According to the latest Annual Graduate Tracer Study by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, 100% of Asia Pacific University (APU) graduates were employed by Graduation.

According to the latest Annual Graduate Tracer Study by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, 100% of Asia Pacific University (APU) graduates were employed by Graduation.

Certificate Course for SPM or UEC Students with 1 or 2 Credits and Pass in BM and Sejarah offered at APIIT/Asia Pacific University (APU) in Malaysia

Students with SPM/UEC 1 or 2 credits and passes in BM and Sejarah, don’t worry, there are courses that you can still take before continuing on to Diploma or Degree courses in Malaysia. A credit in SPM is a “C” and a pass is a “D” or “E”. A credit in UEC is a “B” while the “C” are just passes.

You can take up a certificate course and then move on to Diploma and then to Degree. Note that you cannot apply for the PTPN loan for the Certificate course, but you can apply for your Diploma or Degree.

Students with 1-2 credits in SPM and a pass in BM & Sejarah or UEC with at least 1 B can join the Certificate in Administrative Skills course at APIIT for 1 year 4 months and then go on to the Diploma for 2 or 2.5 years. After the Diploma, you will enter into Year 2 of the related Degree for another 2 years at APIIT or Asia Pacific University (APU).

Certificate (1 year 4 months) – Diploma (2 or 2.5 years) – Degree (2 years)

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Certificate in Administrative Skills at APIIT or Asia Pacific University

I am so glad that my mother found EduSpiral online. I used to be quiet and not able to communicate well in English. Now, I am more confident and speak a lot in English because of the great university environment. Zhi Kang, Business Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
I am so glad that my mother found EduSpiral online. I used to be quiet and not able to communicate well in English. Now, I am more confident and speak a lot in English because of the great university environment.
Zhi Kang, Business Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

This APIIT Certificate in Administrative Skills (CAS) is designed to provide:

  • Strong communication, leadership and administrative skills as well as the necessary fundamental knowledge to take on this challenging and ever changing business world.
  • Opportunities for progression into Diploma programmes or to embark on a career in administration, marketing, accounting, human resources and application of IT.


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS for the Certificate in Administrative Skills at APIIT or Asia Pacific University

Accounting graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
“I met up with EduSpiral about 4 times in Ipoh & at Asia Pacific University to discuss about my future. He provided me with in-depth information and even arranged for me to meet up with the Head of School at APU to talk to me.”
Kar Jun, Accounting graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • SPM
    1 Credit at SPM level with a minimum of a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah (History); 
  • IGCSE/O-Levels
    1 Credits (Grade C & above) at IGCSE/O-Levels; 
  • UEC
    1 Credit (Grade B & above) at UEC; 
  • A qualification that APIIT accepts as equivalent to the above.

Subjects of the Certificate in Administrative Skills at APIIT or Asia Pacific University

Diploma in Accounting Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
After I finished my SPM, I felt confused about my further study. Eduspiral, was so patient to answer all my questions and took us around for a campus tour.
Hui Ying, Diploma in Accounting Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

Semester 1

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Fundamental IT Skills
  • Youth Development
  • Introduction to Managing Business
  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Semester 2

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Multimedia Application
  • Business English
  • Personal Skills
  • Basic Accounting
  • Ethics at Workplace

Semester 3

  • Basic Finance
  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Book-Keeping & Accounting Software
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Basic Marketing Skills
  • Office Administrative Skills

*In addition to the above, all students are also required to successfully complete General Studies modules as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency, as well as fulfill credit requirements for Co-curricular activities.

FURTHER STUDIES after the Certificate in Administrative Skills at APIIT or Asia Pacific University (APU)

Vincent Lim, Software Engineering Graduate, Asia Pacific University (APU)
EduSpiral provided detailed information to help me make my decision.
Vincent Lim, Software Engineering Graduate, Asia Pacific University (APU)

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will be eligible to progress into any of the following Diploma programmes offered at Asia Pacific University:

**Students Progressing to Diploma in Accounting is required to have Credit Pass in Mathematics at SPM / ’O’ Levels.

Note: Students who have successfully completed the Certificate Programme may be allowed to transfer credits into the respective Diploma Programmes and as a result may be allowed to commence the Diploma directly from semester two.

When you complete the Diploma, you can choose to study the following degree courses at Asia Pacific University:

Accounting & Finance Degree Programmes at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Business & Management Degree Programmes at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study at Asia Pacific University (APU) in Malaysia

