What is the Best Course to study after SPM / IGCSE O-Levels in Malaysia?

Helping Students after SPM or IGCSE O-Levels in Malaysia to Choose the Best Course

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The time after SPM or O-Levels can be confusing for some students as you may not be equipped to choose the right course to study for your Pre-University or Diploma leading to the Degree. With so many courses and education pathways out there, it will take time and effort for you to find out which is the best one to take. In addition, parents, relatives and friends are all giving advise, whether good or bad, and contributing to the confusion. Well, don’t worry, read through the article below, and if you need more help, please do contact me at 01111408838 for free course counselling.

Having worked in the private education industry for more than 20 years, I have counselled thousands of Malaysians students in finding the right course that fits their personality, academic ability, budget and career choice so that they have a successful futureI have worked in the private education industry in marketing and communications therefore I have garnered knowledge and experience about the many courses and private colleges out there. Having conducted market research, this helps in being able to identify the right private university that would fit the student.

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Choosing the Best Course to Study in Malaysia

EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary. Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University

EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary.
Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate

Choosing the right course after high school or Pre-University can be confusing. Other than interest in the course, students must research carefully the course for its job demand and salary in Malaysia or globally if you want to work overseas. You don’t want to choose a course and then find out that there is no job demand for it or that the salary is too low without much career prospects.

 To choose the best course to study in Malaysia, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Look at your results – what are your best & worst subjects, and which subjects are your favourite?
  2. What are your interests & hobbies?
  3. What is your passion?
  4. Talk to the counsellors at the private universities to find out in detail about the curriculum of the course to see which one best fits you.
  5. What is your budget? Discuss the budget for your studies with your parents. A Pre-University (Pre-U) Programme will cost from RM10,000 to RM50,000 while a degree at a private university will cost from RM50,000-RM100,000 for a business course to RM130,000 for a Pharmacy course. To study overseas for degree will cost from RM150,000 to RM200,000 a year including cost of living. If this is out of your budget, then you should consider taking the STPM and going for Public University. If you do not have the finances to study at private universities, then just go for STPM. Note that STPM is extremely tough and takes 2 years of your time. You may not get the degree of your choice when entering into Public University.
  6. Job demand for the career of choice. There is no point in choosing a course out of passion and then graduate to find out that you cannot get a job in that field.
  7. Salary of the career of choice

If you are not sure what to study, do ask a trained counsellor and always make decisions based on evidence and facts. The decisions that you make now, can change your life forever. You can contact us for a free career test to help you understand yourself better so that you are able to make the right decision.

Talk to the Best Education Counsellor in Malaysia to Help you Make the Right Choice after SPM

Software Engineering at Asia Pacific University (APU)

I was confused about what to study & at which university. Talking to EduSpiral helped clear my doubts.
Zen Yi, Graduated from Software Engineering at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Why am I telling you this? Well, it is important that when you ask for help, you ask the right people. You won’t ask a Doctor on how to repair your car right? Therefore, in making this life changing decision, it is important to ask experienced and knowledgeable people who are interested in your future.

I enjoy helping students find their right place at the college of choice.  I love helping students and their families navigate the college and career search process. With thousands of career options and about 500 private colleges & universities out there, it can be a confusing and stressful process.

There are so many different steps involved in applying to college, and I hope to provide clear direction and simplify the process.

EduSpiral gets to know who you are so we can advise you how to choose the best course that fits you

Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management

I contacted EduSpiral to find an affordable college for culinary arts. He arranged for me and my mother for a campus tour & helped me find a college that had excellent facilities that I could afford.
Fu Wei, Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate from YTL International College of Hotel Management

  • We review the student’s high school profile, all high school transcripts, projected courses, extracurricular activities, awards, hobbies, interests and outstanding talents.
  • Then we discuss the factors that are most important to the student in identifying appropriate colleges & universities that would fit you
  • We assist to develop priorities for college selection, including courses of study, location, size, extracurricular opportunities, and many other factors
  • Ensure that the student’s interests and achievements are carefully matched with appropriate colleges and universities in Malaysia
  • We arrange for a meeting at a relevant private university or college to discuss about the courses that would suit you. We will also take you around the university to tour the campus facilities and explain about what you would study in these courses. This will help you to visualise what it’s like.
  • We will arrange for the lecturers to talk to you as well to give you insight into the course.
  • With our extensive knowledge of the courses and career, we will share with you on which education path would best suit you.

Top Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Course in Malaysia

EduSpiral counselled me online and met me at KDU Penang University College to take me around the campus. It helped me a lot in making the right decision. Archie Wong (Right), Business degree Graduate from KDU Penang University College

EduSpiral counselled me online and met me at KDU Penang University College to take me around the campus. It helped me a lot in making the right decision.
Archie Wong (Right), Business degree Graduate from KDU Penang University College

  • Is the course popular at that college or university? Quality/reputation/ranking of the private college in Malaysia
  • Which are the awarding bodies? Are the certificates recognised for enter at all universities overseas?
  • Are the courses recognised and approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the relevant external bodies? For example, Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), Malaysian Pharmacy Board, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM), Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM), etc.
  • Are the courses accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Audit (MQA)?
  • Subjects offered in the Course. Do they help you to achieve your undergraduate academic goals and equip you well to handle the challenges of the working environment?
  • What is the class size? Will you have personal attention from the lecturer?
  • Do they have enough students to start a class?
  •  How many students do they have studying that course at that university?
  •  What is the duration of the course?
  • When do you get your results so that you can meet the application deadline for the overseas university?
  •  Quality of lecturers. What are their qualifications? How many years of experience in teaching?
  • Faculty contact/classes taught by full-time qualified & experienced faculty
  •  Ask your friends who have studied there for their opinion. Ask your friends who are currently studying there as well.
  • Entry requirements
  • How much money do I have to pay for the course and cost of living? Ask your parents. Note that you will need to have enough to pay the tuition fees as well as your cost of living. (tuition, hostel, food, transportation, etc.)
  • How much are the tuition fees? Does it include the external exam fees and other fees?
  • How much is on-campus accommodation?
  • How much is off-campus accommodation? Note that it might be cheaper to find off campus accommodation on your own with friends. Is the accommodations near eateries, banks, entertainment, public transportation, etc.?
  • What is the student culture at the university? (English-speaking environment, ambitious, serious about studies, lifestyle or party university, etc) The language spoken mostly at the college by the students may also matter if you don’t know Mandarin or BM or English. If most of the students speak Mandarin at that university then it will not help you to improve your English. Having a good command of the English language helps you to get good jobs and promotions.
  • What are the Extra-curricular activities available? (Student organisations, clubs, sports, etc.)
  • Does the college or university have a dedicated department to assist students for the overseas university and scholarship applications?
  • Does the college have regular visits from overseas universities so that you can expose yourself to the various universities and ask questions?

