Top Ten highest paying jobs in Malaysia according to Jobstreet

Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia according to Salary Survey

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A recent Nielsen survey based on the jobseekers in Malaysia showed that when it came to choosing a job, salary is their most important consideration. Well, this is no surprise as we do not choose a career that would not pay well after putting so much effort and money into the studies. Of course it should match our interest, skills and passion as well. Jobstreet salary guide shows the top 10 highest paying jobs in Malaysia where students can refer to when making their decision in choosing the right course to study.

Of course, the career that we choose should match our interest, skills and passion as well. When considering a course, it is important also to know how much the salary for the job would be. If you do not come from a rich family, you should not choose a course with a low job salary upon graduation.

It would make it very hard for you to save enough money to buy a car, house, support yourself and your future spouse, as well as your ageing parents. It is important to choose the right course so that you do not end up with a job that does not pay well after your studies or even worse, no job.’s study, the first job site in Southeast Asia to have introduced the list of top paying jobs for fresh graduates and experienced personnel, was based on salaries posted by employers on from Jan 1 to Aug 31 2013. Job Street came up with a list of jobs with the highest average salaries across all position levels based on the salaries posted by employers on from 1 January to 31 August 2013.

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EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary. Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University
EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary.
Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University

To further help candidates gauge whether their salaries are competitive to the market recently did a study to find out the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia. The Study Showed That Most Jobs In The Top 10 List Tend To Be Technical Or Science Based.

The study shows the top paying salaries for Fresh Graduates, Junior Executives, Senior Executives, Managers, and Senior Managers. For students who do not understand the difference, upon graduation, your first position is as an Executive level (degree). After that, you will be promoted to Junior Executive, then Senior Exec, Assistant Manager, Manager, and then Senior Manager. The time taken from Fresh Graduate to Senior Manager level could take from 6-10 years depending on your skills.

It is important to note that if you have a good command of the English languagecommunication skills, leadership skills and initiative, you will be promoted faster.

Fresh graduates can expect to get an average salary of RM2,100 per month. On Average, JUNIOR EXECUTIVES Can Earn A Salary Range From RM2,100 To RM3,900, With The Average Being RM2,800 Across All Industries

EduSpiral Consultant Services

I contacted EduSpiral to find an affordable college for culinary arts. He arranged for me and my mother for a campus tour & helped me find a college that had excellent facilities that I could afford. Fu Wei, Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management
I contacted EduSpiral to find an affordable college for culinary arts. He arranged for me and my mother for a campus tour & helped me find a college that had excellent facilities that I could afford.
Fu Wei, Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management

Established since 2009, EduSpiral Consultant Services is a top recruitment agent for private universities in Malaysia providing information and counselling on courses and helping students to choose the right university.

EduSpiral Consultant Services sets ourselves apart from other agents by providing counselling based on facts and evidence so that our students are able to make the right choices after SPM, O-Levels, UEC, STPM, A-Levels or Pre-University.

We search for articles such as the one below that will benefit our students to help them make the right choices about choosing their career and course. When making a decision to choose a course, one of the important factors is the salary. It is important to find out if the salary of the course that you are planning to take would be able to support your future lifestyle and financial goals.

Top 10 highest Starting Salary for Fresh Graduates in Malaysia

  1. Pharmacy                                   RM3,640
  2. Corporate Strategy                 RM3,200
  3. Sales – Financial Services    RM3,054
  4. Doctor                                          RM2,719
  5. Sales – Engineering and IT   RM2,612
  6. Geophysics                                  RM2,612
  7. Aviation                                        RM2,533
  8. Actuarial Science                     RM2,475
  9. Sales – Corporate                      RM2,456
  10. IT – Software                              RM2,452

Top 10 highest Starting Salary for Junior Executives in Malaysia

  1. Doctor                                                     RM3,899
  2. Process Design and Control           RM3,898
  3. Corporate Strategy                            RM3,800
  4. Sales – Financial Services                RM3,729
  5. Engineering – Oil/Gas                       RM3,606
  6. Finance – Corporate Finance         RM3,500
  7. Pharmacy                                              RM3,470
  8. Aviation                                                 RM3,475
  9. IT – Software                                        RM3,398
  10. Legal Services                                      RM3,396

Although young doctors can achieve a figure of RM2,700 as a houseman, their salary can quickly increase to about RM3,900 with 3-4 years of experience. Most specializations in the list of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for junior level are in the technical field.

