Study Cloud Computing in Malaysia

Study Cloud Computing in Malaysia

How Much do Malaysia’s Cloud Professionals Earn?

Cloud technology has become essential for organizations to build resilience. It is a critical enabler for businesses hoping to embrace the workplace of the future by enabling seamless remote working within the organization, whilst reimagining new products, services and processes, with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics to thrive in a global business environment.

As traditional jobs disappear, Malaysian students need to choose courses that can fill the rising job demand for cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. With businesses moving into the digital era, the transformation will create more opportunities for Malaysians to participate as digital talents. It is clear that digital readiness is no longer optional, it’s a must. Therefore, Malaysian students need to equip themselves with the technical skills and aptitudes for technology solutions to meet the demand for new collar workforce now, and in the future.

In Malaysia, the acceleration in cloud adoption is happening as businesses leverage the power of cloud to stay competitive in the market. This increase in adoption of cloud services will mean an increase for professionals who are qualified. Students interested to pursue a career in the fast growing Cloud Technologies would be interested in the salary that they could get.  There is a huge lack of qualified cloud specialists in Malaysia.

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What is the Salary for Cloud Computing Specialists in Malaysia?

EduSpiral helped me to understand clearly what software engineering is about & helped me to choose the right university. Vincent Chow, Software Engineering Graduate, Asia Pacific University
EduSpiral helped me to understand clearly what software engineering is about & helped me to choose the right university. Vincent Chow, Software Engineering Graduate, Asia Pacific University

EduSpiral provides Education Counselling Services for students after high school to find the right course and private university. Hence, the aim of writing this article on the salary for cloud computing specialists, as one of the deciding factors in choosing a course is the salary for the career. Many students choose their courses without considering the future job demand and salary that they would get and some would regret as they could not achieve the lifestyle that they want with the salary from the career path that they had chosen.

Malaysia’s public cloud market alone, which amounts to 3.63% of the total IT spending in the country, has already reached USD643.4 million, according to research site Twimbit. This makes Malaysia the second-biggest cloud market in ASEAN after Singapore. Job demand will grow in tandem with growth in cloud services. Significant growth is expected in Infrastructure services such as networks, platforms and specialist areas such as cloud and virtualisation.

Salary for Cloud Computing Specialists from Malaysia’s Top Salary Survey Guides

Robert Walters Salary Survey 2022 Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur (Salaries are yearly in ‘000 RM)
  • Cloud Engineer RM120k – 180k
  • Cloud Architect RM240k – 300k
  • DevOps Engineer RM156k – 204k
  • DevOps Lead RM192k – 240k
  • Enterprise Architect RM240k – 342k
  • Head of Infrastructure RM240k – 360k
  • Infrastructure Architect RM180k – 336k
  • Infrastructure Manager RM120k – 246k
  • Cloud Security Engineer RM144k – 240k
  • Cloud Security Architect RM180k – 276k
  • DevSecOps Lead RM168k – 216k
Randstad 2022 Market Outlook & Salary Snapshot (Monthly)
  • Cloud Engineer (AWS, Azure) 4-8 years experience earns RM10,000 to RM18,000
  • Devops Engineer with 3-7 years experience earns RM10,000 to RM16,000
  • Head of Cloud DevOps / Senior Architect / Principal Engineer with 10-20 years experience earns RM25,000 to RM35,000
  • Cloud DevOps Lead / Architect with 5-10 years experience earns RM20,000 to RM28,000
2021 Hays Salary Guide Malaysia – Digital Technology – CLOUD (Salaries are yearly in ‘000 RM)
  • Cloud Engineer 120 – 216
  • Cloud Architect 180 – 300
  • Cloud Consultant  180 – 300

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more—over the Internet (“the cloud”). Companies offering these computing services are called cloud providers and typically charge for cloud computing services based on usage, similar to how you are billed for water or electricity at home.

What to Study to Become Cloud Computing Professional in Malaysia?

EduSpiral gave me useful information & evidence on why I should choose the best university. Philip Sim, Information Technology (IT) graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
EduSpiral gave me useful information & evidence on why I should choose the best university.
Philip Sim, Information Technology (IT) graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

Students who are interested to work in Cloud Computing should pursue a degree programme in Computer Science or Information Technology (IT) specialising in Cloud Computing. By taking a recognised Cloud Computing degree programme and the certification courses, you would be one step further than the competition and one step closer to a job you are super qualified for thanks to the key concepts, latest trends and best practices you have learned in the course.

In addition, the IT industry is renowned for its emphasis on industry and vendor certifications. The cloud domain has also joined the fray in this field. All major service providers including Amazon and Microsoft offer training and certifications that could jump-start your cloud computing career.

The most popular ones include:

  • AWS Certification
  • Azure Certification
  • Google Cloud Certified

Students can go for the certification courses during their degree studies. Though certifications add value to the resume, they cannot, by themselves, help a professional grow in his or her career. Certifications complement practical experience. Gaining the necessary hands-on experience is more important, but certification can be a vital first step in the right direction.

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