Best Malaysian Top Ranking Private Universities – QS World University Rankings 2023

I didn't come from a rich family but I very much wanted to go to KL to study. EduSpiral helped me to find a good university with affordable fees. Eric Lau, Graduated from Graphic Design at First City University College

I didn't come from a rich family but I very much wanted to go to KL to study. EduSpiral helped me to find a good university with affordable fees. Eric Lau, Graduated from Graphic Design at First City University College

Best Public (IPTA) & Private (IPTS) Universities in Malaysia According to QS World University Rankings 2023

  • Ranking of Malaysia’s Public (IPTA) & Private (IPTS) Universities for 2023 According to QS World University Rankings
  • Ranking of Malaysia’s Universities in the World & Asia

QS World University Rankings 2023 – Malaysia

Higher education institutions in Malaysia continue to excel in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings 2023. Universiti Malaya (UM) led the way and maintained its place among the top 100 international universities for the fifth consecutive year. Based on the QS Top University website, UM’s ranking, however, fell five spots as it is now ranked 70th in the QS World University Rankings 2023, released recently.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s University was named the number one private university in Southeast Asia for three consecutive years, ranking 284th overall from 332nd last year.

Among the assessment indicators used to determine scores are academic reputation, employer reputation, citations of each faculty, faculty-student ratios, international research networks and employment outcomes.

A total of 24 Malaysian institutions of higher learning were listed this year, with most improving their rankings.

Universiti Putra Malaysia jumped from 143 to 123, a jump of 20 steps, while Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia jumped from 144 to 129. Universiti Sains Malaysia scored four points from 147 to 143, but Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s position dropped from 191 to 203.

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Which are the Top 20 Universities in Malaysia?

Universiti Malaya

Malaysia’s oldest university ranked 70th out of over 1,400 tertiary institutions in the world latest rankings benchmarked by global higher education analysts QS Quacquarelli Symonds.

The 19th edition of the QS World University Ranking 2023 released today found Universiti Malaya (UM) remained among the top 100 for the fifth year in a row and consolidating its status among the best in the world.

“The Universiti Malaya’s top-100 status is based on outstanding recognition among global academics and employers. Its scores for QS’ reputational indicators — Academic Reputation (AR) and Employer Reputation (ER) — trended upwards, achieving one of the world’s top 50 Employer Reputation scores (35th, 94.9/100) for the second consecutive year.

While it is still ahead of the other Malaysian institutions in the standings, Universiti Malaya (UM) fell five spots to 70th in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings 2023 released today. This comes as Malaysia’s premier university dropped six spots last year to 65th, although it is still the only local university in the top 100 – a feat it has now achieved for the fifth consecutive year.

UM only made the cut to its list of top 100 universities in the world five years ago in 2018. Despite these improvements to its reputational score, QS also recorded a dip in UM’s inability to improve its performance in any of the other indicators used for the rankings.

Among the factors used to determine the scores are academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per faculty, faculty student ratio, international research network and employment outcomes.

A record 24 Malaysian institutions of higher education were ranked this year, with most improving their positions.

QS also found a significant increase in the number of Malaysian universities improving their overall ranking this time, and commended the 24 institutions for doing well.

It noted that half of the 24 Malaysian ranked universities have improved both their AR score and ER score. The AR score is based on QS’ global survey of 151,000 academics while the ER score is based on QS’ global survey of 99,000 employers and hiring managers.

UM rose two rungs to rank 70th globally for AR (up two places) and 11 spots year-on-year to place 35th for ER.

Amongst the private universities,  Taylor’s University had one of the best 100 scores for ER for the second time, rising 20 rungs year-on-year to rank 70th in ER. Taylor’s University for ranking 64th as well as UCSI University and Universiti Putra Malaysia for breaking into the world’s top 100 for their ER scores.

Universiti Putra Malaysia jumped from 143rd to 123rd while Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia moved from 144th to 129th.

Universiti Sains Malaysia gained four notches from 147th to 143rd, but Universiti Teknologi Malaysia fell from 191st to 203rd.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s was named the No 1 private university in Southeast Asia for the third year in a row, ranking at 284th overall from 332nd last year.

UCSI University moved up from 347th to 284th spot, and Universiti Teknologi Petronas from 414th to 361st.

National University of Singapore (NUS) was the leading university in Asia, followed by China’s Peking University and Tsinghua University. They were 11th, 12th and 14th in the overall rankings, respectively.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Cambridge and Stanford University topped the global rankings, with MIT on top for the 11th year running.

This year’s QS World University Rankings is the largest ever, with 1,418 institutions across one hundred locations, up from 1,300 last year.

The results account for the distribution and performance of 16.4 million academic papers published between 2016 and 2020 and the 117.8 million citations received by those papers; they also account for the expert opinions of over 151,000 academic faculty and over 99,000 employers.

