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While an accounting and finance degree gives the assurance of employment, in reality, enhanced professional qualification coupled with on-the job practical training equip young graduates with specialised skill sets that will increase employability significantly.

Accounting and financial studies and qualification has become most need in Malaysia as Malaysian government is in the midst of improving their developments in social and economic aspects. You should sit down and list out all the pros and cons before you decide to go on taking this study. An accounting & finance career in Malaysia is most needed and it pays well.

According to a the Annual Salary Survey 2016 from the Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), qualified accounting professionals can earn as much as RM186,000 annually.

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High Job Demand and Salary for Accounting & Finance Professionals in Malaysia

My mother chatted with EduSpiral for months from Brunei & gathered the information. Finally, we made a trip to visit the universities and EduSpiral helped us to choose the right university
Wei En, Accounting at Taylor’s University

Presently, Malaysia has about 7.5 million Accountants. The country requires another 60,000 Accountants to fulfill Vision 2020. A career in Accounting can give you high salaries if you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Therefore, you should choose a reputable top university in Malaysia to study the Accounting & Finance degree.

The question on “Why choose a career in Accounting and Finance”, this is because by 2020, the prospect in accounting careers is expected to grow by 16% and 23% growth in finance job scopes. If you choose to be a financial accountant than u can get job in public or private sectors and you can also deepen and diversify your skills into governmental accounting, non-for-profit accounting, forensic accounting, or other specific fields.

Accounting and finance is the one of the most diverse jobs because this job can offer you vacancies in many areas. For an example once you are qualified as an accountant, you can involve yourself and looking for jobs to be professionals and take up high level jobs around the world. Finance and accounting jobs is provides many opportunity as it does not only limit to one specific area or sectors but it is indeed needed everywhere, private sectors, public sectors and even government bodies needs people qualified with finance backgrounds.

Job opportunities in Accounting and Finance in Malaysia

After I finished my SPM, I felt confused about my further study. Eduspiral, was so patient to answer all my questions and took us around for a campus tour.
Hui Ying, Diploma in Accounting at Asia Pacific University

Do you know that, being finance and accountants will give you an opportunity at the competitive edge in employment? Accounting and finance has always been considered as the language and basic tool of working environment, that’s the reason accounting and finance may be the best route to a successful career. It has always concerned itself with determining how a working environment runs. But over the last two decades, the field of accounting and finance has been changing dramatically in response to such explosive trends as the computer revolution, increased government regulations, frequent tax law changes, the globalization of business, and the on-going downsizing and restructuring of corporations.

In this increasingly complex and competitive working environment, accounting and finance skills are very much in demand and both of that has become a dynamic career. Thus, finance and accountants have shed their strong image to assume the more prestigious role of financial experts, system professionals, management consultants, budget analyst and others. The demand for accountants and finance appears to be growing and outstripping supply. Today’s working climate job opportunities is better than ever for finance and accounting.

The beauty of a career in accounting is that jobs abound as every company or industry in Malaysia needs qualified staff proficient in accounting. Graduates can work in industries like property, FMCG, retail, fashion, construction, trading, hotel, travel, restaurants, Food & Beverage, SMEs, entertainment, automotive, education, and more. Graduates can also find work in top Accounting & Auditing firms in Malaysia such as Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG, Baker Tilly Monteiro Heng, Moore Stephens AC, Steven Chin & Co, BDO, Grant Thornton, RSM, Mazars, Crowe Horwarth International, DFK International, Halim & Lee, Begbies Traynor, etc

Job Demand for Finance, Banking & Investment in Malaysia

While some agents were pushing me to go for universities, EduSpiral took time to share information and take me and my friends for campus tours to help us make a better decision.
Paul Kit, Finance at UCSI University

Worldwide, the financial services sector records the highest earnings and drives a country’s economic growth.  The Financial sector stands as one of the largest sectors in Malaysia with more than 300,000 people employed. This sector is made up by professionals in the Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Insurance and Statistics and Taxation sub-sectors. An important industry for the country, it contributes up to 11 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The role of the financial sector is envisioned to continue growing to be a key driver and catalyst of Malaysia’s economic progression. This sector is projected to be more competitive, dynamic, inclusive, diversified, and integrated, with the ability to offer world class financial services, in terms of breadth, depth and quality to serve the needs of Malaysia.