Choosing the Best Course to Study in Malaysia

Diploma in Culinary Arts at YTL International College of Hotel Management (YTL-ICHM)

My mother was planning to send me to an academy but EduSpiral advised me to join YTL for their affordable course supported by excellent facilities & job guarantee
Ying Kit, Diploma in Culinary Arts

Choosing the right course to study in Malaysia after high school is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. This can be a confusing and difficult time if you are unprepared. With the wide variety of courses available to a student, the time after UEC, SPM or STPM can be a confusing one if not guided properly by an experienced and knowledgeable education counselor.

It can be confusing for students to choose the right major for their undergraduate degree studies in Malaysia. Preparations should have been made even before this time but fear not it is still not too late if you have not decided on a career path. It is important for you to research carefully the career that you intend to pursue.

Students after SPM or O-Levels would need to go through some sort of a Pre-University programme before entering into the degree course. Therefore, you still have about 1 to 1.5 years in your Pre-U programme to really figure out what to study for your degree.

Students who are not sure of what to study after SPM can contact EduSpiral Consultant Services to help guide you to choose the right course and university.

Some of the Best Courses to Study in Malaysia

Best Pre-University Programmes in Malaysia
Computing & Information Technology (IT)
Financial Services
Business & Management
Built Environment
Culinary Arts
Game Technology
Applied Sciences
Social Sciences
Creative Arts


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    • You can consider Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Marketing Communication or Digital Marketing.

  1. If my spm result just get straight b ,I also not come from a rich family.And I’m interest at business course,what college that suitable for me and I should take foundation or diploma programme?

  2. Hi there, I’m a science stream student with ICT as my additional subject. I’m currently awaiting my result for SPM on 2017 and i would like some advise on what course should i take. I’m very confident that my Mathematics, English and ICT will get an A. For the rest it could be credit or at least a D. If so, what course would suit my best subject? Can i take the course right after SPM without going for A Level of STPM?

    • Since you are good in ICT and Maths, you can consider studying computing. But you should choose a good university to study at so that you can gain the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career. You can email me at info@eduspiral.com with your full name and mobile number for more details. Or you can WhatsApp me at 01111408838

  3. I want to be a psychologist in the university outside my country, is it OK if I do not follow any of the course for example like stpm, I just want to apply as soon as possible and I have a problem choosing university too

  4. hi. i am science stream student and i am getting my spm results soon 2017 but i still could not decide what courses to study. Need advices please…but i am interested with medical like doctor…but what if when i get my results soon, i don’t deserved to take medical. how i want to choose in the same courses (medical)or other courses that suitable for me…(but i like medical courses)

  5. Hi. Im a sub-science student and ICT as my additional subject. i will be facing my spm in mere 3 months. I am sure i will be able to score 7As, 1B and 1D. The course that im planning to take is political science and im not sure if i am qualified for that course as i am a science student and i do not take economic, perdagangan and etc.I am able ti get an A+ for chemistry and maths. People told me tht i shld take engineering instead of political science but i have absolutely no interest in science because i sometimes feel like killing myself when i study any science subjects lol. But i sure do enjoy reading and doing maths question. Please help me on what university, programmes and courses i shld enroll to. And if i were to take political science, is the job prospects are wide or is it very limited and ill end up being unemployed in the future? please help. thank you.

  6. Hiii…if I am gonna take art stream in my form6, can I apply for clinical psychology degree in local university later?

  7. Hi there, I just got my SPM result, I got all As in science subjects and mathematics, but the only science subject I like is Biology. From my working experience, I like business in marketing as I’m a person who are good at communicating and sell products, but I do not have any basic about business as I’m a science stream student, but I like Biology and Marketing at the same time. So which course shall I consider?

  8. hi there, I am 18 and I had received my SPM results… I wish to continue my study in Singapore. Is there any course or uni that I am qualified? I am interested in medicine or engineering… Thank you.

  9. I just got my spm result, n I really confused what courses should I take..i want to take courses like pharmacy and dentist..do my result possible for it?

    here’s my result
    A (Math, Sejarah, Moral)
    A (English)
    B+ (Bahasa Melayu, Chemistry)
    B (Biology, Physic)
    C+ (Addmath)
    C (English for science and technology)

  10. Hi, I had received my SPM results and still planning on which pre-u to take but I’m sure that I wanted to pursue Social Science for a degree. Should I take on Science stream or Arts for A Levels / STPM for it? (I am still not sure but might be taking STPM) Thank you!

  11. guys… i just finished stpm.. n get 2,84.. i dont know i can get a local uni.. is there any chances for me to get a local uni

  12. Hello. I’m Dennis.
    I recently got my SPM results today which is 3A (English, Science, Mathematics) 1B (Moral) 3C (BM, History & Arts) and 1D (Perdagangan).
    I had a long talk with my family and until now, i still have no particular aim in my career other than my interest in music. But at the same time, i felt like taking computer science as a career just to make a living. I am not sure whether i should pursue what i want for my interest or should i just take computer science for the sake of money since i do not come from a particularly wealthy family.

  13. Hello I’m taking my SPM result soon . I need some advice for the course ,should I take major in software engineering minor in finance or major in finance minor in software engineering or both in major .