This includes Process Design& Control, Engineering- Oil/Gas, Aviation, and IT- Software.

Those in Pharmacy can earn RM3,600 as their starting wage. Executives doing corporate strategy come in second, earning a basic pay of RM3,200. Take note that these are just basic salaries, and do not include any other forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance and incentives.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Senior Executives according to Jobstreet

For senior executives, the engineering sector pays well for employees. Out of the top 10, they take up three slots in the best paying jobs

  1. Geophysics                                      RM7,514
  2. Doctor                                               RM6,903
  3. Engineering – Oil/Gas                 RM6,353
  4. IT – Software                                  RM5,269
  5. Process Design & Control         RM5,086
  6. Training & Development          RM4,964
  7. Pharmacy                                        RM4,935
  8. Engineering – Electronics         RM4,928
  9. Engineering – Mechanical        RM4,745
  10. Audit/Taxation                            RM4,721

Candidates At The EXECUTIVE Level who specialised in Medical, Engineering and IT generally earned an above average salary of RM2,800. As for managerial levels and above, specializations such as IT, Science, and Engineering were compensated better.

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Malaysia at Manager Level

Doctors, engineers and managers in the aviation specializations draw the highest pay with doctors earning the highest, with an average salary of RM9,500 per month.

  1. Doctor                                               RM9,530
  2. Engineering – Oil/Gas                 RM9,462
  3. Aviation                                            RM9,406
  4. Audit/Taxation                             RM9,226
  5. Banking – Financial Services    RM9,100
  6. Geophysics                                      RM8,938
  7. Publishing or Printing                RM8,650
  8. Engineering – Chemical              RM8,545
  9. Engineering – Electronics          RM8,146
  10. IT – Software                                   RM8,112

Top 10 best paying jobs in Malaysia at Senior Manager Level

The Average Salary Of SENIOR MANAGERS Is RM12,800 Across All Industries.

It takes years of experience and expertise before one becomes a senior manager, but all that hard work pays off. Overall, senior managers in specializations such as IT- Hardware, Quality Control/Assurance and Geophysics are the top highest paying job in this position.

  1. IT – Hardware                                       RM18,100
  2. Quality Control/Assurance            RM17,768
  3. Geophysics                                            RM17,500
  4. Property/Real Estate                       RM16,917
  5. Engineering – Electrical                   RM16,503
  6. Publishing/Printing                          RM16,500
  7. Corporate Strategy                           RM15,606
  8. Engineering Oil/Gas                         RM15,307
  9. Sales – Corporate                               RM14,815
  10. Engineering – Civil                            RM14,768

Talk to the Best Education Consultant in Malaysia to Help you Make the Right Choice in your Studies

Choosing a course to study after SPM is not a science, it is a process

Lonnie Sik, Founder of EduSpiral, has more than 15 years of experience counseling thousands of students on how to choose the right course & university
Lonnie Sik, Founder of EduSpiral, has more than 15 years of experience counseling thousands of students on how to choose the right course & university

in finding out who you are and what you are good at. An experienced Education Advisor would be invaluable in assisting you to choose the right course in Malaysia or Singapore.

Students in Malaysia need to talk to the right education counselors so that you get the right information to help you in making this life-changing decision.

Ask the right Education Counselors in Malaysia to help you. Would you ask a Doctor on how to repair your car? Or would you ask a mechanic for medical advise? Although this sounds ridiculous, but many students do listen to advise from young and inexperienced counselors from universities, colleges or agents’ offices.  Talking to an experienced education advisor in Malaysia would help you to navigate through this confusing time of choosing the best course that fits you.

Experienced education counselors are able to analyse your interests, personality and exam results to help you make a list of possible courses for consideration. EduSpiral Consultant Services staff have more than 15 years experience in counseling students. Having worked in the private education industry, we have in-depth knowledge of each private university and college in what they are good at.

At EduSpiral Consultant Services, I have worked in the private higher education industry in Malaysia for more than 15 years advising students with facts and evidence on how to choose the right course after SPM. You should carefully think about what are the options available to you. To choose the best course that fits you, students may fill up our EduSpiral Career Assessment form for evaluation.

