Digital Marketing Talent Demand Increases: Malaysian Graduates Needed to Fill the Roles

Study the Best Digital Marketing Course in Malaysia

Study the Best Digital Marketing Course in Malaysia

Job Demand for Digital Marketing Specialists Increase in Malaysia

As brands transition into digitalisation for their marketing and promotions, they will prioritize candidates who possess a degree in digital marketing as well as the skills gained from their university education. Companies will prioritize candidates who can add the most value to a team. Therefore, it is crucial than ever for students to consider which university that will equip them to face the challenges of the fast paced and dynamic industry.

Students need to be aware of what key skills they already have and what additional training they require to become the most employable versions of themselves when the graduate.

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Digital marketing is a constantly expanding, lucrative career field of choice.

NOW more than ever, social media plays a big role in our daily lives. There are many reasons we use social media – to stay updated with news and current events, find entertaining content, fill up spare time, stay in touch with family and friends, play games, or watch online TV and audio streaming.

Individuals who master the art of digital marketing use new methods to shape consumer trends through ads seen on social media or videos that inspire consumers to make a purchase with a click of a mouse or tap on a mobile device.

Digital marketers create potentially viral content, effective branding strategies, posts that are highly liked or shareable, while generating new leads and anticipating changes in sales trends with persuasive content writing.

They have the ability to speak to the audience using a simple image or picture that may carry the meaning of a thousand words.

A digital marketing specialism will provide students with knowledge about a broad range of digital marketing technologies and how they are applied in practically infused digitised settings.

Digital marketers can land themselves various exciting career opportunities. In fact, under the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, the government is aiming to provide half a million jobs in the digital economy by 2025, with the digital sector expected to contribute 22.6% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Digital marketing future talents

A recent LinkedIn study indicates an increasing demand for various marketing jobs. Last year, 381,000 marketing job openings were posted and in the past six months, the world’s largest professional networking platform witnessed a 63% increase in marketing jobs.

Digital marketing specialists, digital account executives and social media managers are in the top 10 most in-demand occupations (by volume of jobs postings) lists, followed by digital marketing manager, copywriter, marketing associate, account supervisor, marketing assistant, digital strategist, and marketing manager.

There are plenty of opportunities to develop and grow in the area of marketing across all functions, from highly specialised technical skills to management roles.

As Malaysia and the world experience the extended impact from the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of digital is ever more important for the survival of businesses. It is therefore not entirely surprising that digital job vacancies in Malaysia almost tripled from June 2020 to April 2021.

This finding was made based on Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) tracking of digital vacancies on five popular recruitment platforms in Malaysia since June 2020.

MDEC found that the number of digital job vacancies increased from around 19,000 in June last year to more than 56,000 as at April 2021, with the largest share of vacancies posted on LinkedIn. The most popular jobs were in software development, data science, IT services and e-commerce. Some 76% of the vacancies were for experienced hires while only about 20% were open to fresh graduates, with the rest for internships.

Based on data extracted from the LinkedIn Talent Insights (LTI) platform, skills that are high in demand in Malaysia as well as Southeast Asia include analytical skills, software development, various programming languages and cloud computing.

As more non-tech industries embrace digitalisation, companies in market research, cosmetics, music and tobacco have been actively hiring digital talent over the past year. At the same time, the information communications technology and financial services sectors are struggling to meet the strong demand for digital talent in their respective sectors.

MDEC’s Digital Skills and Jobs Division made these findings based on its analysis of data derived from the LTI platform in April 2021. MDEC’s research involved more than 960 digital roles across all industries in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Where are these digital talents?

As at April 2021, there were more than 240,000 digital talents in Malaysia that had LinkedIn profiles; more than half of them were located in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. Outside the usual hotspots, a surplus of digital talent was also found in Johor, Penang and Melaka, most likely due to the presence of universities like Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Multimedia University in those states. Employers who are in dire need of digital talent may want to run their recruitment drives in those states.

The most popular job titles among digital talent in Malaysia include digital marketing executive/specialist/manager, data scientist, full stack or software engineer, head of digital and, interestingly, YouTuber. Data from LTI also suggests that over the past year, there has been a 20% to 30% growth in the number of talents who are either self-employed, freelancers or YouTubers.

This trend is in line with the government’s growing focus on the gig economy and its workers. This includes MDEC’s GLOW Penjana programme, which trained more than 10,000 unemployed Malaysians on how to secure freelance jobs via online platforms.

E-commerce and other virtual transactions are booming.

Many consumers discovered the convenience of e-commerce and other online activities during the pandemic. In 2020, the share of e-commerce grew at two to five times the rate before COVID-19 (Exhibit 2). Roughly three-quarters of people using digital channels for the first time during the pandemic say they will continue using them when things return to “normal,” according to McKinsey Consumer Pulse surveys conducted around the world.

Other kinds of virtual transactions such as telemedicine, online banking, and streaming entertainment have also taken off. Online doctor consultations through Practo, a telehealth company in India, grew more than tenfold between April and November 2020. These virtual practices may decline somewhat as economies reopen but are likely to continue well above levels seen before the pandemic.

This shift to digital transactions has propelled growth in delivery, transportation, and warehouse jobs. In China, e-commerce, delivery, and social media jobs grew by more than 5.1 million during the first half of 2020.

Is It Worth Pursuing a Digital Marketing Career in Malaysia?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of reaching and connecting with potential customers using digital platforms. This mainly includes platforms that use the internet – from email, social media, search engines, websites, and more.

Some of the core subjects under digital marketing include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Journey Design a.k.a Funnel
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Demand for the digital marketing career

The growth of a digital marketing career has been tremendous over the last few years. 2.

Digital Marketing is the Job of the Future

It means businesses are shifting their marketing spending, and the marketing budgets allocated to radio, television, and newspapers are now spent on digital marketing mediums.

As our attention span shifts more and more from traditional mediums like newspapers, TV to Internet, Digital marketing becomes more and more relevant.

And as you can see in the above stats, digital marketing is winning hands down against the traditional methods, which in turn leads to massive vacancies in the digital marketing sector.

How to Get Started with a Digital Marketing Career?

Understand the in-demand Digital Marketing Skills and Jobs
As per a recent survey/stats, here are the most in-demand digital marketing skills:

  • Social Media Marketing Professional
  • SEO Professional
  • PPC Professional
  • Content Writer
  • Email Marketing


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