QS World University Rankings 2023 – Top 20 Universities in Malaysia

  1. Universiti Malaya (70)
  2. Universiti Putra Malaysia (123)
  3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (129)
  4. Universiti Sains Malaysia (143)
  5. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (203)
  6. Taylor’s University (284)
  7. UCSI University  (284)
  8. Universiti Teknologi Petronas (361)
  9. Universiti Utara Malaysia (481)
  10. Management and Science University (601-650)
  11. Sunway University (601-650)
  12. International Islamic University Malaysia (651-700)
  13. University of Technology, Mara (651-700)
  14. University of Tenaga Nasional (701-750)
  15. Universiti Malaysia Perlis (801-1000)
  16. University of Tunku Abdul Rahman UTAR (801-1000)
  17. Universiti Malaysia Pahang (801-1000)
  18. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (1001-1200)
  19. Multimedia University MMU (1001-1200)
  20. University of Kuala Lumpur (1001-1200)

The QS report ranks the continent’s 687 best institutions through 11 key indicators, with the full rankings found at

407 thoughts on “Best Malaysian Top Ranking Private Universities – QS World University Rankings 2023

  1. Can i know the ranking of Manipal International University for biotechnology programme? What are the best universities for biomedical science, medical biotechnology and biotechnology in Malaysia?

  2. I have done my A level and I got an A in business and 2C’s in acounting and economics respectively. I want to further study in malaysia. which university do you think would be better for business administration and which university is has transfering programmes to australia and new zealand. I will probably staying in nilai hence any good university near by.
    I have ask 3 questions kindly suggest 3 different universities best for each case mentioned above

  3. Hi, I completed SPM and am planning to do foundation in arts and later continue my degree in journalism and broadcasting. May I know a suggestion of colleges which offer good courses for the subject that I’m interested in. tq

  4. i’ve completed DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER SCIENCE……..and my CGPA is 3.40……..but i interested in actuarial science… is possible to take degree in actuarial science?………

  5. Hello , i would like to ask that which Uni in Malaysia is good in Bachelor of Finance and Bachelor of Economics? I was thinking HELP university, UCSI and UTAR. Which one is better or is there any other choice?

  6. Hi I just get my result and I’m planning to go on diploma in accounting and then degree, I’m choosing either HELP or KDU, may I know which one is better ?

  7. Hey, i wanted to study Finance / Finance with Investment in Malaysia ,but i dont know which university is best for Finance , except APU .

    Can help here ? Thanks …

    1. Hi, I’m interested in investment and market stock, then what should I study?and where is the best place for me ?I hope the Uni is certified by CFA,

  8. Hi! I just finished my Alevel and planning to go Taylor for law transfer degree programs. But I heard their fees are quite expensive. So is there any other universities that as good as them but with reasonable price too…? it would be better if you could help me to compare Taylor’s fees with the others. Thank you 🙂

  9. i want to study business administration in malaysia? list some good universities? what about curtin, ucsi, taylor and apu ?

  10. Hi. I would like to ask which university is the best studying hotel/hospitality management? Is KDU university still excellent in this course as you said before? I will ask this because I saw in the internet that Taylor is the best in this course. How about INTI and UCSI?

  11. I would like to study Degree in Psychology, so which university should I go?Preferable Kuching only. Give me a good suggestion ok? Thank!

      1. Ok thank you. Maybe I cannot go to KL for cont my degree bcs I need to takecare of my family. So for Swinburne and Segi its that good rite?

    1. I would like to study diploma in early child education in penang, which university or college should I apply ? Please give me a good suggestions. Thanks

  12. I want to study computer science, I think APU is the best one in computing area in Malaysia
    But I want to know after I study diploma in APU, or after my first year degree in APU
    Can I continue my degree course at oversea such as Australia, Singapore?

  13. hye . so i did ws you but you didnt reply . its okay . sorry to bother you but i just want to ask for your point of view .Im planning to do the ADP but i dont know which U is the best for adp.i have to choose between TAYLORS and KDU . for the fees, well KDU is much more cheaper than TAYLORS.i was curious and wondering why there’s so many difference to theis fees . so i really really want to know if i choose KDU is it okay ? Do they provide good amnd experienced lecturers ? or you prefer TAYLORS ? please help me out 🙁

  14. I have Btec National Diploma in Aerospace Engineering. I want to pursue a career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and i want to study in Malaysia. Can you tell me some institutes that are offering courses of my desired field?

  15. hi, I have Btec National Diploma in Aerospace Engineering, I want to pursue a career in Aviation Maintenance Engineering. I want to Study this in Malaysia, what institute is best for me?

  16. May I know which of these universities are good and known for mechanical engineering, KDU, SEGi, UCSI or INTI?

  17. hi,I’m about to finish my form 5,and looking for college that offer courses relate to photography. ,only few college/uni offer photography courses, Alfa College and segi. Alfa offer diploma in photography,but it didn’t have mqa accreditation. Segi also have diploma in photography,and with mqa accreditation,but i heard that it isn’t a good uni. Is Mqa accreditation necessary? would like to hear your thoughts

    1. ALFA College is offering it as a new course so like all new courses, will undergo a process to be accredited by MQA. ALFA has many design courses and have had no problems with their accreditation, therefore, there should be no problems for this new course to be accredited as well.

