Growth in Animation & Digital Content Market Increases Job Demand for Multimedia Designers & 3D Animation Designers in Malaysia

3D Animation

3D Animation

Increased Job Opportunities for Animation & Multimedia Design Graduates in Malaysia

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The animation sector is booming, particularly from the production and development angles. From a 2017-figure of USD305.7 billion to a forecasted USD404.8 billion in 2023, the global animation market is something we simply cannot ignore.

In addition, it is also said that about 90% of all American television animation is produced in Asia and we are positive that a bulk of that percentage comes from this region. For instance, in Malaysia alone, market revenues for animation and related efforts have reached USD187.7 million in 2016, translating to an estimated 11.2% boost from 2014 to 2016.

Malaysia also has an estimated number of 11,000 creative content and technology professionals for an industry which only started to be active slightly more than a decade ago.

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Malaysians are Making a Mark in the Global Animation & Multimedia Industries

After STPM, my dream was to study 3D Animation but I did not have much information about it. EduSpiral gave me a lot of information including the future job prospects so that I could make a good choice. Chun Poh, 3D Animation at UCSI University
After STPM, my dream was to study 3D Animation but I did not have much information about it. EduSpiral gave me a lot of information including the future job prospects so that I could make a good choice. Chun Poh, 3D Animation at UCSI University

It’s common knowledge that Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris are among the top established animation hubs. Yet as the $259 billion global industry becomes increasingly international, new cities are emerging as production powerhouses — and one of them is Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

Situated just outside Kuala Lumpur, the Southeast Asian nation’s answer to Silicon Valley is part of its Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and is now home to the majority of its rapidly growing collection of animation studios.

Malaysia’s rapidly maturing digital creative industry, which includes animations, movies, and video games, is proving to be a significant growth driver to the nation.

MDEC has introduced initiatives to boost our digital content creators, allowing them to better realise their potential by providing them with essential tools and knowledge. This results in locally made content that is now captivating a worldwide audience.

Malaysia Digital Content Market Growth Statistics

Animation content from Malaysia has penetrated 120 countries, with more than US$39.3 million (RM165 million) in export value. Ticket sales from two CG animated features – 2016’s Boboiboy the Movie and 2019’s Upin and Ipin – totalled over US$9.5 million (RM40 million).

As for the game industry, Malaysian game developers have notably worked on some of the most iconic games, including Final Fantasy XV, Uncharted 4 and Street Fighter V, with many local talents currently working in top game companies globally.

The game development sector recorded exports of US$163.1 million (RM684 million) in 2017 a 48.7% increase over 2016’s US$109.7 million (RM460.1 million) exports.

The Malaysian animation industry was worth RM567.86 million ($187.7 million) and employed over 3,000 people in 2016, according to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) — the government-sponsored agency central to the nation’s digital content success.

It reports there are now over 100 homegrown studios that have produced more than 20 original IPs and seen their work travel to 120+ countries, with an export value of RM132 million (over $32.2 million).

Malaysia’s digital content market has grown substantially over the years. Here are the end-of-the-year figures for 2018.

  • RM7.9B IN REVENUE – CAGR 2013-2017: 6%
  • RM1.42B IN EXPORT SALES – CAGR 2013-2017: 35%
  • 11,590 JOBS CREATED – CAGR 2013-2017: 4%

Digital Content Industry Size in Malaysia

As Malaysia’s digital content market continues to grow, the local digital creative content industry has also expanded in order to accommodate said growth.


What’s the Average Salary of an Animator in Malaysia?

According to MDEC’s South East Asian Animation Report 2018, the average salaries within the South East Asian animation industry range from USD501 to USD2,000 per month, again very low in comparison to global average, which ranges between USD4,000 and USD6,000 based on education and experience. Disney purportedly pays between USD9,600 to USD10,4000 a month for their animators.

However, wages of the region’s animators are quite consistent with the Japanese animation industry, where animators there earn on average USD28,000
(¥3,157,895)23 per year ie approximately USD2,300 a month in 2013.

Malaysia’s creative workforce earn a monthly average of USD900 (MYR3,650).

What’s the Next Step for Students Interested in Animation & Multimedia?

Students graduating from high school have more opportunities now that the animation, multimedia and games industry in Malaysia is growing. Therefore, more jobs are available.

Talented design students should choose top private universities in Malaysia that are established with experienced lecturers and excellent facilities. Having won awards are an indication of the university’s quality. Looking at these factors will help students to choose the right university for their design studies.

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