    I’m interest in both of this course but I don’t know how to manage them . But before these which foundation should I take ?

  14. Hi . I am a science stream student and i am getting my spm results soon but i still could not decide what courses to study. Need advices from you guys

  15. Hey I’m talking spm this year
    By the way I love to study.. about wildlife… wildlife photography or field work
    After my spm i would like to take a course
    And I want to work at oversees
    Like in natgeowild… what do I do

  16. Hey there , so I’d like to ask for advice. So I’m 18 this year n i finished my spm last year. I was a science student and I took account as an additional subject. But I have been interested in the arts for as long as i can remember. I really wanna take Music or English Lit but my family is more scientific based and that’s a prob. I don’t wanna spend my life regretting taking a bussiness or science degree but I’m afraid if i take the arts I might be financially doomed throughout my adult life.and my dad’s been talking about sending me to taking Alevel but honestly I’d like to study the arts. what should i do?

  17. Hi, i was really interested to join the A-level programmed and want to pursue my studies in medicine so that i can be a doctor one day..can you suggest me the best college or University that offer A-level programmed which has the best lab facilities,hostel,library,etc…

    thank you..

  18. hello,I am 17 this year and will sit for SPM. I am a science-stream student.I have been wondering either should or shouldn’t I drop my add mt subject? i thought of applying for Interior Architectural or Architecture or Designs after SPM? does these courses required Add Mt? I actually thought of dropping Add Mt and replaced it with Art (since the I.A course required me to pass in Art Test) .. What do you think will be the best for me? is it either : dropping add mt and replaced it with art , or , not to drop it?

  19. I am interested in medical or engineering. Pls advise should i choose A-level or foundation in science. Which university offer twining course for medical. And which university offers scholarship for medical. What are the grading needed to apply for scholarship.

    • To study medicine it is better to go for A-Levels. One only applies for scholarship after the A-Levels, so there is no point for me to tell you which universities offer the scholarships since you can only apply for them after your Pre-U. Scholarships for medical courses are very few and competitive.

  20. Hello i’m interested in Art & design area and I want to take either Graphic Design or Interior Design.. but my parents told me to study something related to Science since I am from a science-stream classes. What should I decide on?

  21. Hi, I’m interested in culinary arts and business management but I dont know which one should I choose. I would like to open my own business. So, should learn culinary arts then learn about business on my own when I want to open my business or should learn business then learn about anything in culinary on my own, going to classes maybe?

  22. Hi , I’m a science stream form 5 student .I want to ask whether i can study ADTP with my school result(not SPM , but will face spm sooner), but my result ain’t that good . Here’s my result


    I know ,it’s very terrible but just need to know whether i can be accepted …

    or which subject i need to strive to reach the requirement ,so that i can focus the subject in SPM

    Thank You ,

  23. Hi,I only took General Science during my SPM and also Diploma Holder in Nursing.May i know can i study food science and nutrition?Thanks

  24. Hi. Im a science stream student. Im going to sit for my spm this year(2015). If i want to take tesl, what are the requirements needed? Do i have to pass all my science subject?

  25. Hi, im a science stream student and taking spm this year. I have a lot of interest in many kind of jobs so im quite confused right now as im afraid to choose the wrong course. the course that in my consideration would be chemical engineering, accounting and business, hospitality and hotel management. im not a student that can afford A-level or foundation. im trying to apply for matriculation but no idea what to choose and which location to choose, can i have some suggestion pls?

  26. Hi, I am now looking for a courses for my son who got 1 credit and fail BM and Sejalah he has sit for the second time and still can’t pass the two subject may i know is there any short courses or any vocational school he can go for we plan to send me to study Interior Design if he can because we are doing a construction and Engineering business. Please advise.

    Thank you,

    From Melody

  27. hello, am i able to transfer my foundation programme credit hours to another foundation programme of another university?

  28. Hello, is it possible to enter ADP biomedical engineering if i only got one credit out of three sciences for SPM?

  29. Hi, i’ll be sitting for my SPM this year. Can i study engineering if I’m an arts stream student? Which college offers engineering courses that don’t require the 3 sciences? Im interested in taking engineering degree overseas after that..

    • You can join the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering at certain colleges with at least 3 credits including Maths and General Science with passes in BM and Sejarah. For more details, you may email me at info@eduspiral.com with your full name and mobile number.

  30. Hye i was a science stream student in SPM, and continued my studies in Foundation in Engineering. Now the problem is i recently graduated from the foundation course and my result is well below par. I am trying to apply for UPU but i think its pointless. My father told me to take diploma in maritime transportation instead, first i thought it was worth the try but i think its not the course for me. I would want to continue in engineering but is it a good choice ? Cause i’ve heard stories that engineers is a little too mainstream nowadays and if an individual grads from engineering course it would be hard for him or her to get a job. I don’t know if i’m actually good at engineering studies, but to be an engineer or a doctor was always my goal. I can’t be a doctor since i don’t have the qualification. I’m in a dilemma should i just take a leap of faith and try again to be an engineer or should i just take something else and start over ?

  31. I am from art stream i want to study forensic Science . Is it possible ?? or need to study overseas and my friend said that he is from Science stream but he wants to study Design is it possible . Need advice ASAP!!!

  32. Hey there . I’ll be taking my SPM in 2015 , I’m a science stream student . Just wondering , if I want to pursuea my studies oversea( Hopefully UK ).Should I take A-level or foundation in Malaysia ???Then if I has finish my study in A-level or foundation at Malaysia , can I transfer to any university or college in UK ?? I would probably choose Software engineer as my main option . Thanks

    • If you want to go to the UK, then it is recommended to take the A-Levels. Or you can do the Foundation and then enter Year 1 degree before transferring to the UK for the final 2 years. Please email me at info@eduspiral.com stating the course of interest, your full name as per IC and mobile number. I will send you all the details.

  33. hi im saravanan here,
    a friend of mine is in arts stream
    he want do basic engineering courses after spm
    so i want ur help
    wat courses he can study?