  18. Hi, I’m 2014 spm student.
    Bm – A-
    Bi – A
    Bc – A
    Maths – A+
    Add maths – A
    Physics – A+
    Chemistry – A+
    Biology. – A
    Sejarah – A+
    Moral – A
    This is my result . I’m considering to study acca since accountant is highly in demand in Malaysia. But I have no basic in account , do you think I can handle it if I take account course? If yes , which college or uni is better ? Tar university college or sunway university college? Which pathway is better ? If tar university college , the pathway that I know is diploma in accounting –> degree –> acca . If sunway uni , the pathway that I know is cat –> Acca. Which is better , or any other pathway ? Please let me know , thank you 🙂

    1. It depends on your budget if you can afford to study at Sunway or not. To succeed in the ACCA, you should also have a good command of the English language because the papers are marked in the UK. If you choose a university where most of the students communicate in Mandarin, it would be difficult for you to improve your English as well. With your results, you should be able to handle accounting. For more details, you may email me at with your full name and mobile number. Cheers!

      1. My parents can affords the fees of both sunway or tar . Just nt sure which is better because this two uni offer different pathway and i nt sure which pathway is better. So can you let me know which uni should i choose and why ?

  19. Hi, I would like to ask, It is better that I take pre-U courses like A-Level or foundation in Sc if I want to continue my studies in health science? By the way, Is the uni of Nottingham good in pharmacy? Because it offer 2+2 and I was thinking of continue my studies in UK too. Or as stated above like monash, UCSI and IMU?

  20. Hi, I would like to know if the foundation in engineering at Taylors University any good? Or is Nilai University better? And which university offers me a better chance for me to continue my studies for mechanical engineering degree in the UK?

  21. Hello, i would like to ask that whether HELP university has the good facilities/environment to improve my english? and is it HELP uni the good choice for studying in bachelor in FINANCE??

  22. Currently i am apply at segi college KL for business marketing but some of my fren told me that segi is not that good may i know why?

  23. Hello.

    I’ve just finished my A-Level studies and for further studies im opting for Computer Forensic Analyst. Can you please tell me the Universities offering this course and which one is the best. And of course, it should be recognised in other countries too.

    Thank you.

  24. I would like to ask which is better between APU and Taylor’s for business course because both of them were quite near to my home. I have got my SPM result yesterday, if I am going to continue my father’s company, which business course should i go for? Hope that i could got a well answer and much thankful at first. Thanks 🙂

    1. It is not a matter of which is better, it is which university and course fits you and your needs better. To continue your father’s business, normally a degree in business administration is good because you learn a bit about everything in business therefore allowing you to run your dad’s company well. For more details, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number.

  25. Pls be careful with university and university campuses as Nottingham University UK and Nottingham University Malaysia campus has different policies for PhD exam. A PhD student complained that he was cheated in PhD exam using double standards.Full story at and
    Claims by Nottingham University that its Malaysia campus is an integral part of the university are incorrect, a
    court has ruled. Full story below by THES.
    Doubts cast over Nottingham?s MBA degree – Malaysiakini
    So pls be careful when invest in education.

  26. hi i would like to ask study it courses in sunway university is good or not?since i am taking foundation in sunway univeristy

    1. I don’t know as you have not provided enough details for me to advise you. Nottingham is a top ranked university in the world, so you should compare with another university that is ranked top in the world. Not sure how the other university ended up in your list. You can email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

  27. I would like to know which is a good university for me to improve my art skills. I am currently into drawing japanese anime but I taught myself how to draw and by doing so, I missed out on the basics in drawing and I am now facing problem. That is why I need to start from basics. I am currently considering KDU college but many have told me why not go to Equator or The One as KDU isn’t famous for their art courses. Please help me.

  28. excuse me , can I know more about environmental engineering ? Which University is better for this course ? thanks .

  29. I can’t decide btwn the twinning business program offered by sunway and inti (australia).
    Sunway is Victoria University, which has no ranking whilst Inti’s is Wollongong (world ranked 300+). But i heard sunway’s lecturer are better and sunway facilities are better).
    Pls let me know which one is better. Secondly, which other uni is a better choice.

    1. I don’t think your future employer would care about a university with a world ranking of 300+. Unless you graduate from Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, LSE, etc then it matters. The employer would be interviewing you and not your university, so which do you think is more important, a well prepared you or the high ranking university you graduated from?

  30. hi, im a uec student, and i got a not bad result. i was considering study psychology or law before.. but now im considering law and business. which uni is better? if law, bac or kdu is better? for business and law, which course is better for future? im a outstanding leadership girl =)

    waiting ur reply, thanks =)

    1. A-Levels is an external Pre-U programme, while the Foundation is an internal Pre-U programme for private universities. Students who know what they want to study, can go for the diploma and then into the degree Year 2. Your question is too wide and vague.

  31. hi. i just finished my spm in this year. im still confused which course is the best for me. im interested in pharmacy, dietetics, psychology, and physiotherapy.

  32. hi im a spm candidate for 2014. i’d like to pursue my study in pharmacy. which university would you recommend to me?

      1. Hello,I’m considering to study at IMU (ba psychology ) , should I opt to IMU or are there any other psychology courses in Penang as my parents are reluctant to send me to kl etc, also Idek which courses to choose,I got CDE in my a levels ( psychology, business studies and law respectively )also I’m very much interested in economics as well,which one should I choose? I need guidance 😖😭

  33. HI..i am choosing between mechanical engineering, business and IT …do let me know which college or university is the best for these courses?? thx

  34. Hi, I had just finished studying A-level and i am interested to study Computer Science or Software Engineering. Which university is the best? Asia Pacific University, KBU International College, Multimedia University or University of Nottingham? KBU International College attracted me since they offer full scholarship for those who score 4As in A-level.