The EduSpiral Career Assessment form is a simple form designed by us that gathers information from students after SPM, O-Levels, UEC, STPM or A-Levels in order to assess their aptitude helping us to determine the most suitable course and career progression.

How to Choose the Right Course to Study in Malaysia after SPM?

Diploma in Accounting Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
After I finished my SPM, I felt confused about my further study. Eduspiral, was so patient to answer all my questions and took us around for a campus tour.
Hui Ying, Diploma in Accounting Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

It can be confusing to choose the right course after SPM  in Malaysia. You should carefully think about what are the options available to you. To choose the best course that fits you, you need to consider the following:

  • Look at your results – what are your best & worst subjects, and which subjects are your favourite?
  • What are your interests & hobbies?
  • What is your passion?
  • Job demand for the career of choice. There is no point in choosing a course out of passion and then graduate to find out that you cannot get a job in that field.
  • Salary of the career of choice
  • Discuss the budget for your studies with your parents. There is no point in choosing a course like Pharmacy or Medicine, if you cannot afford it.

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    1. There is no report nor statistic for Occupational Safety and Health jobs in Malaysia

    1. There is a demand for engineers, but Economists are not stated in any job demand report that I know of

    1. There are no reports or statistics that I know of stating the job demand for Biomedical Science

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    1. Financial Economics, you can work in banking and financial institutions, and these pay some of the highest salaries. But you must also choose a good university with an English-speaking environment to help you to improve your language skills and also critical thinking. Affordable and good quality I would recommend UCSI University. They offer the degree in Financial Economics. Send me an email with your full name and mobile number and I will send you the details.

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    1. There is no research for the most in demand job in Malaysia. Even if there is, it doesn’t mean that you are suited for that job. Scholarships are based on your results. There are hundreds of scholarships that you can apply. No idea what you mean by the best scholarship that you can have.

    1. Yes and No. If I gave you a sword but you do not have the skills to wield it, then it is useless. You can go to the best university but if you do not take advantage of the education and environment there, then it would be useless. If all things are the same, then why do people dream of buying a BMW versus a Kancil?

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    1. Employers are interviewing you and not the university that you graduate from. A good university would have prepared you well enough for a successful career. There is no such thing as a degree from 1 university would be easier to get a job than another. Unless that university already has a bad reputation.

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    1. It is not a matter of which one is better, if you have the funds then you can consider private university, if not, then try for matriculation. Matriculation is also accepted for entry into medical programmes at private universities. I cannot predict the future so you will have to weigh the pros and cons to decide.

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  60. Hi,i student of foundation in science p stream sem 3,nowaday i wondering need to change my degree course from mechatronic engineering to biomedical engineering or continue with mechatronic,so can you give me so opinion and compared about this two course,thanks

  61. Hi,i student of foundation in science p stream sem 3,nowaday i wondering that i need to chabge my degree course from mechatronic engineering to biomedical engineering or continue to mechatronic engineering,so can you give me some opinion about??

  62. I am still searching for bachelor’s degree to enrol. Physiotherapy and working in a hospital setup isn’t my interest.My passion is in teaching,providing solutions counselling and consultation. A career where I can deal with people. A career which will grow and has a good demand in Malaysia and overseas. What is the future of Early childhood education? Currently, I’m looking into bachelor’s in early childhood care and education and occupational and environmental health and safety (OSHA) . Im still confused.Thanks in advance.

  63. I am a spm leaver, i would like to take tesol. What job would it offer and would it be demanding in the future?

  64. I am a spm leaver of year2015 and i want to know if there is any university that study vetenary. And i am also wandering if i should take stpm or diploma or foundation? Can you tell me please?

  65. Is electric and electronic is demand for 10 years onwards??? Can I knw which uni is best for the course???

  66. Hi there. Any ideas on what a median annual salary of a biomedical scientist fresh graduate would be in Malaysia?

  67. hi. i am a spm leaver… i got 4A’S IN MATHS,HISTORY,MORAL, AND ICT, 4B in BAHASA MALAYSIA, ENGLISH, CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS. and E IN ADD MATHS .. so, i interested in computer engineering …… so, do my spm qualification enough for that career requirements???