Being in Sabah made it difficult for me to survey the universities in Peninsula. I found EduSpiral online and they provided detailed information & helped me with my application. They even took me around the university for a tour when I went to visit. Xavier Phang, Software Engineering Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
  1. 100% Employability Rate in Malaysia
    • According to the latest Graduate Tracer Study 2018 by Ministry of Education Malaysia, 100% of APU graduates are employed by graduation. This is not just a number, but a significant symbol of APU’s success and pride in nurturing professionals for global careers.
  2. Award-Winning University in Malaysia 
    • Over the years, APU has secured more than 200 awards at local, regional and international level. These awards serve as acknowledgements of the achievement of APU and their students, reaffirming their standing as being among the leading technology Institutions in Malaysia.
    • To win an award, the students must have reached a level of capability. In addition, the lecturers would have had the knowledge and experience to help them achieve that level. The number of awards won indicates the standard that APU students and lecturers have reached. Furthermore, to participate in competitions require funding from the university. This is an advantage for APU students as they will have the opportunity to participate in the competitions which will give you experience and build your confidence, as well as, enhance your resume.
    • As a testimony of that Asia Pacific University (APU) is the best university for computing, computer science and ICT in Malaysia, they and their students have won hundreds of awards. For the full list of awards, achievements and rankings for Asia Pacific University (APU), please click on this link.
  3. Wide Range of Computing & Technology Courses
    • APU offers the most computing & technology courses in Malaysia, over 20, compared to other universities who only offer 3 to 5. This shows that APU has the expertise and ability to come up with the latest in-demand courses so that students can meet the job market needs.
    • Internships after Year 2 allow students to put into practice what they have learnt and for job opportunities.
  4. Qualified and Experienced Lecturers
    • All of APU lecturers possess at least a Masters degree with many having PhD qualifications. Some have also worked in the industry therefore are able to provide real life experiences.
  5. APU is an “Premier Digital Tech University” – MDEC
    • APU was awarded the Premier Digital Tech University status by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). APU is recognised for its commitment in offering top-notch digital technology courses and ensuring our highly-skilled graduates continue to flourish and fill future digital job demands locally and globally. Premier Digital Tech University status was awarded by the Minister of Higher Education Malaysia.
    • Originally established as the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) in 1993 and Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI) in 2004, APU’s sound approach to nurturing school leavers into qualified professionals has resulted in our graduates being highly sought after by employers.
    • Premier Digital Tech Universities and Preferred Digital Tech Polytechnics (PDTIs) are Malaysia’s leading digital tech-focused tertiary institutions. The PDTIs have a proven track record in producing high quality graduates for digital tech-based high value jobs, via cutting-edge research and education policies, strong industry linkages, and career development and placement services.
    • Borne out of a collaboration between MDEC, the Ministry of Education Malaysia and industry leaders, the PDTIs deliver end-to-end solutions to ensure that future graduates are propelled into becoming dynamic members of an innovation-driven and knowledge-powered Malaysia.
  6. State-of-the-Art Computer Labs and IT Facilities
    • All students have access to state-of-the-art computer facilities that include the latest PCs and workstations with Internet connection, operating systems, software suites and commercial programming software in multiple IT labs built for project work, multimedia production, software and internet programming. Furthermore, all around the campus you will have access to wireless Internet so you can learn anywhere, anytime.
    • APU’s Cybersecurity Talent Zone is a clear and perfect example of how APU collaborates closely with industry leading organisations to expose students to best-in-class technologies and systems. This Zone features a fully-functional Security Operations Centre (SOC) that allows students to have hands-on cybersecurity operations experience. APU’s Cyber Security students are able to actively analyse occurrences of cyber-attacks and plan counteractive measures towards cyber threats through real-time data.
    • In addition, a full-fledged Cyber Threats Simulation and Response Centre (also known as a Cyber Range) is also located within the Cyber Security Talent Zone. The Cyber Range incorporates latest technologies and a military grade cyber-defense system that can simulate highly complex cyber-attacks in a hyper realistic environment, enabling students to understand and formulate defence strategies, and practice the entire chain of cyber defence, while preparing them to deal with real cyber threat attack when it happens. The Cyber Range is among the best-equipped facility of its kind across the Asia Pacific region. APU’s CISCO Networking Academy, its Centre for Research and Development in IoT (CREDIT) and its Forensic and Security Research centre also make up the APU CyberSecurity Talent Zone, which is truly a unique, end-to-end integrated facility to provide hands-on experience to our students – the global cybersecurity, networking and IoT talents of the future.
  7. APU – Rated No. 1 in Asia and Malaysia for MULTICULTURAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE
    (*Student Barometer Wave 2017, ‘Studying with people from other cultures’)

    • Nurturing Professional for Global Careers – The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysia’s Premier Private Universities, and is where a unique fusion of technology, innovation and creativity works effectively towards preparing professional graduates for significant roles in business and society globally. APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning University through its achievements in winning a host of prestigious awards at international and international levels.
  8. Soaring Upwards – APU awarded 5-STAR Excellent Rating at SETARA 2017​
    • APU was announced as among the Highest Rated Emerging Universities in Malaysia, being rated at 5-STAR (EXCELLENT Rating) under the SETARA 2017 Ratings by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). APU has maintained this Excellent Rating in the SETARA 2011, 2013 and now in 2017. SETARA 2017 5-Star Rating was presented by the Minister of Higher Education Malaysia.
  9. 5-STARS for APU at QS Stars Rating 2017
    • Asia Pacific University (APU) received international recognition by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) in 2017 with APU being awarded 5-Star in four categories of the QS Stars Rating – Teaching, Employability, Facilities and Inclusiveness. The QS Stars rating measures achievements of universities worldwide.
    • QS Stars is a international rating system which allows students to better understand an institution’s qualities, looking at everything from the employability of graduates, to sports facilities and community engagement.
  10. A Truly International Community – 12,000 Students from over 130 Countries
    • With an international student community of more than 12,000 students from more than 130 countries studying in its Malaysian campus, APU offers a truly cosmopolitan learning environment which prepares students well for the global challenges which lie ahead. APU offers a wide range of degrees with Technology as a common core. It is APU’s aim to nurture and encourage innovation through our programmes, with the intention of producing individuals who will learn, adapt and think differently in new and better ways.
    • Interacting with international students will improve your English language skills
    • When you meet so many international students, you will build a network of friends around the world. This increases your opportunity for business ventures in the future.




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