  35. Hi. I wish to take medical laboratory technology diploma and then biomedical science degree. Is it a good choice? Or any suggestion ? I heard only Mahsa and Nilai offer MLT diploma? Does UCSI offer that? And is it necessary to take biomedic science degree after that diploma? Lastly , how is the job opportunity? Thank you.

  36. Which college or uni offers the best A level education?
    I hate chemistry and not sure what to pursue, which 4 subjects combination should i choose for A level?

    Thank you.

  37. Hi, I am torn in between two courses that I have in mind, which is Food Science&Nutrition and also the Optometry course. Which course is safe to take? Where can I go for both courses? Which uni would you recommend? Thank you.

  38. A warm greeting to EduSpiral,

    I am interested in Degree Psychology. I heard some of my friends that I can enroll to Sunway University, HELP University and UTAR. I noticed the tuition fees is vary to each of the universities.
    Could you help me to make a comparison in terms of recognition and fees.

    Due to I have low budget, I hope I could receive advices from EduSpiral.
    Thank you so much.

  39. hi…im confuse whether i want to do electrical and electronic engineering or chemical engineering..which one have high demand of job vacancy..?? not sure where to do my degree??currently im doing my foundation in engineering in Manipal international university


    1. Both are in demand. You need to study in a university that is recognised by the Board of Engineers Malaysia and MQA, have excellent facilities, good lecturers, an English-speaking student environment, and a place that cultivates your leadership skills.

  40. I want to study bachelor of Business I am I am confused about choosing one of the following university Sunway University, Help University, INTI University, Nilai University. I want a place give me a lot of experience for my future job, a university have a strengths in industry training in business administration where I can do a team work with my friends to prepare for business plan and presentation to get mark.
    Which university above is suitable for me???

    1. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia is a top ranked UK University in Malaysia and is one of the best for business courses. If you want a university with a lot of internships, then UCSI University has internships for every year of their studies. For more details, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number.

      1. However, 4 university in list (Help,Sunway, Nilai, INTI)where is the best university in business?

  41. I’m still in form 5 and I’ve been thinking of doing architecture after my results are out. Between lim kok wing and Taylor’s which is better ? And why? And I heard going to UTM is better ? Should I just go to a local uni ? Oh and the budget is not important. Thank you ☺️

  42. hye… i want to ask, which private university is the most preferred in malaysia that offered bac. of pharmacy other than IMU? and what do you think of Mahsa univerity college and segi university college for this course?? hope u will help me..

  43. What is the difference between Curtin University Sarawak ,Asia Pacific University and UCSI University if compared with their mechanical engineering ?

    1. APU does not offer mechanical engineering. Curtin is an Australian university famous for engineering while UCSI is a local homegrown university famous for their engineering programmes which are also accredited by BEM. You can also consider the top ranked UK university, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. You can email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

  44. hi
    i am interested in foundation in science then biomedical science.
    which uni better, based on fees, facilities, and experience?
    utar or mahsa?

  45. hi m after stpm n planing to do psychology . does this course has good job demand in malaysia? if i want to get into lecturing after this degree do i have to complete masters 1st? which college is offering this program ?

  46. Helo…im confused to make decision about choosing best colleges for mechanical engineering that could give me for an better experiences and guarantee get a job , any suggestion ?

    1. Not sure any university can guarantee you a job. A university can only prepare you well so that you can find a good job on your own. If you still need the university to find a job for you, that would be a lousy university. You should choose a university where they have the experience, good facilities with an English-speaking student environment. You can email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

  47. Halo…I am confused to make decisions about choosing colleges for mechanical engineering where could give me a better experiences and guaranteed to get a job

    1. Not sure any university can guarantee you a job. A university can only prepare you well so that you can find a good job on your own. If you still need the university to find a job for you, that would be a lousy university. You should choose a university where they have the experience, good facilities with an English-speaking student environment. You can email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

  48. Hello, I’m a form5 student and I would like to know more about NEWERA college, I’m intrested in mass communication!

  49. Hi I would like to ask , is UCSI is the only university who offers Food science and nutrition course ? I wanted to apply for UCSI but I heard alot of rumours saying that the place ( Cheras ) there is quite dangerous .. Is it true ?

  50. i just finished my foundation and i m very interested to do engineering…i duno whether to choose mechanical engineering or telecommunication engineering????…i would also like to know which university is better for these engineering courses…i have heard of APU having the telecommunication engineering….is it good there??? Are the facilities adequate????

  51. how good is Ucsi for diploma fashion design? ive heard that the course are still new there. hows the lecturer and all. and what do you think of Malaysian institute of arts (MIA) for the course? im not sure to choose between this two.

  52. I want study nursing degree but I dont know choose which one university is the best?UTAR ,IMU or others?

  53. hello, i would like to take interior design. Except from the KBU, is saito good at this course? Or any other suggestion? thank you.