  34. Hello, Im Thana Here 🙂
    I Got only 1 Credit In Spm ( Science B)
    I Already Finish My Studies Diploma in Information System (DKM) But, i wanna do CERTIFICATE IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. Can i do That course with one credit?

  35. Hello, I don’t know what course should I take..Can give me some suggestions? Thanks ya 🙂
    My spm result :
    BM – B
    BI – B
    PM – A-
    SEJ – A-
    MATH – A-
    SC – A
    AKAUN – D
    ICT – B+

  36. This is my SPM results: Please advise me on my possible courses.
    Additional Math: A+
    Modern Math: A
    English/BM/Bio/Phy: B+

  37. I am messed up now….What I know is that I want to be in the science stream (No medical) .I like shapes,and to build and create things, think of ways to solve certain problems.I always score real high in my non verbal test, quite high in Quantitative and low in my verbal test.I thought about engineering (civil , management and environmental) but am afraid that I might pick the wrong courses or even the wrong subject.

    My results in SPM are:
    English and Math ~ A+
    Physics,Chemistry , Add Math~ A-
    BM, Biology~ B+
    Moral~ B

    Should I consider A levels? Is my result even good enough for that? (=_=)||

  38. hello there, im a spm leaver and had got quit satisfying result as stated:
    bm,sej,bio,chem,phy,addmaths,mode maths:A+
    moral,bi and tamil sastera:A
    B.tamil: A-

    i also applyed for a local matriculation program.. the prob is.. i had interest in pursuing studies in medicine but refused cuz incapable in coping with stress and long working hours… im confused here… can u plz help me out with this….

    im interested in stress-free careers and that has high demand in malaysia… which degree course should i choose???

  39. i m science stream student i got 3as n credits in my sc subj. i m intrested in optometry or psychology courses but i already done my pre u programme in a private college so im little confused on which college is best for these course n even im woried on which course hvin gud opportunity in future.. cud u pls help me! thnx

  40. well I’m actually from accounting stream and i want to ask is that i can’t choose courses that is Science stream subjects . then can i able to choose IT courses ?? Pls I need ur advice

  41. Hello, this is my SPM results
    Sejarah : A+
    Maths, Biology, BM, BI : A
    BC, Moral : A-
    Physics, Chemi : B+, B

    I actually plan to go for Law or Psychology but due to financial problem so idk what to do(i have applied scholarship but dunno whether can get it or not), so if i do not get any scholarship and i go for STPM are they any local UNI that offer this programme? Or any suggestion on what to study based on my result?


    • Your results are not that great to get a full scholarship. First you have to figure out your budget and then you will know where to study. If finance is a problem then just go Form 6. You don’t need to worry what the local uni offers because you have 2 years to decide what to study.

  42. If I’m planning to start my foundation studies (In arts), is this will be a wiser choice than STPM? As you’ve stated that STPM leavers can’t choose the course that they want for. So, if one has to take STPM, then will this person has to think about future? I’m a guy which is getting confused whether in which field am I suitable in. If foundation courses are much better than STPM, so in which institute should I study in? Glad, to have the PTPTN loan for national students to further their studies.

    • Going into private university also means choosing a university where the students communicate well in English so that we can improve ourselves for a better future. I don’t understand what you mean by a person taking the STPM doesn’t need to think about the future. IF you are confused, then talk to a counselor and take a career test. First of all, do you have the budget to study Foundation and Degree in private universities? If you don’t have the budget, then the answer is simple, take Form 6.

  43. Can i know whether is it valid to apply an oversea unuversity using foundation result? For an example study foundation in malaysia and use it to apply studying oversea

  44. This is my SPM results: Please advise me on my possible courses.
    Math/accounts/Science – C
    English/Perdagangan – E
    Sejarah/ BM – D

  45. I’m a spm leaver 2014 and I’m interested in studying and taking a diploma in mechanical engineering but I cant decide which public university/college to study.Need some suggestions. Ty.My SPM results are:


  46. Hi Eduspiral, just got my SPM result and i got 9As.A+ for physics,maths and chemistry and the rest got A..is actuarial science or chemical engineering better? is there a surplus of chemical engineer in Malaysia??will i end up unemployed in the future if i choose engineer?? Thanks

  47. This is my SPM result:
    I’m really interested in dentistry. With the 3 Science subject C,can I still take the course of dentistry without retaking SPM. I hope I can take up dentistry without retaking SPM.

  48. Hey I’m a spm leaver 2014. I would like to do anything with teaching prog. Any course u can recommend ?

  49. If i go into diploma in business adminstration, I will be able to get in 2nd year of degree .My question is : Can I still go to Australia University through Twinning Programme?

  50. This is my SPM results: Please advise me on my possible courses.
    Math/Science – A
    English – B
    Seni – C
    BM/Moral – E
    Sejarah/Perdagangan/Ekon – G

  51. Hi Eduspiral, can you tell me in detail on how SPM leaver went through until they pursue their study overseas? I got 7As and wish to study abroad (UK) but I’m totally clueless. And when exactly does the scholarship is needed? Is it during our study after SPM or during the study abroad? Thank you in advance.

  52. Hi. I am spm leaver 2014. I would like to know what is the entry requirement for psychology course? Credit in what subject? Do I have to take foundation in sc or art? Diploma? Matriculation?

  53. Hi there,Im from taylor’s university studying diploma in business, but after studying for few months, i realize that this course is not suitable for me. So what course should i change to? By the way i’m interested in calculating and drawing. My SPM result is

    BM- D
    BI – C
    Maths -B
    science – C
    Perdagangan – G
    Ekonomi – G

  54. I am a 18 years old student and I don’t know which course is best for me and which college or university should I study. But I good in chemistry, biology, mathematics and additional mathematics. I really hope somebody can help me. Thanks!

