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Study Banking & Finance at Top Private Universities in Malaysia to be the Best in your Career

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Banking and finance is a unique business niche. It combines rigorous research with a practical mathematical foundation. In your banking and finance studies, you will develop a thorough knowledge of commercial and investment banking as well as the changing structure of the international financial industry. Furthermore, the course will equip you with a unique critical understanding of today’s financial global economic system. Explore tax and investment planning, credit, portfolio and risk management and other practical issues from an international perspective. It may also covers principles and practice of modern banking, ethics and regulation. Studying banking and finance at a top private university in Malaysia is a good choice as it will have the resources to equip you to face the challenges of the workforce. Job demand and salaries for this career can be very high, and the skills demanded even higher.

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Study at the Best Universities in Malaysia for Banking & Finance

Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University

EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary.
Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University

Finance is a dynamic and ever-changing field that involves the evaluation of alternative choice investments, the monitoring of performance and the management of funds.

It uses, analyses and interprets data from companies’ operations, business units and accountants to make critical decisions on the companies’ day-to-day activities, investments, financing and risk management.

Finance plays an important role in almost all areas of business management and involves corporate strategy, marketing management, the design of reward packages, control and operations management. Therefore, studying finance is a must to all business students at university level.

There is a demand for top graduates in banking and finance in Malaysia. Salaries for banking & finance graduates in Malaysia can be very high.

In order to succeed in the competitive banking & finance industry, students must choose the best universities in Malaysia to study. Students should choose the right university that fits them which has a good reputation for accounting, banking & finance programmes, excellent facilities, top lecturers, student support services and an English-speaking student environment. Graduates from accounting programmes are able to work in the banking and finance industry therefore the degree courses are included in the listing.

Graduates from the Accounting degree programmes will gain entry into the professional level of ACCA and CPA Australia. The accounting degree course will also equip graduates to pursue further professional qualifications with CFA, CFP, CIMA, ICAEW, MIA, RFP, etc.

Banking and Finance graduates may go for the the professional certifications by FPAM – Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Asian Institute of Chartered Banker (AICB).

What you will study at a top course in Banking & Finance in Malaysia?

While some agents were pushing me to go for universities, EduSpiral took time to share information and take me and my friends for campus tours to help us make a better decision.
Paul Kit, Finance at UCSI University

Those who intend to undertake undergraduate degree studies in finance should expect challenges particularly in the form of financial theories and formulas. However, these can be overcome by a good understanding of Mathematics to start off with – Additional Mathematics will be an added advantage.

Business graduates who major in finance in Malaysia will be equipped with the necessary skills in critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and interpersonal communication and computing. They will also deal with asset valuation, financial asset pricing, financial modeling using spread sheet techniques and capital budgeting decisions and risk management. Though a finance degree course followed by a finance career involves a long and difficult journey, there is usually a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it’s very much worth a lifetime’s journey.

Are candidates with professional qualifications more valuable than those with a degree in finance?

Foundation in Business into Finance at Taylor's University

My dream was to study at Taylor’s University and with the Taylor’s Excellence Award that EduSpiral shared with me, I am able to achieve it.
Chun Tim, Foundation in Business into Finance at Taylor’s University

In addition to an undergraduate degree, professional qualifications can help a candidate stand out from the crowd when there are several otherwise equal candidates with the same levels of experience. Choosing to study a professional course will always be looked upon favourably as it shows a commitment to improving your skills.

For example, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification can be valuable as it is occasionally a requirement for front office related banking roles, particularly in investment research type positions. Alternatively, in Hong Kong some employers want to see that candidates have completed a master’s degree or have plans to continue further education to advance themselves, as opposed to having the CFA qualification.

In functions like compliance, certain professional qualifications like Certificate of Anti-Money Laundering (CAMS) are mandatory. This usually applies to newly set-up functions whereby they need professionally qualified individuals to be able to drive new initiatives in-house.

What Skills Should You Have In Order to Be Successful in Your Future Career?

EduSpiral helped me to find the right college for A-Levels, & now they have helped me to choose what to study after my A-Levels. Chee Kin, Actuarial & Finance degree at UCSI University

EduSpiral helped me to find the right college for A-Levels, & now they have helped me to choose what to study after my A-Levels.
Chee Kin, Actuarial & Finance degree at UCSI University

The ‘soft skills’ of problem solving, communication and open-mindedness are considered the most critical to success in multiple industries including banking and finance, and these skills are sought by employers in both the West and Asia.

