Michael Page: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Salary in Malaysia in 2020



Michael Page: How much money will CMOs in Malaysia make in 2020?

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The article on the “Michael Page: How much money will CMOs in Malaysia make in 2020?” is to serve as a guide to students in wanting to choose a course that has high job demand and salary. The articles have been carefully collated by EduSpiral Consultant Services are to show facts and evidences for students to make an objective decision in choosing the right course and career that would change your future.

Here at EduSpiral Consultant Services, we do our research on the job demand for the careers in MalaysiaSalary Reports, and universities so that we can advise our students based on facts and evidence. Students need to talk to the right education counsellors so that you get the right information to help you in making this life-changing decision and choose to study a course that has high job demand & salary.

Are you wondering what jobs are most in demand? Knowing which industries are hiring more and understanding what skills they are looking for can give you an advantage when you’re planning your career. Here, we take a look at the Michael Page Salary Benchmark, an annual salary report that provides a reference on salary ranges across various industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Technology & Telecommunications, and more.

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Michael Page Malaysia Salary Guide 2020

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Whether you are negotiating for a promotion at your current job, evaluating a new job opportunity, or looking towards the future and planning out a career path, it’s important to do your research into market and salary trends and what your peers in Malaysia are earning.

Salary is one of the primary factors for any job search, and motivators for any professional. As such, we did some research, and evaluated salaries across a wide range of jobs across different industries and sectors and put it all together in our comprehensive Salary Guide 2020 to find the highest paying jobs in Malaysia in 2020. Here are 10 that earn the most.

Malaysia Salary Guide 2020

Salary Benchmark is our annual guide developed as a reference for hiring managers and job seekers to make informed employment decisions in Malaysia. Leveraging data from Michael Page’s proprietary database, studies and observations, the guide highlights hiring trends and market sentiments across the Asia Pacific region.

Michael Page: How much money will CMOs in Malaysia make in 2020?

Written by JANICE TAN 04 DECEMBER 2019

CMOs in Malaysia’s FMCG industry can expect to earn an

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annual base salary range of RM464k to RM774k, according to the Michael Page Salary Benchmark 2020. Meanwhile, those in the head of marketing position will bring home between RM309k to RM557k.

As for regional head of communications, they will take home RM240k to RM264k. On the digital front, director of digital transformation and director of eCommerce will between RM240k to RM300k and RM240k to RM360k respectively. Group digital marketing managers can expect an annual base salary range of RM216k to RM240k.


Sales, marketing and retail is the most active hiring function in Malaysia’s FMCG industry. This is followed by digital and eCommerce, HR and procurement and supply chain.

The roles in demand for Malaysia’s FMCG sector are digital marketing manager, key account manager, brand/product manager, retail operations manager, and HR business partner.

About 15% to 25% expect a salary increase when switching jobs within similar industries.

According to Michael Page, the top three hiring trends for this sector are the strong demand for talent at middle management particularly within sales and marketing-related positions; companies offering incentives and bonuses to attract and retain talent; and companies aggressively recruiting talent with digital marketing and/or omnichannel experience. Meanwhile, the trending skills are digital marketing and analytics, omnichannel and eCommerce, and talent management.

Meanwhile on a whole, 53% of Malaysians are inclined to work overseas in 2020 and 67% believe they will take less than three months to find a new job. Also, more than two-thirds (63%) foresee themselves having better career progression in 2020, as compared to 67% this year. About 62% are positive about the job market as compared to 72% in 2019.

Separately, a third of Malaysian professionals feel their company is behind in digital transformation.

Paul Cooper, managing director, Michael Page Malaysia said the start of a new decade always sparks a sense of excitement as companies will imagine where their businesses might be 10 years from now.  In Malaysia, the sense of starting afresh is a palpable one, Cooper said, as the country continues to embrace its new political and business realities. According to him, many of the companies that it spoke to remain bullish about the year ahead, willing to put aside “some obvious storm clouds on the horizon from a macro-economic point of view, and embrace what we see as excellent economic fundamentals for this economy”.

According to the recent Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Malaysia has perfect scores for both macro-economic stability and its credit gap. Specifically, Malaysia scored a healthy 10-year average of 4.8% in terms of annual GDP growth, as well as a five-year average of 3.1% in terms of foreign direct investment. The WEF also ranks Malaysia third in the world for companies embracing disruptive ideas, and fourth overall for its entrepreneurial culture.

Here are the salary scales for marketers in other industries:


Business services

Financial services


The Michael Page Salary Benchmark is derived from 5,000 data points in its proprietary data and network in Malaysia, which includes job advertisements and placements made between July 2018 and June 2019. It also incorporates salary projections for 2020, the Job Applicant Confidence Index, insights from its business leaders, its recruiters’ interactions with companies and industry professionals, as well as other supplemental information from its various studies were also taken into consideration.


Keep these jobs in mind as you plan out the next step in your career – then have a look at all the open jobs in Malaysia.

About Michael Page

Since our start as a two-man operation in London in 1976, Michael Page has grown and expanded globally. Now, after more than 40 years in the recruitment market, we have secured our position as leaders in international recruitment and hiring. We currently have 140 offices that create a network that spans 36 countries around the world, with strong opportunities for more growth within Asia Pacific.

We opened our first office in Asia in 1994, and have developed our presence into many of the main business hubs in the region since then. Our team in Asia has global connections, regional knowledge and local market experience; ideally positioning us to partner with multinational blue-chip companies and local firms alike, and with today’s global professionals.

Over time, our founding mission has remained unchanged: to bring the world’s best companies and brightest professionals together, helping each side reach their maximum potential and capabilities. We offer a unique, consultative approach to recruitment, tailoring every solution to specific requirements and offering long-term support.

Through experience, growth and consistently high standards, we have become one of the most recognised and respected recruitment brands in the world.

Michael Page provides specialised recruitment services for professionals at middle management to leadership levels, along with highly specialised technical positions.


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