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Which Information Technology (IT) Jobs are in Demand in the USA?

We are living in a time of fluidity as far as the job market in the IT sector is concerned. People have lost jobs to automation and now it has become the priority of learning leaders to train their respective company’s professionals in advanced tech skills. As mentioned before, roles in the field of data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, product management are here to stay. This means more focus on acquiring the skill set for these jobs that will dominate the tech sector in America. We have compiled a list of these in-demand, high paying IT jobs in America.

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Jobs on the Rise in 2021  – LinkedIn

Based on the Jobs on the Rise in 2021 report by LinkedIn1, here are some of the most sought-after IT jobs in America:

Highest Paid IT Jobs in America 2021

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

AI Specialists are responsible for programming computers to achieve cognitive simulation. They mostly work in the field of applied AI, i.e, advanced information processing, to program an expert computer or smart systems.

2. Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are excellent data managers who design software that can run on their own for predictive model automation.

3. Data Scientist

These are the data experts that use their analytical expertise to unveil solutions to business challenges. They make use of their skills in tech to manage data and analyze trends.

4. Data Engineers

If you are looking for someone to find trends in existing data sets alongside developing algorithms to make more sense out of the raw data, you are basically looking for a data engineer.

5. Data Architect

A professional who understands the core concepts of data that include designing, creating, deploying, and managing the data structure of an organization.

6. Full Stack Engineer

A full stack developer is a web developer who has working knowledge of databases, creating user-facing websites and also works with clients during the project’s planning phase.

7. Back-End Developer

Backend developers make use of programming languages to create code that makes the web applications function effectively. They can also develop the application interfaces used by the mobile version of web apps.

8. Cloud Architect

When we talk about a cloud architect, we are referring to an IT specialist who is responsible for developing the computing strategy of the company that includes cloud adoption plans, application design, and its proper management and monitoring.

What are the Best Paying Tech Careers?

Job roles in the IT sector that will witness a rise in demand in America in 2021.

For data based roles, there are 5,420 current job openings on Linkedin with 11,100 hired in the USA. For specialized engineering roles like back-end developer, full stack engineer, cloud engineer and cloud architect, there are 13,396 current job openings on Linkedin with almost 30,168 people hired in the US. AI based roles already have close to 889 openings on Linkedin and 3,239 people hired in the US.

With so many openings in the IT sector, what amongst these are the best paying tech careers along with the highest paying companies? Also, what skill set do you need to grab these job opportunities?

Here are the answers to these questions.

Best paying tech careers with a national average salary in America2 and the highest paying companies for it:

1. Artificial Intelligence Architect
  • National Average Salary: US $1,13,309 per year
  • Companies that Hire: Wipro, Amazon, Google, Deloitte, Apple, Microsoft
2. Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer
  • National Average Salary: $1,14,121 per year
  • Companies that Hire: Google, Apple, Samsung Research America, General Motors, Toyota Research Institute
3. Data Scientist
  • National Average Salary: $1,13,309 per year
  • Companies that Hire: McKinsey & Company, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Unilever, Accenture, Google, Dell
4. Data Engineers
  • National Average Salary: $1,02,864 per year
  • Companies that Hire: Verizon, Amazon, Deloitte, Philips, SAP, Collabera, TCS
5. Data Architect
  • National Average Salary: $1,08,278 per year
  • Companies that Hire: American Express, Allianz Life, Bank of America, Rackspace, Colgate-Palmolive Company
6. Full Stack Engineer
  • National Average Salary: $1,05,813 per year
  • Companies that Hire: Microsoft, 6sense, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Fidelity Investments, Barclays, Randstad US
7. Back-End Developer
  • National Average Salary: $1,01,619 per year
  • Companies that Hire: Microsoft, 6sense, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Fidelity Investments, Barclays, Randstad US
8. Cloud Architect
  • National Average Salary: $1,07,309 per year
  • Companies that Hire: Google, Accenture, EY, Microsoft, Amazon, Novetta


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