Best Diploma in Mass Communication Course in Malaysia at IACT College

Excellent Diploma in Mass Communication Programme at IACT College

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The 2-year Diploma in Mass Communication at the award-winning communication specialist college in Malaysia, IACT College is an excellent start for students after SPM or O-Levels who want to jump into a communication diploma that’s practical and recognised. Furthermore, graduates can either continue on at IACT for advanced standing to their UK 3+0 BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication awarded by the University of Sunderland or go to Taiwan for another 2 years to complete their degree studies at any 5 top Taiwanese universities.

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Studying the Diploma in Mass Communication at IACT College

Brainstorming rooms at IACT College

Brainstorming rooms at IACT College

The programme offers a broad spectrum of modules that create paths towards vast career directions salient in Mass Communication. Students will graduate with an impressive skill set and knowledge pertinent to the creative communication industry.

In the final semester, students may specialise in Public Relations, Journalism or Broadcasting and Media Production. Intakes for the Diploma in Mass Communication at IACT College are in January, April, June & August of each year.

Study in Taiwan with an IACT College Diploma

Broadcasting studio at IACT College

Broadcasting studio at IACT College

IACT College students now have the excellent opportunity to study overseas in Taiwan after completing their Diploma in Mass Communication or Diploma in Broadcasting & Film. They will transfer to the universities in Taiwan for the final part of their degree studies. In addition, the studies will be conducted bilingually. Students will have the advantage of acquiring skills in 2 of the most important languages for a successful career in Communications in Malaysia. Taiwan is famous for communication and film studies and the cost of living there is affordable for studies.

Entry Requirements (Any one of these)

Recording Studio at IACT College

Recording Studio at IACT College

  • SPM / O-Level / IGCSE – Minimum 3 credits
  • UEC – Minimum of grade B in 3 subjects
  • SKM Level 3 – Pass in related field and SPM with credit in English
  • Pass Certificate in Communication Studies from IACT College
  • Other qualifications recognised by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and considered on a case by case basis

Minimum English Requirements

  • SPM – Grade C or
  • UEC – B6 or
  • IELTS – Band 5.0 or equivalent

Year 1 Subjects for the Diploma in Mass Communication at IACT College

Recording Studio at IACT College

Recording Studio at IACT College

  • Advertising Principles
  • Communication English 102
  • Communication English 103
  • Computer Graphics
  • Creative thinking
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Mass Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Principles of Journalism
  • Public Relations

Year 2 Subjects for the Diploma in Mass Communication at IACT College

Photography Studio at IACT College

  • Convergent Journalism
  • Media and Culture
  • Media Ethics and Regulations
  • Media Criticism
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Publicity and Media Relations
  • Video Production
  • Writing for Different Media
  • In-Company Practical Training

Final Semester

EduSpiral advised me to go to IACT College as it is the best for mass communication as well as affordable.
Patricia Sik, IACT College Alumni, Managing Director of MADPAT Communications and RTM TV Host

  • Idea Conceptualization
  • New Media Studies
  • PR Campaign Strategies
  • Electives (Choose any two):
    • Public Relations
      • Corporate Communication
      • Corporate Crisis Management
    • Journalism
      • Fundamentals of Publishing
      • Print Journalism
    • Broadcasting and Media Production
      • Broadcast Portfolio
      • Programme Management (TV,Radio and Internet)

MPU Subjects

Additionally the MQA requires all students to take Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) within the duration of their studies.

  • MPU 1 : Pengajian Malaysia 2 (for local students)/ Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (for international students)
  • MPU 2 : Bahasa Kebangsaan A/ Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • MPU 3 : Study of Religions
  • MPU 4 : Serving our Society (S.O.S)

*Advanced Standing to BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication

Career Options

Mac Lab at IACT College

Mac Lab at IACT College

  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Broadcast Station Manager
  • Client Manager
  • Corporate Communications Director
  • Event Manager
  • Journalist
  • Media Planner
  • News Announcer
  • Producer
  • Public Relations Director
  • Publicity Manager
  • Radio DJ
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Talk Show Host

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