Best Course to Study in Malaysia with 3 credits in SPM, IGCSE/O-Levels or UEC

I didn't know which college fit me, so, EduSpiral took me to visit 4 universities to help me choose. Erwin, Graduated from Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism

What Course to Study In Malaysia after SPM, IGCSE/O-Levels or UEC with only 3 Credits?

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There are so many options out there to choose after your SPM, O-Levels or UEC and it can get quite confusing.  A diploma is for students who are sure of what they want to study while students who are still unsure can take the Pre-University course first and then decide later what course to study. The diploma course is more practical with some theory while a degree programme is more academic. The assessment for the diploma course at top private universities in Malaysia will be a mixture of Coursework, Assignments, Quizzes, Exams and Projects.

To join a diploma course, you will need at least 3 credits in SPM, O-Levels or UEC. You must have a pass in BM & Sejarah. Entry requirements for the diploma will vary from course to course so do check with the university on the exact requirements or you may contact EduSpiral Consultant Services. If you are joining finance, IT or accounting, you will need to include Maths. For Diploma in Engineering courses you will need to include a credit in Maths and one Science subject. A student may apply for the PTPTN loan for the diploma course to study in Malaysia.

Duration for the Diploma programmes in Malaysia vary from 2 years to 2.5 years depending on the type of course. Upon completion of the Diploma, students may continue on to Year 2 of the related Degree programme at the same university or transfer to another university with exemptions.

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Why Study the Diploma at Top Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia?

Diploma in IT at Multimedia University (MMU)
EduSpiral helped me to find an affordable and yet world top ranked computer science university.
Vickey, Diploma in IT at Multimedia University (MMU)

Malaysian private universities have been preparing students for study in top universities worldwide since the 1970s therefore they have the necessary experience to ensure quality for the Diploma programmes are adhered to.

In addition, the quality of the education in maintained through accreditation by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA) is an official body that is governed by the Ministry of Higher Education and is the only body that controls universities’ accreditation status, regulate curriculum and set operational standards for both public and private universities and other higher learning institutions in Malaysia. MQA also accredit individual courses and programmes at each university. MQA’s operation is important because it works to ensure that higher learning in the country is up to global standards and is fit for the future of the nation.

The Diploma is an excellent education pathway for students after SPM or IGCSE/O-Levels who are sure of entering into the field of study. In the diploma, the course will be more practical than the Foundation.  Furthermore, the Diploma course at Malaysia’s top private universities is designed to provide fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills to individuals who are eager to join the industry at an earlier stage.

The 2-year Diploma programme will equip students with the relevant academic and “hands-on” experience to enable them to adapt quickly to their jobs after graduation, and provides flexibility, motivation and the essential knowledge and skills as a solid foundation for furthering into their undergraduate studies.

After SPM or IGCSE/O-Levels, it is normal to be confused about what you want to study. So, it is important to talk to counselors who are informed and experienced. You should also visit a few colleges or universities to see their facilities, student environment, lecturers and student support services for comparison. Students should choose top private universities in Malaysia for their diploma education so that you can gain the best knowledge and skills for a successful career.

Studying Diploma at Top Private Colleges & Universities in Malaysia

Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management
I contacted EduSpiral to find an affordable college for culinary arts. He arranged for me and my mother for a campus tour & helped me find a college that had excellent facilities that I could afford.
Fu Wei, Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management

Students who are sure of what they want to study can go for a Diploma course. If you are still not sure, then you should go for a Foundation in Arts, Foundation in Science or an external Pre-University Programme like the A-Levels, Canadian Pre-University (CPU), South Australian Matriculation, etc.

If you have taken a Diploma in IT and decide later you want to study Business, you will have to start all over again from the beginning. Talk to an experienced and knowledgeable education counselor to find out the best pathway for you.

Generally, 2 years in duration with some at 2 years 4 months or 2 years 6 months. Upon completion of the Diploma programme, you can either continue on to Year 2 of the related degree programme or go out to work. Taking a Pre-University programme, you must continue on to the degree as a Pre-University is not recognised for work purposes. Some courses such as culinary and design, a diploma is sufficient to join the workforce in Malaysia. Otherwise, it is advisable to continue your studies to degree level.

Starting salaries for diploma holders range from RM1500 to RM2000 while degree holders range from RM2500 to RM3500.

You can apply for the PTPTN Loan . You cannot apply for the PTPTN Loan for Foundation, Pre-University or A-Level programmes. The amount of the loan varies depending on your family income.

Assessments for Diploma Programmes in Malaysia

I was confused where to study & EduSpiral gave me good information to help me to decide. EduSpiral also helped me with my application, & accommodation. Wei Siong, Diploma in Interior Design at First City University College
I was confused where to study & EduSpiral gave me good information to help me to decide. EduSpiral also helped me with my application, & accommodation.
Wei Siong, Diploma in Interior Design at First City University College

A diploma course is more practical while a Foundation, external Pre-University programme and degree courses are more academic.

The assessments for a diploma programme at private universities and colleges in Malaysia is a mix of Assignments, Coursework, and written examination percentage. The diploma programme provides students with relevant, interesting, stimulating and practical experience via a variety of teaching and practical techniques.

Students will experience different dynamic learning processes are employed in the delivery of a diploma programme, such as lectures, tutorials, computer lab work, team-based project, real life system development, presentations, independent projects supervised by supervisors from university lecturers or industry experts. The learning is very much practical oriented.

