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Choosing the Right Course & University in Malaysia is a Life-Changing Decision

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There are a few decisions that we make in life that are life-changing such as choosing a life partner, religion or career. Choosing the right course will determine your future career and success. If you choose a course that you feel later does not fit you, it would have wasted your time and money. It is important to talk to the knowledgeable and experienced professionals to find out what is the best course that fits you with the results that you have obtained.

At EduSpiral, we take our job seriously and share information that is supported by statistics, research and experience. Our extensive knowledge of the private education industry together with our experience, we would be able to advise on what may be the best pathway for you.

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Please fill up the Form below and I will WhatsApp you and provide you with sound advise on how to choose the best private university or college in Malaysia to study at. If you do not give your mobile number or full name as in IC, your query will not be answered. Our knowledgeable & experienced counsellor will send you a message on WhatsApp & provide assistance from there.

Find the Best University & Course in Malaysia that Fits You

With over 500 private colleges and universities in Malaysia, how do you choose the best university that fits you? With our first-hand knowledge of colleges and access to staff at the colleges we represent, we can provide in-depth, personalized advise that no brochure or website can.

Through in-depth counseling and analysis, get to know you so that we identify several universities that will allow you to thrive throughout your university years and gain the important communication skills, knowledge and expertise.

Investing in your university education in Malaysia wisely

Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management

I contacted EduSpiral to find an affordable college for culinary arts. He arranged for me and my mother for a campus tour & helped me find a college that had excellent facilities that I could afford.
Fu Wei, Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management

Apart from buying a house, a university education is the next biggest investment that your parents will ever make. Most will not buy a house without the advise of a professional real estate agent and yet, some choose a college by just following their friends!

Even when purchasing a car, you would visit many car dealerships, ask your friends and survey first before making that purchase.

When you consider that the cost of a private 4-year college/university education including Foundation & Degree (tuition, room, and board) ranges from RM100,000 to RM200,000, Don’t you think that obtaining consultation from a professional educationist is a financially sound idea in making one of the biggest decisions in your life?


About EduSpiral Consultant Services

Lonnie Sik, Founder of EduSpiral Consultant Services, has more than 20 years of experience in counseling students and helping them to choose the right course and university

Lonnie Sik, Founder of EduSpiral Consultant Services, has more than 20 years of experience in counseling students and helping them to choose the right course and university

I completed the ADP programme from a local Private Higher Education Institution and subsequently went to the University of Oklahoma, USA and graduated in communications.  I like psychology and took a lot of psychology subjects during my university.

After graduating, I worked in Wisconsin, USA with young people as a counselor for a few years.

Since 2000, I have worked in Malaysia in the advertising industry and education industries working in student recruitment counseling thousands of thousands of Malaysians and international students in finding the right course to fit their personality and career choice.

Having worked in private higher education, I have a distinct advantage to help students from an insider point of view.

With the wealth of experience in student recruitment and counseling, I have formed EduSpiral Consultant Services to assist students in your educational journey.

I enjoy helping students find their right place at the college of choice.  I have a passion for helping students and their families in choosing the right course and university to study in Malaysia.

With thousands of career options and about 500 private colleges & universities out there, it can be a confusing and stressful process. There are so many different steps involved in applying to college, and I hope to provide clear direction and simplify the process.

Personal Course Counselling Services to Help Students Make the Right Choice

EduSpiral has more than 10 years of experience in counseling students on choosing the right courses

EduSpiral Consultant Services believes in the personal touch. We get to know you and understand who you are before advising you on the course that would suit you.

EduSpiral also takes students on campus tours of our partner universities in KL and Selangor to help students make the right decision.

We believe that you should be comfortable with the university environment and see for yourselves that our partner universities are of high quality supported by excellent facilities.


EduSpiral Consultant Services is an Official Representative of Top Universities & Colleges



  1. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
  2. University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)
  3. Asia Pacific University (APU) 
  4. APIIT
  5. UCSI University
  6. UCSI University Sarawak Campus
  7. Taylor’s University
  8. Taylor’s College
  9. Multimedia University (MMU)
  10. MAHSA University
  11. KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie
  12. KDU College Damansara Jaya
  13. KDU Penang University College
  14. First City University College
  15. HELP University
  16. HELP Academy
  17. HELP College of Arts & Technology
  18. YTL International College of Hotel Management
  19. Saito University College
  20. DISTED College Penang
  21. Nilai University


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  1. I’m totally confuse of choosing a right course.
    I have got 7 passes n 3 credit in spm
    I don’t like maths and accounts can you help me to recommend some courses

  2. if I dont have money for foundation but no choice except stpm what can I do lol . ur advice is mucch appreciated

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