      1. Depends on what your definition of good is. Have they won any awards like the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers Award or the Nippon Paint Young Designer Award? It takes 3 years total and RM40,000. Others have won awards. is 2.5 years and about RM30,000. You also have to look at facilities, do they have a woodwork workshop or 3D Printer? If interested in other unis, please email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details. Cheers!

  54. Hi, I want to enquire about University of Nottingham. I plan to do Foundation in Science then Bioscience. Is it a good choice? I noticed University of Nottingham wasn’t listed as one of your picks under the Health Science category.

  55. Hi. I’m planning to study Diploma in Hospitality Management. Which college is the best among KDU, Sunway Uni, Taylor’s, Berjaya University College of Hospitality? I’ve check out Sunway and BUCH and the enviroment in BUCH is more to working environment rather than campus type. BUCH says they focus more on practical rather than theory work. Any suggestion? UCSI and Nilai is recommended above, so just want to ask around.

  56. Hi talk to me about music courses in Malaysia. Interest – composition, vocal, piano, technology, production, comtemporary… now Y10..planning IGCSE…the to study local (if there is a good music school) or abroad (financial constraint). Sleep, eat, breath music in the last 14 years of life. BMu in Msia Mmu abroad? Any twinning programme for music? Thanks a million in advance for your advice!

  57. Hi, may I know which university is the best to study pharmacy?Besides that, master of pharmacy in Nottingham University is that pharmacy course for STPM leavers to study or its for students after finished their degree? Thank you.

    1. Monash University, IMU and UCSI University are famous for Pharmacy in Malaysia. The MPHarm is equivalent to a BPharm in Malaysia as UK degrees are only 3 years in duration and the 4th year is called MPharm. Malaysian Pharmacy degrees are 4 years in duration.

  58. Hi. I would like to ask that if i study a levels in science, can i do my degree in business field later on? Such as economics and finance?

  59. Hi, im planning to study banking and finance. Im considering monash university, help university and kdu university. Which one is better?

    1. Monash if you can get in and afford it. KDU and HELP are pretty good alternatives. You should also choose based on the lecturers, quality, campus culture, etc. If interested in either KDU or HELP, please email me at info@

  60. Hi,may i ask between segi university,Inti international university and nilai university,which university better in bachelor of IT course? Is nilai university good in bachelor of IT course? Thanks.

  61. Actuarial science and software engineering , which one has the good future and get higher pay ? I love math and I am willing to improve my english, so which university should I go ?

  62. i’m going to finish my diploma in computer studies (segi kl) and i wanted to do my degree in other university, can you suggest me any university ? can i enter year 2 ?

    1. We will need a copy of your SPM cert, transcripts, course outline and Letter of Completion to perform the exemptions. After that, we can then tell you if you can enter into Year 2 or Year 1 final sem depending on the exemptions. For more details, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number.

  63. hi i’m currently considering taking actuarial studies at either sunway or apu. which university is better and why?

  64. Greetings. =]
    1. Is Architect a demanding job in Malaysia currently?
    2. If i wish to study overseas, however that school is not recognised by PAM, does that mean i’m not qualified to work in Malaysia as an architect? Must I study in a recognised school? What is the consequences if I’m not?

  65. Is taylors college good for engineering programmes? I just finished stpm and don’t know where to go.

  66. hai….i juz got an offer from unikl…
    Is unikl is a recognise university for logistics management?
    Or should i juz go study in UCSI for logistics management?

  67. I would like to know internationally recognised universities in Malaysia that offers mass communication in English medium and the fees in dollars$.

  68. I would kike to further studies in cambridge A level. And i decided to go to inti. Is it okay?

  69. Hi, I want to study bachelor degree of public relations ,so I am thinking whether study UTAR or KDU .Can you give me some suggestion about this .Besides ,The public relations cert from KDU is come from itself or from oversea ?Because I found that UTAR public relations is external course from US .
    hope to get you reply.Thank you so much

    1. UTAR degree is not from USA, it is awarded by UTAR. KDU’s degree is in Mass Communication and not in PR. To work in PR, you must be very good in the English language and if you join a university where almost all the students communicate in Mandarin, you won’t have a very bright career in PR. I have a university that has a degree in PR and if you are interested, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number.

  70. Hello, I dont know what course should I choose for degree. I just love math. So, what course suitable for me ? Still confusing. btw, my english is poor . Some of my friends prefer me to go some Uni that using common English. Im scare cannot survive. Need some suggestion. thanks ! =D

    1. If you like maths then you can consider Actuarial Science, Finance, Software Engineering or Engineering. If you don’t want to improve your English now, you won’t be able to get a higher salary in your job. So, it depends on you, improve now or have a difficult work career.

  71. Hi there. I would like to know that is INTI famous in Quantity surveying course? or could you please give me any suggestions for which private university/ local university should i choose for QS? I’m a diploma holder from Tar College and right now i’m would like to continue my degree in another university that offers better QS course.

  72. Hi . May I know between INTI INTERNATIONAL UNI and NILAI UNIVERSITY, which is better for biotechnology course?

  73. Hi,I want to ask you a few questions.
    1)Is UTAR a good university that is reconigse by many companies for its enginnering courses?
    2)Is the diploma in electrical and electronic engineering and degree in electrical and electronic enginnering(3+0 Northrumbia university)offered by kdu college penang is good and reconigse by many industries in Malaysia as you have stated?what if I compare the courses with the inti university college?Beside that,between kdu university college degree and Northrumbia university 3+0 degree that offered by kdu college penang which is better?i heard that someone told me that if I took the Northrumbia university 3+0 degree and I have to take another advance degree in future to become a professional engineer,is it true?