  55. Hi, i have graduated from A-levels and gonna apply for a degree course and university but I am still thinking of what to study… Can you please consult me on what kind of course should I study in malaysia? I am not so interested in chemistry but ok with maths,bio and physics. Btw, i don’t think i can handle the stress of challenging course such as medicine and engineering…

  56. Hi, I am a science stream student sitting for the SPM exam this year, and I hope to become a translator in the future, especially for English, Chinese and Japanese. What courses should i take after my SPM? And which college or university offers them? Thank you very much.

  57. Hey there. I will be taking spm this year in 2015. I’m pure science student but no so into Biology, Chemist and Physic. I likes math, addmath, BM, BI. Can you gives me suggestion on what course should I take after Spm? I would like to become a lecturer but doesnt know on what course should I take.

  58. Hi ,i’m a spm leaver.And i a
    m intrested in biology. What job that related to biology, is high paid and has a better future in Malaysia?

  59. Hi. May I ask art stream student able to study Aircraft maintenance engineering? Does it required Science subject –> Physics?

  60. hi, im a 2014 spm leaver. waiting for results. im an arts student and im looking forward in doing marine engineering in ALAM Malaysia. is it possible? im very interested.

  61. My friend would like to study further more in beautician…….so in Malaysia which university provide beautician course????expecially in KL…what result should have to apply for it???reply back soon…

  62. I took SPM last year and now I’m facing problems wondering whether to go for STPM, A-Levels or just go straight into Foundation or Diploma. I’m also not sure which University of College would be suitable. I like maths and am interested in computers and possibly learning programming. I’ve been interested in courses like Computer Science and Software Engineering but I’m not sure what the differences are. Is there any advice you can give or anything you can tell me ?

    • Oh and I’m also interested in perhaps learning how to make video games (hence, the interest in programming) but have had doubts because it doesn’t seem to have much of a market locally and may not have a good salary. What do you think about this ?

    • Many good students have not done well in STPM because it is a very difficult course. If you already know you want to study IT, why take the A-Levels? There are many factors we have to take into consideration before recommending a course or university so we need to get to know our students first and then advise them.

      Software Engineering Vs. Computer Science
      Both computer science and software engineering curricula generally require a
      foundation in programming fundamentals and basic computer science theory. They differ in their focus beyond these core elements. Computer science programs tend to keep the core small and then expect students to choose among more advanced courses (such as systems, networking, database, artificial intelligence, theory, etc.).

      In contrast, Software Engineering programs generally expect students to focus on a range of topics that are essential to the Software Engineering agenda (problem modeling and analysis, software design, software verification and validation, software quality, software process, software management, etc.).

      While both Computer Science and Software Engineering programs typically require
      students to experience team project activity, Software Engineering programs usually requires more team involvement as effective team processes are essential to effective Software Engineering practices.
      In addition, a key requirement specified by the Software Engineering curriculum guidelines is that Software Engineering students should learn how to build software that is genuinely useful and usable by the customer and satisfies all the requirements defined for it.

      Software Engineering is developing, designing and maintaining software systems that are reliable and efficiently carries out the tasks smoothly. The software system is created in collaboration with the needs and requirements of the clients. The software designed must be user friendly for the staff or customers to use. Software Engineering is an integration of computer science, computer programming, mathematics and engineering practice. Software engineers apply the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers work.

      Software Engineers need to ensure that their knowledge is up-to-date as technology changes rapidly. Computer software can be developed for any function for control and automation, manufacturing, business, and management systems. Restaurants use custom-made software to ensure their accounts are kept properly and orders for food can be made efficiently so that wastage is managed.

      Computer Science is the study of principles, applications, and technologies of computing and computers. It involves the study of data and data structures and the algorithms to process these structures; of principles of computer architecture-both hardware and software; of problem-solving and design methodologies; of computer-related topics such as numerical analysis, operations research, and artificial intelligence; and of language design, structure, and translation technique. Computer Science provides a foundation of knowledge for students with career objectives in a wide range of computing and computer-related professions.

  63. Hi, i’m waiting for spm results. My parents start asking me about the course that i’m interested for my further study. And i still don’t know what to choose. I take science courses in spm, just because my parents want it. Can you suggest me some courses that was highly demand job in malaysia? I don’t care what courses it is, as long as after i finish my study i can easily find job. Hope you can help me and give some advice. Thank you 🙂

  64. I am a SPM leaver 2014 waiting for results, i like Physics Chemistry Add Maths and Maths. I would like to study for Engineering. Can you suggest me on which Engineering should I do to have a better future.

  65. Hi. I am a spm 2014 leaver. I am a science side student but I don’t really into sciences like biology,physics and chemistry but I like numbers. I have to study in science side because of my parents. So, after this, I want to do what I really love. I like numbers,designing,creating,writing. And I still confused on what course should I take?

  66. Hi I’ll be taking my spm this year in 2015 and i would like to pursue law. Can i use my trial results to apply for any A-levels program like BAC,Taylor and Sunway is offering. If so i can use my trial result , How many A’s should i get for my trials.

  67. Hi, I am a SPM 2014 leaver. During my form 4 & 5 time, i always get the highest mark for Maths. So is it okay if i choose to study in actuarial science? Or do you have any suggestion?
    Should i take foundation in arts or in science if i want to get degree in actuarial science?
    Does University Tunku Abdul Rahman is a famous university for actuarial science ? Or which university i should go for?
    Thank you.

    • You can take the Foundation in Arts or Business to enter into an Actuarial Science degree. The best for Actuarial Science is Heriot Watt University Malaysia. To succeed in Actuarial Science, you need to be competent in the English language and should choose a university where the students communicate well in English. For more details on other universities, you can email me at info@eduspiral.com.my with your full name and mobile number.

  68. Hi, I am a SPM leaver and i intend to study diploma of interior design in Sunway, but after i finished it, can I use the diploma certificate to continue my degree overseas.. I haven’t taken any A-level . Does overseas university acknowledge local diploma certificate?????

  69. Hi ! Where I can study Geographic Information System (GIS) in Malaysia?? Do GIS has a bigger job prospects in Malaysia? What Degree course i can pursue to after I finish Diploma in GIS?? Can you please explain it for me? Thanks a lot !

