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Creative students with a flair for fashion can go for the Diploma in Fashion Design at a Private College or University in Malaysia. You will only need at least 3 credits in SPM or IGCSE O-Levels to enter the Fashion Diploma. The Diploma in Fashion Design is a 2.5 year course including an internship.

Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. Modern fashion design is divided into two basic categories: haute couture and ready-to-wear. The haute couture collection is dedicated to certain customers and is custom sized to fit these customers exactly.  Ready-to-wear collections are standard sized, not custom made, so they are more suitable for large production runs. They are also split into two categories: designer/createur and confection collections.

Designer collections have a higher quality and finish as well as an unique design. They often represent a certain philosophy and are created to make a statement rather than for sale. Both ready-to-wear and haute-couture collections are presented on international catwalks.

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List of Outstanding Private Colleges & Universities in Malaysia to Study the Diploma in Fashion Design

After my results came out, I was lost and didn't know where to study. EduSpiral met me and my parents and took us around the campus to help me make the right choice. Kin Fen, Design student at Saito University College
After my results came out, I was lost and didn’t know where to study. EduSpiral met me and my parents and took us around the campus to help me make the right choice.
Kin Fen, Design student at Saito University College

The fashion industry now goes beyond its traditional associations. Style, culture and self-expression prevail in every facet of daily life. The global fashion market demands more strategic planning, innovations, better product designs and inventive marketing concepts.

The speed of delivery, quality of production and creativity in design are also critical aspects of this new technology-driven industry. Market intelligence, fashion trend forecasting, plus the fundamentals of business and marketing management are invaluable areas necessary to keep fashion fresh, alive and current

What will you study in Fashion Design?

A diploma in fashion design programme combines theoretical and practical ‘hands-on’ skills directed toward fashion design, illustration, textiles, pattern cutting and garment construction and marketing skills. It is designed to enable students to experiment with original design concepts and equip them with market intelligence skills.

They will be able to communicate, brand and focus their designs toward identified markets. This ultimately will facilitate multiple career opportunities within the fashion industry.

What will you work as in Fashion Design

Career opportunities in the world of fashion are manifold and growing. It is a huge, exciting and glamorous industry with enticing monetary rewards.

Graduates from the Diploma in Fashion Design in Malaysia will find employment opportunities as:

  • Pattern Cutters
  • Fashion Buyers
  • Pattern Graders
  • Specialist Cutters
  • Fashion Designers
  • Fashion Entrepreneurs
  • Fashion Merchandisers
  • Bespoke / Production Tailors
  • Apparel / Garment Production Managers

In order to succeed in the competitive world of fashion design, students must choose the best college in fashion design in Malaysia to study at so that they can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Studying design is like learning Kungfu, one must have a great Master Sifu and lots of practice. If the Master Sifu is not skilled, you would also gain nothing.

List of Top Private Universities & Colleges Offering the Diploma in Fashion Design Course

Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design at Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)

Art Gallery at Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)

Students after SPM or IGCSE O-Levels with at least 3 credits and interested to pursue the Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design can consider the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA). With more than 50 years of providing design and music courses, students will find that this award-winning college has the necessary experience and facilities to enhance your design skills to secure a job for the future.

Malaysian Institute of Art is vital from its role as a pioneer art and design institute to being a renowned, trusted and reliable arts education provider. Since its founding, MIA has continuously championed quality and affordable art, design and music education. We believe that arts education should not be seen as elite or just for a select few.

It is our aim to have as many students as possible to be able to think creatively and have novel ways of addressing issues and nurture problem-solving skills. This is achieved through our holistic education and highly qualified group of educators.

Our track record in producing relevant and capable workforce for the creative industry is proven with the numerous alumni making a name for themselves. We welcome all youths who have interest in art, design or music education as we build pathways for them to realize their creative dream career.

Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) is a community of lively young artists in the making. At MIA, students will find themselves experiencing and exploring new creative forms, expressions of various kind of arts and skills that will contribute to their future careers. To enhance the live and learn experience, we provide an ideal hands-on learning environment, classrooms and facilities for our students as well as living facilities close to campus. With the growing numbers of amenities around the campus such as a shopping mall and an upcoming convention center, MIA is located in an area where students can truly live and learn to the fullest.

Course Overview

Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) Textile & Fashion Design student Lim Jia Hui, winner of Sakura Collection Students Awards 2013

The Textile and Fashion Design course caters to the needs of students interested in becoming a professional textile or fashion designer. This course consists of two major modules, namely Textile Design and Fashion Design.

Textile Design provides training in conceptual development, creative interpretation and technical production as well as knowledge relevance which is crucial to the textile design industry. An industrial attachment and a practical workshop will further provide valuable practical experience for the students. Fashion Design equips the students with fashion and textile knowledge, marketing and practical skills. Design concepts and technical skills are inter-dependent and mutually enhancing in the training approaches. The program is structured to cover all aspects of fashion design from basic to advanced drafting, draping, construction and designing. Studio projects include functional to experimental clothing designs.

Specialist College in Malaysia Offering the Diploma in Fashion Design at Saito University College

Saito University College
Saito University College

With more than 20 years of experience, Saito University College is one of the best colleges for multimedia design in Malaysia with many award-winning students, highly experienced & qualified lecturers and having produced thousands of graduates highly in demand by the industry. Not only Saito College is a top college in design in Malaysia, their fees are also affordable therefore making it accessible to students to achieve their dreams.

Saito College achieved a 6 Star rating in the 2013 Malaysia Quality Evaluation System (MyQuest) which is the highest for colleges in Malaysia.

In order to succeed in the competitive world of fashion design, students must choose the best college in Malaysia for fashion design to study at so that they can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Students after SPM or O-Levels can enter the 2.5-year Diploma in Fashion Design at Saito College with at least 3 credits.

Adobe Certification
Fashion Design studio at Saito University College
Fashion Design studio at Saito University College

You will be trained in design software by Adobe Certified Instructors (ACI). You can choose to take the Adobe Certification Exam during your study in Saito College to become an Adobe Certified Associate. Adobe Certification is recognised worldwide as the de facto Design Certification.

Internships for Graphic Design Students at Saito College

Internship is compulsory within the academic curricular. It is the pre-arranged programme of student attachment with companies within the industry for 3-6 months period. Students will be awarded credits for the internship. Students benefit greatly from these internship attachments as they have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge into real life projects with the help of working professionals.

Excellent Design Facilities at Saito University College
Fashion Design studio at Saito College
Fashion Design studio at Saito College

Saito has prepared comprehensive and advanced facilities for Saito students to not only make sure they enjoy their academic lives at Saito, but also provide the support and tools that will help them succeed in their studies.

The teaching facilities in Saito University College consist of up-to-date MacLab and PC Labs, Art & Design studios, Canon EOS Photography Studio, Video Editing Suit and workstations. Besides that the college also provides wireless broadband internet in the library and within the college compound.

Saito has among others facilities such as:

  • Computer labs equipped with advanced desktop computers
  • Mac Labs
  • A library that houses an enormous number of printed and electronic materials that include printed book, electronic books, magazines, publications and periodicals that are carefully selected to be highly relevant to the courses at Saito and will help inspire Saito students in their studies.
  • Comprehensive sports facilities for football, futsal, Sepak Takraw, volleyball, badminton and indoor games at our facilities, (Courts are rented and available at all hostels)
  • Hostels for students
  • Art Gallery
  • Drafting Room
  • Photo Studio
  • Technical Drawing Room equipped with all tools needed for designing work
  • A sick bay

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