The Best Pathway to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia is Getting a Degree from a Top University

How to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia?

How to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia?

How to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia?

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Because there is simply too much information for the average person to process and use, data scientists are trained to gather, organize, and analyze data, helping organisations make sense and strategies from the vast amounts of data. Data scientists come from a wide range of educational backgrounds, but recently private universities in Malaysia have started to offer degree programmes in Data Science. Additionally, Data science degrees include a wide range of computer-related majors, but it could also include areas of math and statistics. A Data Science degree from a top private university in Malaysia would equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful professional in this field.

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The Best Education Pathway to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia through an Undergraduate Programme at a Top Private University

Vincent Lim, Software Engineering Graduate, Asia Pacific University (APU)
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Vincent Lim, Software Engineering Graduate, Asia Pacific University (APU)

Basically, a data scientist is someone who gathers and analyzes with the goal of reaching a conclusion. They do this through many different techniques. They may present the data in a visual context, which is often called “visualizing the data,” allowing a user to look for clear patterns that wouldn’t be noticeable if the information was presented in hard numbers on a spreadsheet.

They often create highly advanced algorithms that are used to determine patterns and take the data from a jumble of numbers and stats to something that can be useful for a business or organization. At its core, data science is the practice of looking for meaning in mass amounts of data.

Data science, which is a newer field, is heavily based on the use of computers and technology. It accesses information from large databases, uses code to manipulate data, and visualizes numbers in a digital format.

There are many pathways to getting a career in data science in Malaysia, but for all intents and purposes, it is completely impossible to launch a career in data science without a university education. You will need at least a 3-year bachelor’s degree.

Who Should Study Data Science in Malaysia?

EduSpiral counseled us online & then picked us up from the airport to visit MMU in order to help us choose the right university. Mak, Ong & Chaw - Diploma in Information Technology (IT) at Multimedia University (MMU)
EduSpiral counseled us online & then picked us up from the airport to visit MMU in order to help us choose the right university.
Mak, Ong & Chaw – Diploma in Information Technology (IT) at Multimedia University (MMU)

So what are the top traits of a data scientist? How can you determine if you have the raw material needed for a long career in the field of data science? There are many unique characteristics that apply to data science, so it’s likely you have one or more of these skills.

First of all, you must have a curious nature that pushes a constant pursuit of learning. There are so many areas and so many data points to analyse, that a data scientist must have an inborn curiosity that drives your need to find answers from the data.

You’ll also need a strong ability for organisation. As there are millions of potential data points, so keeping each piece of information organised in a useful way is important. Good organisation will help you reach the right conclusions at the end of your work. You may find the work frustrating at times where you must keep on reorganising and reanalysing until you find the right answer.

Other traits, like creativity, the strong ability to stay focused, and an acute attention to detail, will all help you in becoming a data scientist.

Steps to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia

Step 1 – Complete a Pre-University Programme

Students after SPM or O-Levels will need to go for a Pre-University programme such as Foundation, SACE, AUSMAT, CIMP, A-Levels, STPM, etc before entering a degree programme in Data Science. You will need at least 5 credits in SPM or O-Levels including Maths.

If you’re sure of pursuing a career in Data Science, you can just take the Foundation in Computing & Technology at a top private university. It would be easier and cheaper than the external Pre-University programmes.

Step 2 – Earn a bachelor’s degree in Data Science from a Top Private University in Malaysia

EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary. Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University
EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary.
Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University

Some private universities in Malaysia offer data science degrees, which is an obvious choice. This degree will give you the necessary skills to process and analyse a complex set of data, and will involve lots of technical information related to statistics, computers, analysis techniques, and more. Most data science programs will also have a creative and analytical element, allowing you to make judgment decisions based on your findings.

During your undergraduate studies you will become proficient with the most widely used programming languages in data science such as Python, Java, and R — and refreshing their knowledge in applied math and statistics. In addition, continue to learn programming languages, database architecture, and add SQL/MySQL to the “data science to-do list.”

Not all Data Science degree programmes are the same. It is important for students to look at the subjects offered to see if they fit your career goals. With more than 20 years of experience in counselling students, I will be able to guide you in your search for the best university for data science in Malaysia. Just WhatsApp 01111408838.

Step 3 – Apply for a Entry Level Position in Data Science

Statistics show that by the year 2020, there will be about two million job openings for data professionals and that the demand for people with this knowledge and skill will outstrip supply by a ratio of two to one. It’s a global phenomena which is already in motion and Malaysia has set its sights on developing 20,000 data professionals and 2,000 data scientists by 2020.

There is a tremendous requirement for Data Scientists and Big Data Specialists worldwide now and in the future, with hundreds of thousands of new job opportunities emerging globally. In Malaysia alone, by the year 2020 this need is expected to reach at least 20,000 data professionals and 2000 data scientists. Job demand as well as salary for qualified Data Scientists or Big Data Professionals in Malaysia is high.

Why Study Data Science at a Top Private University in Malaysia?

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Kar Jun, Accounting graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

Studying at the top ranking university in Malaysia gives you a lot of opportunities in your future professional life. Top universities provide a high standard of education that equips you well for your future career.

Furthermore, a degree earned at a reputable university in Malaysia makes seeking employment much easier whether locally or globally. Part of finding the right university in Malaysia for you will be picking out the criteria that matters to most to you, and then seeing if any of the top private colleges or universities in Malaysia that you’re looking at fit those criteria. University Rankings, Awards & Achievements are indicators of the level of standard that they have achieved and these could serve as a guide for you in choosing the right university to study at.

Choosing the right university to study Data Science can be a complicated and confusing process. There are many universities offering this course but not all Data Science courses are the same at each university. It is important to understand the differences to see which one fits your future career goals.



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