Malaysia’s 30 Top Jobs in Demand in Future

Do your Research and Find the Most in Demand Job with High Salary in Malaysia so that you can Choose the Right Course to Study

The ever-increasing cost of living in Malaysia is making it challenging for fresh graduates and working professionals to support their lifestyle. In light of that, it would be important for students to plan ahead what career that you want to enter into so that you can choose a course that has future job demand and high salary in Malaysia.

Part of finding the right career in Malaysia for you will be looking at the future job demand in Malaysia and globally. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who end up choosing the wrong career and become frustrated. Being in the wrong line of work doesn’t only ruin your professional life, but it harms your personal life as well. Having to wake up everyday to go to a job that you don’t like for 30 years can be difficult. In addition, if you had chosen a career that has no job demand or has low salary, it will lead you to extreme difficulty in taking care of your future family. Therefore, it is important for students after high school or Pre-University to choose the right course to study – you don’t want to waste your time and money on a course you don’t want to do (or end up dropping out of).

But how do you choose the right career? There are a number of things that you should take into consideration to pick a career that suits you best. A lot of people end up choosing the wrong careers due to a lack of appropriate guidance and advice. You shouldn’t be one of them.

To help you decide which course that has a future job demand with high salaries in Malaysia, I have researched and made a list for you to consider. If you are still not sure what to study, please fill up the EduSpiral Career Assessment Form. After evaluating your results, I will contact you to help match the right course for you to study.

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What are the Top Jobs in Malaysia that has Future Demand and High Salary?

EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary. Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University
EduSpiral advised me to study Finance because it had high job demand & salary.
Darren, Finance & Investment Graduate from UCSI University

One of the main aim of getting a university education in Malaysia is to find a stable job so that you can take care of yourself and your family. However, nowadays, with the high cost of living, just finding any job will not do. You will need to find a job that has a high salary.

Keep in mind, that after graduating, you would want to buy a car, a house, and get married and have children. This means that you will need to have enough money to feed yourself, your spouse, children and most probably your parents. Factor in the costs of healthcare, insurance, education, food, travel, saving for your retirement and other day-to-day expenses and all these amount to a lot of money!

Choose the Right Course based on Facts & Evidence

Accounting graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
“I met up with EduSpiral about 4 times in Ipoh & at Asia Pacific University to discuss about my future. He provided me with in-depth information and even arranged for me to meet up with the Head of School at APU to talk to me.”
Kar Jun, Accounting graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

And to get a job with a high salary, you need to choose a degree course that has a high job demand and salary. Therefore, you have to do your research in choosing a course that has high job demand and salary. s

Malaysian students are exposed to the internet and to the jobs from overseas countries such as the USA or UK. Many don’t realise that some of these courses are not in demand in Malaysia or may not command a high salary. A lot of students after SPM or O-Levels just blindly follow their friends to the university taking any course as long as they can be with their friends.

Some students choose the course based on the advise of their parents, relatives or friends. Some of their advise could be valuable but some are simply just not based on facts or evidence of good career prospects. Students must check the advise given by so called agents & counsellors, and their friends and relatives to make sure what they said is true and supported by facts and evidence.

Choose the Best University that will Equip you with the Right Skills

Software Engineering at Asia Pacific University (APU)
I was confused about what to study & at which university. Talking to EduSpiral helped clear my doubts.
Zen Yi, Graduated from Software Engineering at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Choosing the right course is just the first step in the right direction of achieving a life with stable or high income. In addition, the university that you study that course at also plays an important part in helping you to gain the knowledge and skills to perform well in your career and earn a high income.

Studying at the top ranking private university in Malaysia gives you a lot of opportunities in your future professional life. Top universities provide a high standard of education that equips you well for your future career. Furthermore, a degree earned at a reputable university in Malaysia makes seeking employment much easier whether locally or globally. Part of finding the right college or university in Malaysia for you will be picking out the criteria that matters to most to you, and then seeing if any of the top private colleges or universities in Malaysia that you’re looking at fit those criteria.

To help you choose the right course, do contact me at 01111408838 for advise.


Top Jobs in Malaysia with High Salary

Accounting & Finance at Taylor's University
EduSpiral patiently provided information on many universities offering accounting. Then he met up with me & my parents to take us around the universities. EduSpiral helped me to choose the right university.
Chew Ling, Accounting & Finance at Taylor’s University

The Academy of Sciences Malaysia estimates that one million people are required by 2020 to be in the science and technology fields. This includes 500,000 in support and services comprising technicians, talent in the vocational field, science officers, nurses as well as information and communications technology (ICT) personnel; 470,000 implementers like engineers, doctors and architects as well as well as scientists, technologists and applied scientists; in addition to 30,000 in research.

Traditional white-collar jobs (medical, legal and financial) as well as digital or IT-related jobs, including content creators, data scientists and IT professionals will continue to stay in demand for the next decade.

  1. Programmer or Software Engineer
  2. Information Technology (IT) Specialists
  3. Data Scientists/ Data Analysts / Data Engineer
  4. Financial Technology (Fintech) Specialists
  5. Internet of Things (IoT)
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Artificial Intelligence (Ai)
  8. Cloud Computing
  9. Mobile App Developer
  10. Database Administrator
  11. Network Administrator
  12. Actuaries
  13. Accountant
  14. Bankers & Financial Analysts
  15. Digital Marketing Managers/ Social Media Marketing Managers
  16. Quantity Surveyor
  17. Architect
  18. Engineers
  19. Electrical & Electronic Engineers
  20. Telecommunication Engineers
  21. Mechatronics Engineer
  22. Mechanical Engineers
  23. Civil Engineers
  24. Chemical Engineers
  25. Human Resource Managers
  26. Marketing Communications (MarComm) or Public Relations Manager
  27. Logistics & Supply Chain Managers
  28. Sales & Marketing
  29. eCommerce or e-Business
  30. Game Developers or Game Designers
  31. Animation and Multimedia Designers

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