and relevant to the evolving professional and personal needs of our students and fulfil industry expectations.”
– Dr Khairuddin Othman, Dean of the HELP University School of Communication

Dr Khairuddin’s distinguished career includes working at The New Straits Times, TV3 and AC Nielsen. He was Chief Executive of Akademi TV3 and CEO of TV3 Ghana. He also served as Head of Advertising and Broadcasting at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). He is a media consultant to the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Clubs and societies at the School of Communication:

  • BCom Voice Student Council
  • Radio Club
  • Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association (IPRMSA)
  • Creative Production Society
  • And over 40 other sports, hobbies and special interest clubs and societies at HELP University.

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  1. What is the best job for me if I’m interested something about communicating, writing, and also conducting media programme

  2. I’m still trying to figure out what major should I be in since I’m in art stream. I’m into english and hoping english would be my main thing including the courses I’d be taking. But choosing the one I would be confident (and one that I KNOW I can handle) is not that easy, Easy to say I still havent had a single clue on what I’m actually planning on. Like what I’m sure I can handle; hat would be stable and solid.

    1. What is the best job for me if I’m interested something about communicating, writing, and also conducting media programme

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