In today’s ever-changing world, finance graduates are highly sought-after in a cross-section of industries which each offer a variety of job opportunities. Therefore, having a finance qualification can lead to a rewarding career. A fast-track career in finance depends on a good understanding of market movements and the diverse investment market.

And, with financial institutions strengthening their governance structures, positions to manage anti-money laundering activities, sales and regulatory compliance, are opening up. New rules and regulations for financial institutions are being introduced, so, there’s a greater demand for risk managers and compliance professionals.

Candidates who are able to reduce financial institutions’ exposure to risk will stand out as employers step up their efforts to ensure they adhere to regulatory requirements. Risk and compliance will be two hot areas where fierce competition will take place for the right candidate

First, there was the enactment of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 and Financial Services and Islamic Financial Services Acts of 2013 which led to stricter legal and regulatory requirements.

Then, there were continued and consistent efforts to strengthen risk management, governance and effective supervision. A combination of the two has resulted in a growing demand in risk, compliance, governance and audit roles in this sector.

Skilled finance, banking & investment professionals are projected to remain in high demand in Malaysia’s accountancy & finance job market as employers grow their businesses and add more value for clients. Strong demand exists for qualified graduates in finance, banking & investment possessing critical thinking skills, innovative, interpersonal communication skills and a strong command of the English language.

Although Malaysia’s finance sector is growing steadily the supply of talent has begun to decrease. That’s not good news especially now that Malaysia needs more finance talents in preparation for the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) which is set to bolster the country’s economic landscape. TRX, Malaysia’s version of Wall Street, will bring together local and overseas financial institutions and other corporations in a single area. The country is said to require 40,000 qualified financial talents by 2020 yet about 56,000 new finance industry jobs will be available in the next 10 years.  That’s not nearly enough.

By 2020, the Malaysian financial services sector is predicted to create 275,400 new jobs, with positions relating to accounts, investments, international trade, sales and marketing and economics becoming widely available. Therefore, if you have decided on studying a degree in Finance, Banking & Investment, you have made the best choice for a solid future career. Just make sure that you choose the best university in Malaysia for you Finance, Banking & Investment studies.

Job Demand for Accountants in Malaysia

EduSpiral emphasised the importance of having good English for our future career. I am glad to join a globalised university which has helped me to improve my communication skills.
Vincent Yeoh, Accounting & Finance at Asia Pacific University

Under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), it’s envisaged that Malaysia will need 60,000 accountants by 2020 to transform Malaysia into a developed nation. The accounting profession is versatile and offers diverse opportunities.

It goes beyond the “accountant” title as job designations nowadays are more creative. The profession includes financial controller, chief financial officer, vice-president of finance, financial director and so forth. Malaysia is very much in need of accountants.

There’s a low number of accounting graduates registered with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). However, in order to succeed in the accounting and finance career, graduates should be proficient in the English language.

Internal Auditors, Regulatory Reporting Analysts, and Financial Planning & Analysis professionals are among the skills in high demand across Asia, according to our latest Hays Quarterly Report of jobs in demand. In Malaysia there is a steady demand for Tax Managers, Accounts Payable/Receivable Managers, CFOs and Financial Controllers, Corporate Finance Managers, Risk Analysts and Credit Risk Managers, and Compliance Officers.

Finance & Accounting Salary Report in Malaysia for Q2 2017 According to Ambition

Commerce & Industry

Job title Years of experience Annual salary range (RM$)
Audit / Internal Control
Head of Audit 12+ 250K–300K
Internal / External Audit Manager 5–10 100K–144K
Internal / External Auditor 3–5 80K–100K
Financial Accounting
CFO 15+ 360K–540K
Finance Director 12–15 240K–360K
Regional Financial Controller 10+ 200K–300K
Financial Controller 8–10 180K–230K
Finance / Accounting Manager 6–10 84K–180K
Financial Accountant 3–6 70K–100K
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Accountant Up to 8 years 50K–100K
Management Accounting
Management Accounting Manager 8–10 120K–144K
Senior Management Accountant 5–8 90K–120K
Management Accountant 3–5 60K–90K
Planning & Analysis
Head of Planning & Analysis 10–12 216K–300K
Financial Planning & Analysis Manager 8–10 144K–180K
Senior Financial Analyst 6–8 96K–120K
Financial Analyst 3–6 50K–96K
Vice President / Head of Tax / Tax Director 12+ 220K–300K
Tax Manager 8–10 120K–200K
Tax Accountant / Senior Accountant 3–7 50K–120K
Head of Treasury 10–12 200K–300K
Treasury Manager 7–10 150K–190K
Treasury Accountant 3–6 70K–100K