  70. Hi
    I’m waiting for my spm results,I love ICT and physics.
    I’m considering with two fields which are engineering and computer & technology…can u suggest any courses that are suitable for me ?
    I can’t decide whether to get into pre-university courses or a diploma course.

  71. Hi, Im a spm leaver 2014. I was an art stream student studied in accounting. But I knew I had made an impulsive decision by choosing art instead of science stream. Can i now change my path by study foundation in science or A level(science)? But I knw it may be difficult as I lack certain subs that will qualify me for entry. What can I do now?? Can you pls explain it for me? I really wish I could chg my path and stop redo the same mistake agn. Btw I am looking forward to study geology for my higher edu…
    tq so much!

  72. Hi! What is the difference between matriculation and foundation? And if i took foundation or matriculation can i apply for american university? Would i have to start at year 1 in us or continue as year 2?

    • You need to figure out what you want instead of questions that don’t make sense. Matrics is for entry to Public Universities while Foundation is for entry into Private Universities. If you want to go USA, then do ADP. Why would you want to go to an American University to study but go for Foundation or Matrics? Can you even enter Matrics? Only 10% spots are for non-bumis.

  73. Hi there ,
    I was planing to do SAM after SPM results . Im a science student . I want to go for architecture course after my SAM but im not sure if i am choosing the right subject at SAM which is English , Physic , Chemistry , Biology and Mathematical studies ? Or must i choose Specialist Mathematics? Thanks😊

    • It doesn’t matter as long as there is one maths. If you already know you want to go for architecture, you might as well go for the Foundation course at the private university as it would be cheaper unless you plan to go to Australia. In which case, you should check the entry requirements from the Australian universities that you are interested in.

  74. I just finished my SPM. My trial results are 6A+ and 4A. Should I start studying in January? I want to be a peadiatric. Which pre-uni course would you suggest to me? I’m quite interested in A-Level but are there other better options? Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

  75. Hi. I am a science stream student and currently waiting for my spm results. i am planning to continue in law study. I actually planning to go for nutritionist but i don’t like chemistry, my physics and addmath is really bad. so, i just wanna ask if i choose law and I choose to study in program asasi undang2 instead of A level and STPM, where would i go next after I finished my study in asasi undang? anyway, this is my trial results.

    A = modern maths, sejarah, pendidikan moral
    A- = biology, bm, bi
    C+ = chemistry
    C- = physics
    E = addmath

    can you also suggest others study that is suitable for me to pursue? because i’m kinda a little bit lost.

  76. im going to pursue in foundation of information, communication and technology at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. first, did this course is certicated? second, can you tell me my pathway if i pursue to this foundation because im not really sure what i would be soon if i pursue to this ict foundation. thank you

  77. Hello there..I’m Ayshwani..I got 5 credits for my SPM which includes english and bm..the rest subject are not at all good….I am considering TESL for my further studies…If my SPM result is not good enough..can i still take foundation in TESL?…or should I pursue STPM..and then go for the degree course?…Can I go oversea if my STPM results are good.?? ur help will be much appreciated..thank you 🙂

  78. if i chose foundation in science do i have to study biology subject? im seriously dont want to study biology subjects again. foundation in science is quite difficult right? anyway it is acturial science related to biology, no right?

  79. Hey,i need some advice on choosing the right path for my future choice to further on my studies,I’am a pure science student but my science subjects result are just average around B or C. I got headache when it comes to choosing between form 6 in science stream or should i go for art stream instead as I’m interested in business as well or should i just go for foundation/diploma instead of risking 1.5 years in form 6….some advice maybe?Thank you.Help seriously needed,my mind gonna blowwwwwwww!!

    • If you are interested in business then just go for Arts Stream. If you have less than 5As in SPM, I would recommend that you just for the Diploma in Business. By the time you complete the STPM, you would have already completed the Diploma. The diploma will be something that you like to study and that you will do well at. The STPM is very tough and many good students also don’t do well in it. If you don’t do well in your STPM, you would have wasted 2 years. You may add me in Facebook at eduspiral@gmail.com to discuss this further. Cheers!

  80. hey, i’m spm 2014 leaver. i’m more to chemistry, add maths, maths a little bit of physics but not so into biology. can u suggest any suitable course and careers? i was thinking of biochemistry but i think food science seems interesting…. would u help me?

  81. hey im spm 2014 leavers, i hv not interest at all in biology but strongly love addmath, chemistry, physics. im so confused what to choose for my career neither engineer or acturial science. can you please help me?? does acturial science give me a job in the future or engineer does more?

  82. Hello, im not sure what should i do after spm . Im a pure science student . But i hope i can get involve in science field maybe architect . Im average in maths so is physic too . My bio, eng , bm ,moral and art is good but im weak in chemistry . Im actually very clueless right now to plan for the future .I think form 6 is too stressful if i still wanna remain in science subject. Any idea?
    Thanks 😊

  83. I am not sure what course to take after SPM.
    I am interested to do something involved selling ( business maybe )
    i am now a science student and my parent insist that if i study business next time, it is bad because business is the easiest course for the below average students.
    they want me to take something else.

    also may i know is there a bright future being a detective in malaysia>? and is it possible for chinese to be one

    • You have to make decisions based on facts and evidence. If business is the easiest and for below average students, then there must be a lot of stupid people in the world. Everything in the world and in Malaysia are run by businesses and business graduates. If you say got future as a doctor, the reports say that there are too many doctors in Malaysia.

      Detective? It is possible but the statistics don’t show that it is in demand or a high paying job. You have to choose a course that you like, and you are good at and pays well.

  84. This year for me SPM…..in trial i got an A in sejarah,C+ in BM,C in ICT and two subjects i gt E….I ‘m science student..i nt interested in pure science and i gt fail all my pure science subjects but the mark all above 20+….so what must i do nw???now my spm going on…after spm results came out what to do???so in tiz trial results what can i do??because of my brother this year only go university so next year my turn so my dad doen’t enough money so i hope u can guess me a course that do not burden my dad …atleast the course that u guess my dad can effort to paid Please…….Reply me soon.TQ

    • I have no idea what your question is. If you don’t want to burden your father, you should have studied harder. You need at least 3 credits in SPM to join a diploma course with PTPN Loan. If you don’t have the 3 credits then just resit SPM.