These soft skills can include anything from being able to work efficiently as part of a team and build relationships, to the manner in which phone calls and emails are handled, to giving presentations in front of clients and management as well as getting buy-in internally and externally.

Organisational skills are also commonly cited by employers as a soft skill they value and look for. There are plenty of ways you can demonstrate your organisational skills, from running events to breaking a large project down into manageable pieces or planning your busy workload to ensure all tasks get done on time.

Finally, candidates with strategic ability who are able to see how businesses can be impacted by broader business trends are becoming increasingly sought after. For this reason we encourage candidates to volunteer to chair meetings, help run a team project or mentor a junior member of the team.

The most ‘exportable’ class of finance professionals are probably based in either Singapore or Hong Kong and have worked for large multinational companies (MNCs). This is due to these countries’ Financial Services industries being more developed compared to Malaysia, for instance.

In fact, they are the regional hubs within Asia Pacific and their branches in Malaysia tend to report in to these countries. As such, the exposure that professionals receive in Singapore and Hong Kong is a lot more extensive and results in them developing better skill sets. To a certain degree this can be reversed by attracting Malaysian candidates who have worked overseas or by having businesses focus on talent from overseas although there are regulatory challenges around doing this.

Employers outside Asia increasingly value talent with international experience and an international mindset. These candidates are highly valued since they have worked in an MNC and also have local cultural understanding and knowledge of how business is done in Asia.

These candidates also develop cross-cultural communication skills, which can only come from being immersed in another culture. Their knowledge gives them intercultural understanding and cultural adaptability. With an increasing number of MNCs establishing or expanding their regional offices across Asia, demand for local talent with global business experience and acumen will only continue to increase.

Therefore, students should seek out private universities that have an English-speaking student environment with a lot of international students. This will help you to improve your language skills as well as expose you to multi-cultural skills and communication. Upon graduation, look for job opportunities in Singapore and develop your global business experience.

Education Pathway to Banking & Finance at Top Universities in Malaysia

Accounting & Finance at Taylor's University

EduSpiral patiently provided information on many universities offering accounting. Then he met up with me & my parents to take us around the universities. EduSpiral helped me to choose the right university.
Chew Ling, Accounting & Finance at Taylor’s University

Students after SPM or O-Levels with at least 5 credits including the relevant subjects may enter a Foundation in Business or Foundation in Arts at a top private university in Malaysia for 1 year before continuing on to the 3-year banking or finance degree programme.

Pre-University graduates in Malaysia from programmes such as UEC, STPM, A-Levels, SAM, CPU, AUSMAT and others may enter directly into the degree providing they meet the minimum entry requirements.

Students with at least 3 credits in SPM or O-Levels may go for the Diploma in Accounting or Diploma in Finance and then enter into Year 2 of the accounting, banking or finance degree programme.

Which are the Top Private Universities in Malaysia for Banking & Finance?

Top Ranked UK Accounting & Banking Degree Programmes at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Get a top ranked UK degree in Malaysia at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Students in Malaysia can now get a top ranked UK degree at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. At the top ranked Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, you will learn how to apply business management and finance knowledge and skills to a range of different managerial, business and problem-solving situations, management decisions, compliance issues and governance. Heriot-Watt University’s Ranking in the Guardian University Guide 2016 for Accounting & Finance is 3rd in the UK.

Accounting & Finance Programmes at the Award-Winning Asia Pacific University
Asia Pacific University (APU) is ranked Tier 5 or "Excellent" in the SETARA 2013 rating by MQA. APU is now operating at its new iconic campus at Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Asia Pacific University (APU) is ranked Tier 5 or “Excellent” in the SETARA 2013 rating by MQA. APU is now operating at its new iconic campus at Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Students can consider top ranked Asia Pacific University where they offer various specialisations in Finance & Investments for students to choose from. Students at APU will get a degree awarded by APU as well as De Montfort University, UK.