  68. Hi, my name is Aaron. I obtained 8A(which comprises of A+, A and A-) and 1B+ in physics for 2013 SPM. and I pursued govern. matriculation for pure sciences and I obtained average grades of 1A 3A- ( 3.65 out of 4.00). now I am stranded at home while all of matriculation friends already started their first semester in university. I failed to secure place for Dentistry or ANY COURSE THAT’S RELATED TO MY FAV SCIENCE SUBJECTS( BIO,CHEM,MATHS) in public university, now i know how competetive it is with government University. In the recent UPU announcement, I was given a ‘lelong’ course which was Elec. engineering. I NEVER applied for dat since Engineering and physics are not my favourite things. I rebelled, i didnt go for the course. and now i am looking for another alternatives to pursue Dentistry and at least Bio and chem related field. but i seem to lost my way, i am worried because there will be lots of competetive candidates coming soon, and i may be forever stranded at home even with excellence results.

    1. Students taking matriculation aim to enter public universities and courses such as dentistry and medicine are extremely competitive. Most of us already know that even with 4As in STPM, some students could not enter these courses. This is the risk that you take. The other alternative is to go for private universities and pay on your own. There is no free lunch in this world.

  69. Greetings … im a level student and obtain ccd in chemistry maths and biology … which science course can i enroll with this result and hopefully the course i enroll will be demanded in future cause i didn’t want be a degree holder end up jobless… pls help me to choose the right pathway for my degree course …. im interested in healthcare management, but not sure abt the scope in malaysia. Could u pls help me so that i choose the right degree course ?? Thank you .

  70. Hello
    I have a bachelor in Architectural engineering but because of very low standards and no job or future whatsoever I am planning to take Master study in a different field.I would like to know is Architecture good career in Malaysia are jobs easz to find. All in all the fields that i am interested to study for master and future are : Aeronautical engineering, Automotive engineering, Computational Science , Software Egineering, Art , Music (film composer), Acting .
    Please I would like to know which is a good future choice since I am really struggling here.
    And What is the amount for study fee or housing dorms , is it cheap?
    Thank You

  71. hi, im spm 2010 leaver and also ex-medical student.. after my third year as medical student i have to dismissed my dream as a doctor due to financial problem. Now i have nothing except my spm result.. so can u suggest me what should i do? is there any course that take a short time or fast track to finish until degree. my spm result is 7A2B .. an honestly im a little bit interest in business.. but i dont care any course as long as the salary 👍👍 u know wht i mean.

  72. Hi. I’m SPM 2011 leaver. I just completed my Diploma in Software Engineering last March. Can I continue my degree in Chemical Engineering? Which course is the most demanded? Software Eng or Chemical Eng? Many people told me that Chemical Eng is so tough. What should I do?

  73. Hi, im a spm candidate this year. May i know the study pathway of engineering oil/gas if i decided to go for matriculation right after Form 5? Or is there any other suggestion other than taking matriculation at the first place?

    1. You apply for matriculation and then get selected for the course. After that you apply into IPTA and hopefully you get the course that you want. The other path is to take Foundation at a private university and then continue on to the degree. It depends on your budget.

    1. No research done on nutritionists. Not really a high demand for this job in Malaysia. Salary is average. Have you seen a nutritionist yourself? Or anyone in your family? So, if no one you know has gone to see a nutritionist before, who would look for you after you graduate?

      1. Im on my way to pursue my study in Dietetic for the degree level in an IPTA. Is it true that nutritionist/dietition are not being demanded in Malaysia? Did i chose the wrong path?

  74. I have a problem choosing either to stu?dy for medicine or chemical engineering..I like to be a doctor but there are already so much of them in Malaysia ,I also like to be chemical engineer as they provide scholarships and more opportunities but the salary is less convincing than doctor..can I get your perspective on this

      1. Do I get a scholarship for studying medicine if I got straight A’s in my SPM ?I heard that there are already too much of doctors in Malaysia ..Is that true and will it affect my opportunities to succeed in this career and to get promotions ?

      2. Scholarships are awarded by various types of institutions and organisations with their own conditions. You can check with them what they are. Star Newspaper reported that there are too many doctors in Malaysia but demand is there for specialists. Opportunities depends on how smart and hardworking you are. Promotions are not automatic nor would fall from the sky.