  85. I don’t know what I want to be.. =( I’m from pure science class.. I got 8As and 1B+ for my trial.. btw, I got A in biology,physics, addmath and B+ for chemistry.. I love biology and chemistry and also overall of my subjects.. I would like to hear some suggestions from you what should I do to continue my study.. having my spm now~ thanks a lot!!

  86. what should i do after my spm? i am interested in writing in English and i wish to be able to publish my own book someday or even write for a magazine. However, my family is not very blessed in the financial department and i was wondering if you could enlighten me on furthering my studies without having to trouble my parents, Also, i’m more of a 6 A’s student though. Thank you and good day!

  87. Hi.. im revi.. my spm results are
    Add mths-A+

    Bt i want to b a dentist.. actually i dunno wt i like to b frank… i want to do a course which i cn get job easily after my studies.. and im quiet good in maths!! Bt im oso interested in dentistry… im super confused… cn u help me plz??

  88. Hi, i am interested in IT course but i heard they said engineering course is better and it also has high paid after graduate. is it true? which one should i choose?

    i got A+ for my IT, physics and physics!

    pls reply as soon as possible..thank you and have a nice day.

    • Who are they that told you this? Did they provide you with evidence showing that engineers have higher pay than IT graduates? If you are good in IT, your salary can go up to RM10,000 or more. You should choose what you are interested in and is good at. If you want more details, you can email me at info@eduspiral.com.my with your full name and mobile number. Cheers!

  89. Hello i want ask that i am doing diploma in medical lab technology but i am very confused that iam choose a wrong decision at the same time now i get offer for form 6 which path should i choose please give me some advice and this is my spm results . I am science stream student so for my form 6 i get arts stream .
    BM – A
    MORAL – A
    ADD MATH – D

    • You should choose based on your results which shows that you are very weak in the sciences and also choose based on what you are good at and your interests. If you are already doing your diploma, you should just complete it.

  90. Hello there! I scored A+ in Maths and Add Maths but B+ in three of my Science subjects.. At first, I was kinda interested in Pharmacy course but I’m afraid that I couldn’t cope up with the studies. Especially when I’m choosing Sc stream for my form 6.

    But, in the same time I am also interested in Maths and Add Maths. Calculations, solving problems, etc.. So, should I change to Arts stream? And mind telling me that what do people actually do/study if they choose the finance course. Do we have to work in a bank if we choose that course?

    I really need your help. Thank you and God bless.

  91. Hi there. I’m interested in pursuing my studies in Psychology or Forensic Science, with possible career options of being a clinical psychologist, a crime examiner, or anything to do with criminology and behavioral science. I am slightly interested in Law but I don’t think I have the patience for it …

    I achieved 6A’S (English, Biology, Chemistry, History, P.Moral, Modern Maths), 2B’s (Physics, Malay) and 1C (Advanced Maths) in my SPM.

    Is it advisable to take Foundation in Science then proceed to taking a local Psychology degree? If so, please suggest a reputable & affordable University. Also does the job prospects for this career seem promising?

    Thank you & Sorry for the long enquiry 🙂

  92. spm result
    A+ math & sejarah
    A english & account
    A- moral & bm
    B+ bio, phy, chem, addmath

    may you suggest me what courses should I taking ? I still cant made up my mind. If i enroll science stream, i have the ability to deal with it? kinda worry will be a waste of time and money. Or should i refer to my strength and switch to art stream like accounting ?

  93. Hai,I’m really confused right now either I want to take food science or life science….I get 4A,3B,and 2C in spm…I got a matculation offer in science…if I going there did I have to renew back to the basic if I want to choose food or life science?

  94. Hi. I’m interested in Chemistry, Biology, Add Maths and Mathematics, but I’m still considering which course should I take after taking foundation programme. Can you give me a suggestion? Thank you.

  95. hey there, im going through a major dilemma on what to do after spm.FYI, I’ve got
    BIO- A-
    ADD MATH- A+
    PHYSICS – A-
    I have strong interest in being a forensic scientist tho..
    should i continue chasing my interest or should i refer to my strength and weaknesses?
    and why?
    i woould lovvveeee to hear from you very soon , thanks and take care 🙂

  96. Hi. I’m totally headache with which courses should I choose. I love mass communication courses. My family suggest me to take business but I hate Maths and account. I heard one of the counselor said every classes of mass comm class would’ve presentation,izit true?

  97. Hi i was wondering where should i go after Spm.For your information i got 9A in Spm.I’m interest in accounting.So does there is a scholarship for that course?if there,could you please tell me?i came from a poor family.thanks for your help 🙂

  98. Hi!! I was wandering if you could help me in my confusion. Which should i pick STPM or A-Level after SPM? and why should i pick that… anyway im interested in LAW.

    And Mr/Mrs dont bother remind me about the tough that I would get cause nothing such as “easy achive” in this world.

    thank you and love to hear from you soon.

  99. hi.. I am an SPM graduate.. actually I didnt plan things very well, and i was hoping eduspiral could help me.. after reading a few articles, i was considering pharmacy, but i dont think i can be good in A-levels.., my SPM result is
    BM- A
    Bi- A
    Sej- A
    Math- A
    science- A
    PMoral- A-
    PseniVisual- A
    ICT- A-
    Ekonomi- C+

    As you can see, the subjects are a bit mixed up.. I really dont know what i’m gonna be.. but anything that has good salary will work though.. hee.. hope you can help me.. thanks alot

  100. I really don’t have any direction after my spm, so u can help me maybe.
    My spm results was not that good, , this is what I got in my real spm
    Moral -B+
    Maths A
    So, , may u suggest me what courses should I taking ? And of course I’m not a rich student and I need to apply ptptn loan.