    1. UTAR is good but as you know, English is important for a successful career. KDU College is famous for engineering in Penang and they are very good and experienced. First you must ask them why must you become a professional engineer? Is there a need to become one? You only go for professional engineer if you want to be a consultant. Thousands of graduates from UK have found jobs with their degree so why can’t you? The only engineering field that students must go for the 4-year engineering degree to become a professional engineer is Civil. Other than that, it is not necessary to become a professional engineer unless you want to be a consultant. Even with a 3-year engineering degree, you can become a professional engineer by applying to join IEM with some years of working experience.

  74. hi , can i know which programme is better computing or software engineering ? which one will i have a better pay and brighter future ?

  75. my daughter is s interested in medical course. Which one will be a better choice between AIMST, MAHSA and UCSI?

  76. May I know the Accounting and Finance of UCSI is accredited and validated by which overseas uni? Or it didn’t even have one.. Besides, comparing Help to Sunway, which one of them having a better reputation in Accounting and Finance degree?

    1. UCSI University has the power to award it’s own degrees. There is no need for validation. You want validation, the fees will be higher and goes to the overseas university. All the universities that you have mentioned are of high quality and good for accounting & finance. It depends on your budget and which university environment fits your personality. For more details, please email me at with your full name and mobile number.

  77. What if I choose the business management in subang segi??? Is it good for this? Can I have your comment about this? Thanks😄

  78. Hi, i’m struggling between Sunway’s American Degree Transfer Programme major in pharmacy and pharmacy course in UCSI, can you give me some advice?

    1. You want to go to USA for the final years of your Pharmacy course? I am not sure what your struggle is. It would cost you about RM200,000 a year in the USA while the total cost for the Pharmacy programme at UCSI is RM130,000. It depends on your budget.

  79. hai, may i know accounting ang banking with finance which no need so much in communication and is utar the best choice, thanks:)

  80. Please help me….. i want to know Best University for ME or MS aerospace….soecialization in propulsion… either rocket or aircraft…..

  81. Hey there.I had finished my diploma in Electrical and Electronic at UCSI Cheras,CGPA 3.01,my final year project is software based project .Uniquesudoku using C++.My degree i wish change to software engineering or BSc (Hons) Computing.May i know the different between software engineering and BSc (Hons) Computing? And Izit UCSI Is good for study BSc (Hons) Computing?

    1. You will need to submit the course outline, transcript, and SPM Cert for exemptions into the degree in software engineering at another university. Normally, you need to look at the subjects offered in the degree to really understand what the course is about because the titles are too general especially for IT. To discuss further, please email me at with your full name and mobile number.

  82. I want to join advertising industry. I came to know Limkokwing university has a course called MBA Communication and PR. So is the course good and can i apply in that college?

    1. If you want to join the advertising industry then that sounds like a good MBA specialisation to take. You could also take the Master in Communications which would be more specific to communications. MBA is more towards business.

  83. which college or university is better for studying marketing? what is the difference between a college and a university?

  84. what r your thoughts on majoring in photography? also, what is the difference between photography and art/fine art photography?

      1. what is media marketing and what is the difference between media marketing and business marketing?

      2. Media Marketing you will obtain a clear appreciation of the user interface and the skills to develop interactive multimedia applications. It is more specific towards marketing using multimedia like the website, multimedia, eMarketing, etc. While business marketing is general covering the principles of marketing. For more details, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number. Cheers!

  85. Which uni is famous for studying oil and gas degree? and what pre-u should i take A-level/ STPM/….(budget is not important)

  86. Hello, I am planning to take Diploma in Mass Communication but I am not sure which university I should apply for. I will be taking 3 subjects as a private candidate for Edexcel International GCSE on May/June 2014 and the results should be out on August.
    Any advice for me?

    Thank you in advance.

  87. Which A level program is better? Are those A levels eligible to enter engineering courses in private uni around the world? Thanks for reply.

  88. hi which collage for mechanical engineering should i go ? i choose inti at fisrt but is that good if compare to KDU or t=other universities

    1. A university can award it’s own degree while a college cannot. For example, you can get a degree at UCSI University or Asia Pacific University where the degree you get is from them. At KBU International College, the business degree you get is awarded by Anglia Ruskin University.

    1. The best universities with value for money for Foundation in Business and Business programmes in my opinion are Asia Pacific University, UCSI University, KDU University College, HELP University or KBU International College. It depends which campus fits your needs and the student culture as well. Some like large universities, some like medium-sized, some need sports facilities, some are ok with Malaysian degree while others prefer a UK degree. It can be confusing to choose the right university that fits you. You may email me at with your full name and mobile number to help discover which university is best for you.

  89. Should i have a professional degree such as pharmacist or engineer or instead of a business degree. Because i like the business idea of working but i heard roamers that having a professional degree and start business from your profession would be better, instead of just start off with a business degree, I’m confused. ie. a biological engineer in a dairy industry vs a lawyer or financial adviser in a dairy industry.