  75. HI. my interest was on medicine. but then i had financial problem where i cant pursue my studies on medicine. i got 9a1b in my spm (2008), stpm 3.33 1a3b (2010), diploma in medical assisstant 3.80. now im working as medical assisstant for past 6mths. i would like to pursue my studies in a field where i can earn better n at d same time i can up my studies? tks.

  76. hi im grace. currently im doing foundation in science and wants to pursue in medical field.
    alot of my relatives, school consultant and parents are suggesting me to do dentistry compare to do medcine.
    my first interest was being a child specialist where i can treat the youngs more often because i like working with children, and so i decided to do degree in mbbs after my foundation.
    ive heard many negative thoughts on becoming a doctor because of the pay and working hours.
    is it too bad to take up medcine to be a doctor in 6 years time, or should i consider dentistry, im looking for a job of satisfication, good pay, flexible working hours.
    i need thoughts on doctor and dentistry. thx.

  77. These salaries are embarrassing! It’s no wonder the best and brightest leave the country in droves. Malaysia can forget about being a developed nation with such slave wage payment.

  78. im a spm leaver .. i got 2 b+’s in bm and moral, 3c’s in mathematics, english and history.. d in physics.. 2 e’s in chemistry and add maths.. am i able to take engineering programme(diploma) ?

  79. I just got 3 As in SPM which is english,history and mathematics and i’m interesting in english and physics.Can i have some suggestions about what should i choose as my next study?

  80. im a SPM leaver for 2014 and i got only 5 As for bm,english,pai,history and mathematics. am i qualified enough to futher studies in Law ?

  81. Hi, can I know the pathway for software engineering? If I decided to enter matriculation, what degree courses should i take? Bachelor of engineering or information technology?? As I know, not many universities in Malaysia have this course right? I’m just scare I will be jobless or should I change to other more brighter career courses. I don’t have idea right now. thanks =)

    1. Pre-U and then into Degree. I don’t know what courses you can take should you decide to enter matriculation as there are a thousands of them and I am not God that can read your mind. Not many universities in Malaysia do not have engineering or IT? Are you sure?

  82. what about nursing? because i dont see it in the list above as well and how much would the starting pay be?

  83. I’m a SPM leaver and I plan to take up Accounting + Finance course….I would like to know the pathway to complete it, as well as the expected career and monthly salary with this degree…..Thanks in advance.
    P/s: I prefer local U as it will be much cheaper. #financial #problems

  84. What about a degree in Actuarial science? Is the pay really that bad? what kind of salary would I be getting throughout my career path? It looks like a luxurious job overseas but what about Malaysia? which occupation earns the highest amount of money? what about investment banker?

    1. I am not sure what you mean by the pay for Actuarial Science is really bad. Please write your question in detail and clearly as I cannot read your mind. I don’t know what salary you will be getting throughout your life as I am not God. The write up already states the Top Ten Highest Salary in Malaysia, so just go read it again. You can search for Kelly Services or Robert Walters Salary reports for details of the salary of an investment banker.

  85. What do you think of being an entomologist as a career? Do you know where should I start? What programme should I take?

  86. How about starting salary for fresh graduates of islamic finance, human resources and dieticians / nutritionist?

    1. Geophysicists are scientists who use physics, chemistry, geology and advanced mathematics to study the Earth and its composition, including its atmosphere, internal make-up, oceans and electrical and other fields. Basically, they work in looking for oil or petroleum deposits. Their salaries are high.

  87. can I know what is the maximum salary of geophysicists & material engineer?
    where can I study the course to become geophysics? what course is that?

  88. I completed my pg diploma in advertising and PR. Now i am going to study MBA communication and PR. So what kind of Job can i expect in corporate companies (like advertising industry) and what would be my monthly salary ?

  89. How about mass communication sir? I don’t see any in the list above? I plan to take mass communication. I am afraid it won’t lead me into a better life. Let’s talk about money. Would there be a lot of money if I take mass communication. Please reply with honesty.

      1. Sir, do human resources jobs are still on demand in Malaysia? Because I’m a graduate student in degree in HRD.

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