  101. Hi! i’m still confusing what 2 study. i got As in sej n moral,Bs in bm,bi,mt n phy, Cs in chemi,bio,+math. My parent told me 2 study form 6 n i agree but i dont know weather i’m eligible in form 6 sc stream.Can u please tell me n advise me which stream should i go n eligible based on my SPM result.
    Thank you.

  102. hey.. i just finished my spm.. well duhh ahahah i scored 7A’s and A+ for my physics and addmaths which I REALLY LOVE… but im so clueless on what to do or take in the future…any suggestions? T.T

  103. Hello,i’m clare ^^
    can you help me?
    Because i still dunno what to study yet as the next intake of every colleges is coming soon
    i took spm last year…but i still dunno which field i interested in…what can i do? ;(

    I got 7As n 1B…this is the details… 🙂

    ‘A+: for science…
    ‘A :for bm, bi, maths,history…
    ‘A- :for ICT and P.Moral …
    ‘B+ ;for Additional Science…

    can you suggest or give an advise on which field that suit me the best, based on my results?? thank u

  104. Hi I’m am a SPM holder of 2013. I still confused of taking stpm or A level. I’m interested in actuarial science and environmental engineering. Which one should I choose? Or I should go for foundation ?

  105. I got 6As (Bahasa Melayu,Bahasa Inggeris,Sejarah,Matematik,P.Moral and Biology) and managed to get C+ in Physics.Unfortunately, I got D in Chemistry and Additional Mathematics.I dont know what to study.Please guide me 🙁

  106. I plan to study at KDU or Taylor’s . I’m still confused about whether I should go for form six or pre-u.can you suggest some college that provide pre law foundation?I heard that there’re many types of lawyer,depend on what u wanna do.is it true?

  107. Hi,I am Karen.i got 10As in SPM and I’m still confused about what course should I take.I plan to take A-level instead of study form six.history is my favorite among all the spm Subjects.If I’m interested in history what course should I take for A-level? law?

  108. hi, i just got my spm 2013 result and I got straight A’s in all 10 subjects:
    5A+ (BM, BI, Maths, Add Maths, Chemistry)
    4A (Accounts, Bio, P. Islam, History)
    1A- (Physics)

    I am not sure what i’m gonna pursue my studies in. My parents want me to do something in the medical line locally. But I’m not that sure if I can take up Medicine/Pharmacy/Dentistry well =3= I’m also having a second-thought of becoming a teacher. What do you think i should do?? Any other courses that you recommend me to do?

  109. Hi, I got 9A’s in SPM and I’m interested in science. I plan to take foundation in science follow up with degree courses such as medicine. But, the fees for medicine is too expensive. And, salary for doctors in Malaysia isn’t that high. So, I’m thinking should I continue in what I’m interested or change to other courses ?

  110. Hai ! Im rehnu… I have a lot of doubts n confusion… This is my SPM results : Bahasa Melayu B+,English B+, Moral A-, Sejarah C+, Mathematics B+, Add maths D, Physics D, Chemistry D, Biology C and Bahsa Tamil B. Im interest in pharmacy and medicine. Cn I do A-Level with this results ? If can means what are the subjects should I take in A-Level for do pharmacy and medicine ? Or What are the other courses can I do based on my result ?

  111. Hey, I’m sitting for my spm this year and i am interested in architecture and interior design. I was wondering which pre-u or foundation thati should take so that i can further my studies in america? And is there a linked university? Where is the best place to study architecture and interior design? What subjects is important in spm to get into an architecture and interior design school?

    • USA does not require a Pre-U. After SPM, you will go directly into Year 1 of the degree for 4 years. You can go for the American Degree Program for 2 years in KDU University College and then transfer over to any of the 400 partner universities in the USA of your choice. Maths is important for architecture.

      • If i enter kdu which class / subject should i take in order to study architecture / interior design? Does kdu offer hostel? After i go for the 2 year programme at kdu is it that i continue another two years of my study at america?

  112. Hi!Im waiting for my spm result now.As the result is coming out soon,im nervous cause i have no idea what to study.i gt 9a in spm trial but im not interest in sc.What can i study?@@

  113. hi im humayra ,
    i dont know what course should i take – nothing on my mind – but now while waiting for spm result i work as admin accounts assistants and also have some experience as on HR & ADMIN – so kindly please suggest me some answer – im good at history , english ,bahase melayu and economic subject and really bad on account and math . . please help me :’)

  114. Hello, I’m waiting for my spm results and with my trial results, I have obtained A+ in Sejarah, A in Bahasa Melayu and English and B in Moral and Maths. C in phy bio and chem and a D for Add maths. I wanted to do interior architecture and interior design but both of my parents are fully against it so I end up with two choices that were suggested by my dad which are Law and Psychology. For psychology, do I have to do a diploma programme or foundation? And which university offers a great psychology programme? If I’m certain to do Psychology, I’d want to be in an industrial and organisational psychology. I’d appreciate a quick reply 🙂 Thanks.

      • How much are the fees in HELP?

        On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 10:53 AM, EduSpiral Consultant Services – Education advise on the best universities & colleges in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and UK wrote:

        > EduSpiral Consultant Services commented: “For Psychology, you go for a > general degree first and then only specialise during the Masters. HELP > University is acknowledged to be the best for Psychology in Malaysia. You > will go for Foundation and then into the degree. For more details, you may > email “

  115. Hi.
    So I did not do my A levels well. I do not even have 2 principal passes to enter uni directly. I only have 1.5 credit AS and 1 credit A level.
    I was thinking of doing a pre-uni program/foundation in arts.
    The pre-uni requirements is 5 credits which I am short of in SPM.
    Can my A level credits and my SPM results make up for the 5 credits needed?


  116. hi im currently waiting for the spm results…for my trials i got B for Moral,English & Math ,C for BM,pass History & Chemistry and fail Physics,Account and Additional Math. i come from a medium family. Currently haven’t decide what to study yet but want to see what offers can i get from my trial results