    1. Anyone can succeed in pharmacy or in business. If studying business was not a good idea then why are there thousands of students studying business? A business degree will equip you with the knowledge and necessary skills to work or even start a business. You may go into any of the courses that you have stated and still go into the dairy industry however I have not heard of a Biological Engineer before. It all depends on your results, your interests, and budget for your studies.

  90. hi.. i wld like to know what are the top Malaysia universities in ICT.. and does UTP has an excellent established education system in their ICT course?

    1. At HELP College of Arts & Technology, the culinary course is in partnership with the Institut Paul Bocuse, France. The institute was rated the best education provider in the field of hospitality and restaurant management in the 2010 SMBG ranking (SMBG-EDUNIVERSAL is a counselling and international rating agency specializing in the higher education sector in France.) If you want more details, please email me at with your full name and mobile number. Cheers!

  91. I want to ask whether studying business in Malaysia and Singapore which one is better.
    By the way, which business degree is most flexible in terms of the field coverage?

    1. It is not a matter of better, it depends on which university you are talking about. Your question is too wide. If you can enter NUS and NTU then of course Singapore would be better. Malaysian private universities are pretty good as well and depends on your budget. You question about flexibility of field coverage makes no sense.

  92. Which university is the best for finance and investment?
    Would you recommend Diploma+Degree or A-level+Degree? What if I take A-level and study overseas later? Does it costs a lot?

    1. The best universities for Finance and Investment that you can consider are Asia Pacific University and UCSI University as they have the combination that you want. If you want to go overseas then you take A-Levels, if not, taking the Foundation is faster and cheaper. You can always take Foundation and then study 1 or 2 years degree and then go over to UK to complete the degree. Studying in the UK will cost you about RM100,000 a year including cost of living.

      You may email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

    1. Both UCSI and KBU are good for Interior Architecture, just different. You have to see which one fits you and your needs. UCSI is still new but the students have just won 13 awards in the MIID Competition. KBU students have won many awards throughout the years and KBU was the first institution to offer the degree in interior architecture. You may email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details. Cheers!

    1. In my opinion, KDU University College is the best for mass comm. UCSI University you get great facilities with affordable fees. INTI is alright but cost of living in Subang can be quite high. IACT College got 3-star MyQuest rating in College-based, 1-star in General Program, 3-star in Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences. If you want more details about KDU or UCSI, please email me at with your full name and number. Cheers!

  93. Hi, I am so confused about my future … I am still don’t know what courses should i take.. but i am interest in Interior design, banking & finance , actuarial science, and mass communication. For sure, i have no interest in science.

  94. i want yo ask whether it’s better for me to study chemical engineering in UTAR or UCSI ?
    and is that january intake better than may intake?

    1. The course at UCSI University is accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia and UCSI is one of the first to offer chemical engineering so they have the experience. Star newspaper research has said that those with a good command of the English language will have a 25% higher salary and faster promotions. Therefore, it is important to choose a university where the students speak mostly in English so you can improve on your language skills for a successful future. Engineering is 4 years, so starting in January will allow you to finish faster. The faster you finish, the faster you come out to work where you will gain more experience faster and get higher salary. If you are interested, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

  95. hi. im interested in studying graphic design. i would like to know if between dasein academy and saito college, which would u recommend? also, what other colleges would u recommend for graphic design?

    1. Students at Saito have won many awards for design and lecturers have industry experience. In addition, the students there speak mainly in English. Star newspaper research has said that those with a good command of the English language will have a 25% higher salary and faster promotions. Therefore, it is important to choose a university where the students speak mostly in English so you can improve on your language skills for a successful future.

      You can also consider KBU International College. If you are interested, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

      1. ive heard many people recommending the one academy. will it be better in graphic design? also, i would like to know if its ok to just complete the course til diploma since not many colleges offer til degree?

      2. The One Academy is actually famous for 3D Animation and Multimedia Design. If you can afford them, then go ahead. I would recommend more affordable and still high quality colleges like KBU International College or Saito College. If you are interested, you may email me at with your full name and mobile number.

    1. Monash University Australia is ranked 91 in the world so definitely I would say Monash however they are more academic. To succeed in Mass Comm you need a good mix of academic and practical. Both Sunway and UCSI are pretty good but it depends also on your price range. UCSI University will have good value for money. You can also consider KDU University College which is very strong for mass comm as well. If you are interested, you can email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details.

    1. You can go for STPM however if your English is not that good, I would suggest that you take A-Levels to improve it. It also depends on your school teachers. If they are not that good, you may not do well in the STPM and if you do not get 2 Principal Cs, you would have wasted 2 years.

  96. Hi. I would lik to know which uni is better for acturial science course? UCSI, SUNWAY or Manipal? I have just heard asia pasific has this course too.. please giv some suggestions and comments

  97. Which universities that can get Dual Award (dual degree at the same time)? PS: account, business, economic, finance and etc.

    1. Just to clarify, do you mean dual award as is getting a degree from the local private university and also from their partner university? Example is Asia Pacific University where you will get a degree from APU as well as Staffordshire University, UK. Or do you mean a double major as in Accounting & Finance, Finance & Banking, Finance & Investment, Management & Marketing, etc? You may email me at with your full name and mobile number for more details. Cheers!