Trends in Accounting Profession in Malaysia

“I met up with EduSpiral about 4 times in Ipoh & at Asia Pacific University to discuss about my future. He provided me with in-depth information and even arranged for me to meet up with the Head of School at APU to talk to me.”
Kar Jun, Accounting graduate from Asia Pacific University

Some shared service centres (SSCs) are moving up the value chain to hire talent with commercial skill sets and require candidates with specialised knowledge in areas such as tax, statutory requirements, internal audit and risk management. The industry is finding it challenging to attract high calibre talent as candidates perceive SSCs as ‘cost centres’ and don’t want to limit their career progression.

SSC employers that hope to retain and attract talent need to look into their remuneration packages, create learning & development opportunities and offer internal transfers to other job functions / business operations.

Accounting and finances has become the best way to a successful route for people with finance and accounting backgrounds. This qualification has become the language and a basic tool in the working environment.

The drastic changes and the high demand is taking place in finance and accounting fields in past two decades as a the world is going with the trend in computer revolution, change in government regulations and frequent tax law changes and not leaving the changes in the globalization and restructuring of corporations.

The world is looking at the competitive and complexity of the working environment, accounting and finance skills and this increases the demand in accounting jobs and it has proven to be a dynamic career. Financial experts, system professionals, management consultants and budget analyst has been pictured as a strong image as a prestigious role in the finance and accounting roles.

Today, there are many graduates facing employments difficulties, this is because either they choose wrong studies with low demand or choose the courses which are not recognized. Studies have been made and the results show that, Malaysia needs more than 60,000 graduates with accounting talents to fill up the vacancy in accounting or finance side. This growth is the results from the expansion of local firms, corporations and companies who looking for professionals with accounting and finances backgrounds.

It is also assured that the demand will always be high and companies will keep on looking for people with accounting and finances knowledge and experiences as it is essential and crucial for businesses. The most wanted and always on high demand jobs are as financial controllers, commercial finance managers, senior financial shared service centre professionals, CFOs, credit risk professionals, head of compliance, senior corporate credit approvers and analysts and Islamic product development managers. This demand is not only in Malaysia but it is said it is high demand worldwide and it is a global needs and wants.

Job prospects of professional accountants

  • Chief executive officer
  • Chief financial officer
  • Director or partner in an accounting firm
  • Finance director in a multinational company
  • Auditor general
  • Business owner
  • Forensic accountant
  • Internal auditor
  • Tax consultant
  • Business consultant
  • Academician
  • Financial planner

The Best Universities in Malaysia to Study Accounting, Finance, Banking & Investment

EduSpiral patiently provided information on many universities offering accounting. Then he met up with me & my parents to take us around the universities. EduSpiral helped me to choose the right university.
Chew Ling, Accounting & Finance at Taylor’s University

In order to succeed in the competitive field of accounting, students must choose the best universities in Malaysia to study. The best university doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive. Students should choose the right university that fits them which has a good reputation for business programs, excellent facilities, top lecturers and an English-speaking student environment.

Upon completion of the accounting degree programmes, graduates will have 9 paper exemptions from the total of 14 ACCA papers. I would recommend students who are weak in the English language to go for the accounting degree course first and then only pursue the ACCA. The ACCA is exam-based and marked in the UK.

After SPM, with 5 credits, students can go into the Foundation in Business for a year and then continue into the degree for 3 years. The other way is to go for the Diploma in Business or Diploma in Accounting for 2 years and then enter into the Degree in Year 2 to finish that in another 2 years. You will need at least 3 credits in your SPM to join the diploma. After your degree, you can find a job and then take the final papers of the ACCA part time.

Private Universities in Malaysia with First Rate Accounting & Finance Degree Programmes

EduSpiral explained the pathway to become an actuaries & gave facts on why Heriot-Watt is the best for actuarial science. We also toured the campus and hostel. Weng Hang, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

EduSpiral explained the pathway to become an actuaries & gave facts on why Heriot-Watt is the best for actuarial science. We also toured the campus and hostel.
Weng Hang, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Top Ranked Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia for Accounting, Management and Business Diploma Programmes

EduSpiral gave me in depth information on the accounting pathway & helped me to choose the right university
Gary Ng , Accounting Graduate from KDU University College

Business & Management Foundation Programmes at the Best Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia

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