Asia Pacific University’s Banking and Finance Degree programmes are accredited by The Financial Accreditation Agency (FAA).  Students who specialised in Financial Planning are allowed to sit for the Module 1 and Module 4 exams for the CFP certification programme without having to attend the required 60 hours of tutorial for each module. For Module 2 and Module 3, students will be allowed to sit for the exams after just attending 40 hours of lectures per module. APU Banking and Finance Degree programmes are accredited by Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB), upon completion of the programme, students with CGPA more than 3.0 will be awarded with Executive Banker certificate.

UK Dual Award Accounting & Finance Degree Programmes Top Ranked Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Taylor's University is a top ranked private university in Malaysia

Taylor’s University is a top ranked private university in Malaysia

Students can get a Dual Degree awarded by Taylor’s University and the University of the West of England (UWE), UK. The quality of the undergraduate teaching and learning at Taylor’s was acknowledged when it garnered a ‘Tier 5: Excellent’ rating in the Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education (SETARA) in 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2017 by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. Top Ranked Taylor’s University has won many awards in business, making is one of the best universities in Malaysia to study accounting & finance.

Top Ranked Multimedia University (MMU) Banking & Finance Degree Programmes

Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya Campus is an Award-Winning and Top Private University in Malaysia

Multimedia University (MMU) is the first private university in Malaysia and is ranked top in the world having won many awards and accolades. Established in 1996, MMU marked Malaysia’s foray into a new economy.  With more than 15,000 students, the university has campuses in Cyberjaya, Melaka and Johor.

A study by Gartner and MSC Malaysia found that MMU is among the top five universities preferred by major ICT players for graduate employment. Furthermore, 97.4 per cent of MMU graduates were able to secure employment within six months of completing their studies

Multimedia University (MMU Cyberjaya)

Accounting & Finance Programmes at University of Wollongong (UOW) Malaysia KDU, Utropolis Glenmarie campus

Top Ranked Australian University Education at University of Wollongong (UOW) Malaysia KDU, Utropolis Glenmarie

Top Ranked Australian University Education at University of Wollongong (UOW) Malaysia KDU, Utropolis Glenmarie

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Banking and Finance at University of Wollongong Malaysia (UOWM) KDU, Utropolis Glenmarie educates and prepares students in the various aspects of financial services, including banking, international finance, economics and law.

In the Banking & Finance degree programme at UOWM KDU, students will acquire good business knowledge and a firm foundation necessary in the financial services industry, and a clear understanding of the internal operations of banks and other financial institutions.

Students learn the know-how of assessing and matching the financial needs of organisations and individuals to suitable financial products. It also gives them the skills to manage finance in institutional settings, such as banks or investment houses.

They will also explore the fundamentals behind the assessment of financial needs and pairing of suitable financial products. Students’ inquisitive minds are constantly kept fuelled through dialogues on contemporary banking and finance issues such as Financial Crises, Quantitative Easing, Government Policies, Currency Challenges and more.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be granted exemptions from the following recognised professional body:

  • CIMA – Exempted from 5 CIMA papers and to take the balance 11 papers to complete the professional qualification

Students after SPM or O-Levels can enter into University of Wollongong Malaysia (UOWM) KDU, Utropolis Glenmarie Foundation in Arts & Technology for 1 year before continuing on to the degree. Alternatively, students with at least 3 credits including Maths may join the Diploma in Business Administration or Diploma in Accountancy for 2 years before entering into Year 2 of the Banking & Finance degree for another 2 years.

Top Accounting & Finance Programmes at HELP University, HELP Academy & HELP College of Arts & Technology

HELP University's new state-of-the-art campus at Subang 2

HELP University’s new state-of-the-art campus at Subang 2

Ever since its founding in 1986 to provide affordable quality educational opportunities for Malaysians, HELP University is famous for its high quality business courses. Students can study the finance degree course at HELP University Damansara Heights or HELP University Subang 2.

HELP University has various internship and graduate training programs with many leading multinational companies including General Electric, KPMG, PWC, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and BDO Binder. Hence HELP University’s graduates are preferred employees for top companies in Malaysia.

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    • You may go for finance professional courses like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from CFA Institute. Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) Registered Financial Planner (RFP) from Malaysia Financial Planning Council.

    • There are different financial institutions, investment companies and even insurance that you can consider

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