  98. I’m not sure what engineering course I should pursue.Can you please give some advice/ideas in how to solve my problems?

    1. Don’t worry, you take the Foundation course first and you have one year to decide which engineering to go for. If you like physics, then you consider Mechanical, Civil, Mechatronic or Electronic engineering. If you like Chemistry, then go for Chemical or Petroleum engineering.

    1. It depends on your interests and personality as well. Civil you have to go to the sites as you are building dams, bridges, buildings, etc. Mechanical has to do with machines while mechatronics is basically robotics. Electronic, Chemical and Petroleum are self-explanatory. You have to look at your results and see which one you excel at to see which engineering fits you.

  99. Hi,I am graduated diploma of mechatronic engineering from PSDC(Penang Skill development Centre).May i know about which universities is the best for Bachelor degree of Mechatronics engineering in Malaysia?
    Which course is better between mechanical engineering and mechatronic engineering?

    1. Dear Jayden, Congrats on completing your diploma. If you have taken the Diploma in Mechatronics and would like to transfer to a mechanical engineering degree, you would not get as many exemptions. Therefore, I would suggest that you continue in the degree in Mechatronics so that you save on time and money. I would suggest for you to go for UCSI University as they have a very strong engineering programme. Please email me at with your full name and mobile number and I will give you more details. Cheers!

  100. can you please tell me which university is better between curtin sarawak and ucsi for accounting and finance?

    1. Both have their strengths, it just depends on your budget, and your needs. One is in the city and the other is a bit rural. Both have great campuses and facilities. At Curtin, you will get an Australian degree while at UCSI University, it will be a Malaysian degree but both will get you exemptions from ACCA or CPA.

      Curtin can be a bit expensive while UCSI is affordable. Both have great environments where the students communicate in English and Mandarin. UCSI has a co-op programme for each year of their degree. Curtin has internships as well.

  101. Hi^^, i am a MUFY student in Sunway and going to take my final exam soon…just curious to know about rather than entering Monash uni, which uni can i enter beside Monash uni, can be locally or overseas (SG or AUS…preferably any top uni from any of this countries). I am going to study commerce in accounting but jus scare that I can’t reach the recommended score by Monash uni….:'( arh and i have an average score not too bad and not very good…

    1. The best people to check are with the Sunway staff. However, you can always go to the websites of the top universities like University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, UNSW, ANU, etc to look for the entry requirements into their various programmes. They would have listed it there. I don’t think NUS or NTU would accept MUFY but you can try. Definitely NUS and NTU would be more difficult as they are ranked higher than Monash in the world. Good luck!

  102. hi,i would like to know which college offers the best psychology or sunway college ??as i am interested to continue my masters or phd in overseas,i want to know which of these colleges are recognised internationally…thank you..

  103. segi subang Computing degree greenwich vs segi IT degree abertay dundee vs local degree help u? Which one is good? In terms of quality and facility? Another things, Im not very interested in programming Things, and now not sure pursue what other courses.please help me.thanks.

  104. I want to get into the path of an accountant. How does the path goes, is A-levels required ? Whats the best accounting college available in Malaysia. What is an accounting degree?

  105. I want to get my daughter admitted for “Diploma In Multimedia / Graphic / Animation Design”, and later want to persue BA (Hons) multimedia / Graphic / Animation Design”. Which university would you recommend in term of quality, facilities and comfortable accomodation.

    1. Curtin University, HELP University, KDU University College, UCSI University, Asia Pacific University or HELP College of Arts & Technology. It depends on your budget and which university campus environment fits your personality. You can email me at with your full name and number to find out more details and see which one fits you best.

      1. I have never heard of any student going to study at UTAR because they are the best for accounting, only reason is because they are cheap. Big Four Accounting Firms will not hire anyone who cannot speak or write well in English. If you are interested in which university that’s affordable with a good future then please email me.

    1. Monash University or Nottingham University or Curtin University. You can also consider the University of London programme at HELP University and HELP College of Arts & Technology. KDU University College’s partner university, Keele University is ranked top 50 in the UK. Others to consider are UCSI University, Asia Pacific University and KBU International College. It depends on your needs, results, budget, and career goals. Please email me at with your full name and number for more details.

  106. Which uni are better for acturial science, sunway or UCSI? As I know that sunway only started this program this year, so I’m not sure which to choose. Pls advice, thanks.

    1. UTAR is the first to offer the Actuarial Science program but the person who set up the program there is now the Head at UCSI University. UCSI’s program has started before Sunway and students get exemptions from the VEE papers. UCSI has the most professors for this program. Why don’t you email me at with your full name and mobile number and I will send you more details. Cheers!

  107. Hello. I am planning to take ACCA after completing STPM in year 2010 but I do not have accounting background. Which college or university is best recommended?

    1. You can consider Asia Pacific University, KDU University College, UCSI University or HELP University. It depends on which university fits your personality and needs. The abovementioned are the best for finance. You can email me at with your full name and number and I can help explain how to choose the right one. Cheers!

  108. Is aimst or quest a good uni for medicine? What do you think about imu chiropractic n medicine? Really lost right now…short of time… really worried for my future..does finishing the whole degree locally brings large disadvantage?