Entry Requirements for Diploma Programmes in Malaysia

Entry requirements for Diploma programmes are lower than for Pre-University. You need at least 5 credits to enter a Pre-University or Foundation programme while diploma programmes require only 3 credits. The requirements vary from course to course so you should check with the university or an experienced education counselor for advise. For example, entry requirements for Diploma in Engineering courses need at least 3Cs including Maths & Science, Diploma in IT require 3Cs including Maths, Diploma in Business need 3Cs in any subjects, etc.

Transfer credits from Diploma into Degree Year 2 into Top Private Universities in Malaysia

My mother whatsapped EduSpiral & he provided vital information to help me make my decision to transfer my diploma. Soon Hong, Marketing at HELP University
My mother whatsapped EduSpiral & he provided vital information to help me make my decision to transfer my diploma.
Soon Hong, Marketing at HELP University

Most diplomas can be transferred to another college or university into the Year 2 of the relevant programme. If you have taken the Diploma in Accounting, it is highly likely that you can enter into Year 2 of the degree in Accounting or Accounting & Finance. For the Diploma in Business Administration, you can enter into Year 2 of the degree in Business Administration depending on the exemptions.

However, if you go from the Diploma in Business Administration into the Degree in Accounting, then you may not get the optimum amount of exemptions because the subjects in your diploma are not similar with the degree course of the university that you want to transfer to.

To transfer your credits into another university, you will need to submit the following documents for exemptions:

  1. Transcripts from your current college or university
  2. Course outline for all the subjects taken
  3. Letter of completion or Diploma Certificate
  4. Copy of SPM Certificate

Common Factors in Choosing the Best Private University or College in Malaysia to Study Diploma

Studying Information Technology (IT) was my dream but my results didn't achieve the requirements. But EduSpiral gave me in-depth advise & helped me to choose the right course that suited me.
Studying Information Technology (IT) was my dream but my results didn’t achieve the requirements. But EduSpiral gave me in-depth advise & helped me to choose the right course that suited me.
Harold, Diploma in Business IT at Asia Pacific University (APU)

The best private universities and colleges in Malaysia have excellent facilities, years of experience running the programme, strong student support services, internships and experienced lecturers. In addition, they will focus on quality, have award winners for the particular courses, years of experience offering the particular course, highly experienced lecturers, a good study environment (not a party university), internships, good mix of international & local students, extra-curricular activities and good facilities. The SETARA ranking is a guide for students to assess the quality of a private university in Malaysia.

When choosing a university and college in Malaysia, it is important for students to visit the campus and see the facilities and feel the culture of the students to see if it fits you.

Talk to the lecturers and find out from the counselors there about the courses and check if the courses have been accredited by MQA

What are the List of Important Criteria in Choosing the Best Universities and Colleges offering the Diploma Course in Malaysia?
Diploma in Accounting Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
After I finished my SPM, I felt confused about my further study. Eduspiral, was so patient to answer all my questions and took us around for a campus tour.
Hui Ying, Diploma in Accounting Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

Here’s a list of common criteria in choosing a top private university in Malaysia:

  • Diploma and degrees offered
  • Subjects offered in the diploma (Are they relevant, up-to-date, and help you to achieve your career goals)
  • Accreditation by MQA and other relevant professional bodies in Malaysia
  • Entry requirements
  • Location of the university
  • Size of the student population
  • Student culture (English-speaking environment, ambitious, serious about studies, lifestyle or party university, etc)
  • Public vs. Private (STPM is tougher and choice of course & university is determined by the government)
  • Costs (tuition, hostel, food, transportation, etc.)
  • Financial assistance (Scholarships, PTPN Loan, EPF withdrawal, MARA Loan, etc)
  • Campus resources (labs, libraries, wifi, computer access, sports facilities, etc.)
  • Internship and co-op programs
  • Class size (Small class size for personal attention)
  • Faculty contact/classes taught by full-time qualified & experienced faculty
  • Quality/reputation/ranking of the private university in Malaysia
  • Safety (campus, community)
  • Make up of the student body (diversity, international students, gender, etc.)
  • Extra-curricular activities (Student organisations, clubs, sports, etc.)
  • Housing options (on-campus, off-campus apartments)
  • Student support services
  • Intake dates

What are the Best Diploma Courses to Study in Malaysia?

I have prepare a list of the best diploma courses to study in Malaysia that has high job demand to help students choose the right career for a successful future. They are not in any particular order.

  1. Diploma in Accounting
  2. Diploma in Business Administration or Management
  3. Diploma in Business with Information Technology (IT)
  4. Diploma in Finance
  5. Diploma in Logistics Management
  6. Diploma in Computer Studies
  7. Diploma in Information Technology (IT)
  8. Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  9. Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering
  10. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  11. Diploma in Interior Design or Diploma in Interior Architecture
  12. Diploma in Fashion Design & Marketing
  13. Diploma in Multimedia Design
  14. Diploma in 3D Animation
  15. Diploma in Digital Animation and Visual Effects
  16. Diploma in Hotel Management or Hospitality Management
  17. Diploma in Event Management
  18. Diploma in Culinary Arts
  19. Diploma in Baking or Pastry
  20. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  21. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)
  22. Diploma in Medical Imaging (Radiography)
  23. Diploma in Nursing
  24. Diploma in Mass Communication
  25. Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration

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    1. To choose the course, it depends on which subjects you obtained credits for. You may enter into a diploma course.

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